Sunday, July 27, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Saturday night into Sunday - July 27

Caleb alone with his Slinky

I bet Caleb named his Slinky "Amber" and sleeps with her. In turn, she will give him the unconditional love and adoration he so deserves.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Whirling Dervishes:
  • Victoria tried telling Zach that he needs to be a bit less mean. After all, according to her, "If you die tomorrow, you don't want to be remembered for yelling at women."
  • But, to Zach, the world is a joke. While he's entertaining to watch as he's so unpredictably hyper and all over the place, he would drive me crazy in real life.
  • And, his silly abrupt clap-clap during voting is annoying me. Make him stop.
  • Frankie and Derrick discussed the replacement nom for when Hayden takes Victoria off the block. Their target is Amber. But they want to smooth it over with Caleb first. If he's cool with it after they tell him she's been stringing him along (!!!), she'll be the one. If he says no to Amber going up, he will go on the block and go home. 
  • They didn't talk about telling him that last part.
  • Frankie said they can't put Donny up because of Team America.
  • Derrick agrees but not with any enthusiasm. He thinks Donny plans on targeting him.
  • Yep, Donny just might do that someday if he gets power. Donny is the only one really seeing what a fantastic game Derrick is playing and that, if Derrick makes it to the end, he'd win hands down against ANYONE in the house.
  • They're scared they might fail the latest TA mission. Frankie's been working on Zach for a PoV meeting kerfuffle, but we'll see. 
  • Frankie told Christine about his backdoor Amber plan. She's totally down with it.
  • Christine would actually prefer that Donny or Jocasta go, though. She thinks they're more dangerous to her own game.
  • Me? I'd prefer Christine go. I can't keep watching her mess with her toes then bite her nails. EW!
  • Frankie and Derrick planned a Sunday morning memorial service for both of their grandfathers.
  • Nicole continues to get upset that Victoria has clutched onto Hayden and hangs all over him.
  • Jocasta has miraculously cured from her severe illness ... again.
  • Derrick is still working wonders. He's giving sound advice to just about everyone in the house and acting like he cares about their game. He's toned it down a bit since he got the news about his grandfather. That will be the only thing which is hurting his gameplay -- he's getting a bit too cocky and trying to rule the world.
  • Or, if Donny wins HoH and nominates Derrick.
  • Those are about the only two things which could stop him in the game.
  • Derrick's latest undercover mission (NOT Team America)? Convince Caleb he wants Amber backdoored out of the house.
  • Oh my gosh ... could he be doing it?
  • Zach told Hayden that they're making Caleb hate/mad at Amber so he'll be with the backdoor plan.
  • "She'll come crawling back to me once she's out of the house," says Caleb. "Or Cody."
  • Heh. I'd say between the two, it would be Cody. But I don't think Cody is really interested in doing anything other than flirting with her and being a friend.
  • Caleb claims at home he has "hoes hanging all over him."
  • I have a bit to say to that -- He's from a really small town, I bet they're garden hoes he needs to till the earth. And, second, how does he ever think any classy or even nice woman would ever be interested in him? I bet his mother is really proud. Yeah.
  • They've done it.
  • He's still in love with Amber, but he hates her, too.
  • He's totally bought the hook, line and sinker.
  • He stayed up long after all the others went to bed mumbling to himself about "Beast Mode Cowboy."
  • Of course, the PoV ceremony isn't until tomorrow.
  • Things could change by then.
  • And, they might have to go with Plan B -- put CALEB on the block!
  • Either way, this week should be interesting.
  • Heck, I might even have an entertaining brouhaha or two to watch!

Caleb alone playing pool

Caleb alone walking the yard

Girls with girl talk

Hayden in a hat

Amber dumping cold water on Cody

Hallelujah! Miraculously well once again!


Laurie said...

Caleb doesn't make men look good or smart.

meb said...

I'm with you Jackie on Zack's voting with the final hand clap.. He looks like an alligator and it annoys me as well!

I just don't understand why D&F would take out Amber instead of Caleb. How can they keep putting up with his stupidity over her. If I had to listen to that (and thank you Jackie for doing that for me), I'd go nuts. Why would they worry about him being HOH... he doesn't win anything... let's face it... he isn't very good in comps. That first one was a strength one, so if there's another one of those, then he might win... But he isn't playing the game so even if he got HOH, it wouldn't occur to him to see Derrick or Frankie as a threat. He'd go after Cody first, because of Amber, with Donny as a pawn. MHO of course.

Anonymous said...

