Monday, July 14, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Sunday into Monday - July 14

Jocasta sends love

No, I didn't post an update last night. Why? Because they did practically nothing but lay around all day! Sheesh! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of the Doldrums:
  • Neither Zach nor Cody will have any issue cutting out Frankie when they feel the time is right.
  • They talked about how the live feeds work. It's amazing so many in the house really have no clue about it.
  • Donny worked on the Team America mission more with Nicole.
  • Derrick worked on it with Caleb.
  • It seems a lot tougher than they originally thought!
  • There were some murmurs about Caleb possibly being voted out.
  • I think it's your basic paranoia.
  • Everybody does want Devin out.
  • But they second-guessing things, probably because the plan went down so neatly thus far.
  • The photo booth opened once again.
  • Once again, they made idiots out of themselves with said photo booth.
  • 4, 3, 2, ONE.
  • Amber and Christine talked about how dangerous it is to keep Donny in the game. They think he'll have to be backdoored because he keeps winning veto.
  • Um. Okay. There have been two veto comps. Caleb deliberately slowed down in the latest to throw it.
  • Unfortunately, I can't blame the girls for thinking Donny will need to go. If he can get to the final two, he'd be a cinch to win.
  • On the other hand, both girls really adore Cody.
  • Frankie and Victoria have become major cuddle buddies.
  • Donny is trying to avoid Devin because Devin is trying once again to be buddy-buddy like in the beginning with the Double D alliance.
  • There were people outside the yard shouting to the hamsters which forced an indoor lockdown.
  • Ah, memories of Miss Kitty with the megaphone and strangers throwing candy over the fence! Er, that was the first couple of seasons!
  • Zach ate too many cookies. He thinks he ate around 30 of them.
  • Yep, just a little boy at heart!
  • The yearly BB ants have returned to the kitchen in force.
  • Nicole and Hayden continue to fun flirt. It kind of reminds me of Jordan and Jeff -- I doubt we'll see hanky-panky under the covers.
  • Not that Hayden wouldn't mind having hanky-panky under the covers.
  • Zach said he had over 25 sexual partners.
  • @@
  • That right there would be reason NOT to hook up with Zach, I say!
  • Christine is worried that she might be compared to Jenn City due to the tattoos.
  • Nope, don't see that. Not at all.
  • I don't expect any surprises with the PoV meeting later today. Donny should use the veto to save Jocasta, Devin goes up in her place.
  • All of this means another three days of doldrums.
  • Devin has been trying to be a part of things, not going bizarre or anything. 
  • Derrick is a bit worried because Devin seems to have accepted that it's his fate to leave Thursday.

Hayden saved Britney from being a Have Not

Frog flirting

Christine hangs out in the yard

Now he has a pink scarf

Fun with the photo, 4, 3, 2, 1


JimmyB said...

The Amanda-Zach rumor is pure genius.

If I recall (Please feel free to correct); both Amanda and Zach are Jewish which lends credence to the rumor.

meb said...

I think so too JimmyB... Really hope the rumor catches on cause I'd like to see Donny get something at least (and $5,000 is better than nothing), in case he's voted out of the house, which seems likely.

Chacha said...

I really like Donny. These houseguests are mostly young so the don't understand him.

JimmyB said...

I'm not convinced Donny is for real...just not sure. I certainly accept that it's very possible what you see is what you get.

Either way--He's a threat. I wouldn't want to be there with him at the end.

uncartie said...

Donny really has a good grasp on the game. He made this comment about Caleb: "I'd like to buy him for what he's worth and then sell him for what he thinks he's worth."

Ain't that the truth! Caleb has been self-promoting himself as a super competitor since day 1,yet other than the 1st HOH comp he's done little to distinguish himself other than fixating on a woman (Amber) who has zero interest in him.

gaylos said...

Folks, I'm only now trying to catch up... can someone tell me which post has the names of the Pool Picks?

RBennie said...

Donny is such a sweetheart. He really touches me for some reason. I would love for him to win, but I wouldn't bet any money on his chances.

uncartie said...

Link to Pool Picks

monty924 said...

POV meeting went as planned. Donny saved Jocasta and Devin is on the block.

Better have our tissues ready on Wednesday night.

Petals said...

uncartie - agree!

So is it Caleb/Devin on the block? I wonder which way the wind will blow for votes?

David said...

Since there will be 12 votes this week they could split the vote and make Derrick decide who to evict. Since it is Caleb and devin on the block I am not sure which way he would vote. I have heard him talk both ways but it was him pushing to get Devin out this week. They have a choice to make now and ATM it is Devin leaving.

uncartie said...

David,Derrick wants Devin out. There are 11 votes because Derrick only votes in the event of a tie,which obviously cannot happen. He thinks it will be 11-0 against Devin and I tend to agree. It's in no ones best interest to vote for Devin to stay.

Chauncey said...

I love Donny, playing for the old folks like myself, LOL (like 40 is really old) but it seems like most are starting to view him as a big threat so i dont see him making it to the end. hope like hell he does though.

monty924 said...

Zach and Victoria just saved Donny from the entire TA task. Zach's playing along like it's true and Victoria just told Zach that Pao told her the same thing.

LMAO Good job Team America

Petals said...

Finally! Victoria did...something. yay