Saturday, July 26, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Saturday/PoV Winner - July 26

The Don

Another busy day for the hamsters before they head into the three or four days of boredom. Here's what went down today (including the PoV winner) in that Big Brother House of Back to Back Comps:
  • Uh-oh. The microwave isn't working. Whatever will they do now?
  • I forgot to mention it yesterday, but feel the need to say this -- Christine is SO disgusting! [How disgusting is she?] She's so disgusting that she picks at her toes and toenails and THEN bites her nails! Ew! EW!
  • Frankie once again is trying to get Zach to blow up at the PoV meeting on Monday (for the Team America mission).
  • He already went whacko a bit at the nominations, but I'm not clear on whether that was enough or not.
  • Either way, it's easy to get Zach to act up. It comes by naturally for him.
  • The additional PoV players are Hayden, Donny and Christine. Amber is the host. Or hostess. Whatever.
  • Amber wants the nominations to remain the same.
  • I wonder if she has a premonition?
  • Caleb thinks he'll be on The Bachelor next.
  • @@
  • What kind of prize is he? Sheesh!
  • Apparently Victoria got the Houseguest Choice chip and chose Hayden.
  • Caleb thinks they're working together.
  • Well, they are -- Hayden promised Victoria she wouldn't be going home and taking her off the block would be perfect for him.
  • But Caleb doesn't know that. We do.
  • Frankie told Caleb that she chose Hayden because he's been saying how much he wants to play in a veto comp and has never been chosen.
  • That has a ring of truth to it, as well.
  • After the veto comp ... it was Hayden who won the Power of Veto!
  • We know what he'll do with it.
  • Shh ... don't tell Caleb or Amber.
  • Jocasta is really sick again. I hope she gets better or this will blow the whole backdoor plan!
  • They still plan on Amber going. Their rationale is that Amber won't be stuck in the jury house with Caleb if she goes now and Caleb will either refocus on his game or totally lose it and be out sooner rather than later.
  • The only one who really seems to prefer Caleb going first is Cody.
  • Frankie is worried about getting blood on his hands.
  • Oh, boohoo. You're the HoH. You know the deal.
  • They got the fish pizza delivery as the additional Have Not food. Along with the pizza, they have canned clams and sardines.
  • They're happy with that.
  • Well, when they think of some of the things they could have ended up with instead, they're happy.
  • So, there you go ...


Zach cooks a huge M&M pancake

PoV Man with his lollipop

Jocasta is sick again

They LOVE the fish pizza for Have Nots!


Caela said...

Forgive me if this has been asked and answered already, but why is Jacosta getting sick so much?

Sharon N said...

So far, all I've read is possible heat-stroke from the daytime comps. She was really sick the last time, but who knows.
This might sound cold, but she might be faking it a bit this time to try and get out of being a HN.
The reason I say that is because (at one time today) after one convo (forget who with), she looked into the camera and gave an eye-roll afte they left. Maybe it was because of convo, or maybe because they believe her?
It's anybody's guess, but she's also been busy trying to plant some seeds... even though the seeds are about someone gone (Brit). lol

David said...

I agree Sharon. She seems to get sick when she perceives she is in trouble, wanst sympathy, or wants to get out of doing something. Though she did miss playing in the Veto being sick and she was on the block. If she is really this fragile that she gets sick after any type of exercise she really needs to get checked out. This is not normal. There could be something seriously wrong with her.

uncartie said...

Beast mode doofus thinks he's gonna be on the bachelor? LOL

I posted the following Friday night but it was late and some of you may have missed it...

According to Caleb he has friend back home has a boyfriend who is Johnny Depp's stunt double. "He was gonna get me in the next Pirate's of the Carribean, like a major line, like in a role, like rockin' with Jonny Depp and his crew, and it was gonna be over a million that I was gonna get paid. But [his friend/connection] had an accidental pregnancy and messed everything up."

monty924 said...

Caleb is already a legend... in his own mind. @@

uncartie said...

Caleb again going on about Amber not talking about him.

Obsess much,Caleb?

uncartie said...

Caleb corners Derrick and starts whining about guess who? Derrick of course is playing him like the useful idiot he is.
He announces he's "standing his ground" and not going to talk to him.

Now the idiot thinks he should get her put up on the block just to "scare the hell out of her" and then he can save her and show her how he's "beast mode cowboy"@@

David said...

It sounds like he is willing to have her go on the block (Caleb) but not willing to vote her out. So when she is voted out he will go ballistic on them. I hope they think it through and put up Caleb and out the door.

Sharon N said...

Caleb thinks he can control the votes... big shock coming to that boy. I don't think the guys are too worried about his reaction though since they don't think he can actually win a comp without help...which they won't be giving him!

Stormy said...

Caleb showing his true colors when he said "put her in her place". He is an abusive partner with that kind of attitude. That is what all abusers think like. He will be her night in shining colors as long as she does things to his liking but if she steps out of line he will "put her in her place" WOW RUN AMBER RUN

jessica UNderwood said...

I just typed this long post And it didn't publish ��

uncartie said...

Bingo Stormy! Here's a few more obnoxious quotes from this delusional slug..

"I can't wait til I get back home where I have hoes hanging all over me".

"I think this plan would scare Amber back to her place, because I think she's forgettin' it."

"All in all, I don't want her to go home, I want her to know her place in this house."

Terry is a Texan! said...

ok, reading these posts is really scary....Caleb needs total help. He does think too highly of himself and his potential.
And no newbie would ever get $1M and a major role for being an arrogant a$$
I wish they would backdoor him and relieve Amber and us all...although it is nice knowing he is in a contained space like BB
and not back home or anywhere else....