The clap us supposed to look like a Gator, he's from Florida and usually wears hisUniv of Florida Gator shirt when voting.Photo Sohe

anonymouse said...

Amber is smart enough to see Derrick (and to a lesser extent Frankie) for the threats they are. Caleb is not. Hence the target on Amber. (She is also the only girl who can take then on)

lynn1 said...

I believe that Zach's final hand clap when he is voting is actually suppose to be a gator's chomp. If you notice he wears the gator T-shirt from the university of Florida. Their mascot is an alligator. They use that type of hand clap at U of FL sporting events to show the gators are going to chomp their opponent.

uncartie said...

Short video of the U of Florida "Chomp"

Amber knows what's going on except for the detonators but she's kept her mouth shut. If she goes up she's going to make a lot of waves.
I think she can make a good case for an alliance to challenge the boys. It's no accident that all girls went up this week.
Hopefully the other girls and Donny can vote to save her. If she goes home on a 9-0 vote then pretty much all is lost.

Anonymous said...

Yes Zach's hand clapping is in reference to the FL Gators. I have a friend that graduated from there and they take that hand chomping very seriously - even tho it's annoying to everyone else.

Chacha said...

Zachs clap is definitely the gator chomp. only thing better than that clap is that the Florida gators are LSU TIGER BAIT!!!!
I am sure some of his College friends weren't to happy to see him wearing a Florida State Baseball cap Thursdat night.
Now on to the game... I just listened to Frankie confirm that Zack was telling the truth to Caleb.
Caleb thought Z was lying about saying Amber only went on the date because she felt bad for Caleb.
I am hoping there is a Brouhaha later today. I can't see Caleb not confronting Amber.

anonymouse said...

With two girls up Donny plus the girls still wouldn't save Amber. That's why the girls are always uo and why Calebs support was important.

Anonymous said...

Love Zach and his entertaining qualities. Just a goofy guy having one hec of a fun time.
Quite a difference from many of the other houseguests.


anonymouse said...

Uncartie With Jacosta and Amber on the block, Donny plus remaining girls would still be only 4. Amber woukd still go home. (That's why Calebs support is important)

uncartie said...

Chacha,All the pieces are in place for stooge mode cowboy to explode. :)
Up all night,pacing back and forth in the BY,talking to himself,lack of restful sleep,while 5 guys egg him on,feeding his ego and his unrealistic fantasies.

Sharon N said...

Stooge Mode Cowboy!!! LMAO!!!!!!

Sharon N said...

Wish more the evicted 'house guests' were aware of Jackie's site.
Maybe get a more accurate dose of what the general public really thinks of them!!

Chacha said...

I am hoping for that! Have my feeds up just in case. Only one up is Donny.
Frankie fed him the info and went back to sleep: I am sure stupid mode cowboy will blow before tomorrow!

Chacha said...

To clarify, Frankie fed Caleb the info over pool this morning then they both went back to sleep.

David said...

I really wish they would have kept their original plan to BD Caleb but Frankie is a whimp. I wonder if doing the TA mission last week put Amber further up their radar thinking about her being a strong player.
After listening to Victoria last night tell about how many cars she has wrecked and how, I want notice to go out anytime she is on the road. She sounds dangerous behind the wheel and was complaining that she would have to pay $600 a month for car insurance.

Witt said...

Florida Gators have their chomp, Florida State has their "tomahawk chop."

Caleb needs to be backdoored immediately.

Witt said...

I'm catching up after being away and just read Caleb's statements of putting Amber "in her place..."


monty924 said...

Caleb is much easier to manipulate and he's more predictable to everyone in the house but himself. Every plan put into place ends up being HIS idea. If you know what I mean?

Witt said...

Caleb's attitude about women is very scary.... :(

Chacha said...

how is it these hamsters who are "super fans" still think they interview on "The Talk" after being evicted from the house.
I guess CBS has a different definition of super fan.
They are saying
There is a ton of booze in Jury- we know that isn't the case and there is handlers with them there.
No one goes on "the Talk" except maybe the winner.
Vegas- is not sponsored by CBS. they have to pay their own way.
The only thing i learned today is that the Winner of BB does not get the stipend. The forfeit that of the 500,000.00. Derrick and Donny were talking about that.

uncartie said...

Caleb has now announced he was "over Amber last week"@@

He is now proceeding to revisit the entire nonsense with Jacosta.

I predict he will now corner each HG to tell them the same thing

uncartie said...

Almost a half hr has passed and stooge cowboy is still going on about Amber to Jacosta.@@

I'm so glad he's over her