Monday, July 21, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Sunday night into Monday - July 21

It's a real nail-biter

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Derrick's Decisions:
  • Caleb and Amber told Cody he should put an alliance member on the block or Donny (to ensure that Brittany goes home).
  • Of course, they're thinking the defunct old alliance is still in action.
  • They think if Zach was on the block, he just might go home. So, not Zach, they say.
  • Caleb thinks if he (Caleb) goes on the block, he's a cinch to stay.
  • Hmm ... I'd like to see how that goes down!
  • Donny worked some more with people to plant the seed that Cody goes on the block.
  • Nicole told Zach that Brittany and Amber would like to see four guys on the block, but are also setting sights on her and Christine.
  • I would like to see four guys on the block for a change.
  • I'm really tired of guys ruling over this game. I'm not saying I could do better, but ... sheesh!
  • Everybody is worried that if Caleb goes up and stays, he'll wreak revenge.
  • That's easily solved.
  • There, problem solved!
  • Alas, too many also want Brittany out. There's the dilemma.
  • Zach is on the Donny Train to get Caleb out.
  • Too bad they can't seem to get affirmation from everyone else.
  • After numerous long discussions, it looks like it's pretty much back to Donny being the replacement nominee.
  • The PoV meeting will tell.

Violence in the BB house?

The good ol' CVS epsom salts bath

Weasels in a hammock

If we had the votes ...


anonymouse said...

Cody needs Brittany to go. Like it or not, that makes Donny the smartest choice.

Chacha said...

What another lame week. I have said these "super fans" don't know the game. I am convinced these people are only super fans in their own head, just like Caleb having the whole town greet h when he gets home.
When Cody gets out of the house at the hands of Caleb he will feel really dumb. Shoulda woulda coulda.

Witt said...

Brittany is nowhere near the threat that Caleb is, and has no large group of allies; she would be easily expendable next week. You are right Jackie...VOTE HIM OUT. Make it unanimous like Devin and really make a point!

I just don't get this Donny as the nominee thing.

Chacha said...

I agree that Brittany is expendable. These houseguests are not "players", if they were they would know to get the strongest players out.
By nominating Donny, they feel he will get over it. He will not. he will hold this in his back pocket and remember.
I hope Donny and Jocasta win HOH this week and nominate Cody, Caleb, Frankie and Derrick. I know that it wont happen since this is what I would like. Never what I want to happen, happens.

Becky said...

"Weasels in a hammock"

Love it, so true. Hey, if Caleb wants to volunteer to go up, let him!

RBennie said...

I'm not really a Brittany fan, but i'm hoping she stays in the house. I feel like she could make things interesting down the road. I'm hoping that by replacement time, the tides will turn against Caleb. Cody needs to think about what's best for his game. He knows darn well that Caleb is going to be a problem for him. Take him out while you can.

Anonymous said...

Not much talk about Brittney and her 2400 goals. No matter what you think of her....she DIT IT!!
I just have to think there will be a reward for her and no one is mentioning it. Coup d'etat!!!
I guess it depends on production and what they think of Britt.
Jeff's coup d'etat comes to mind.
BB wasn't about to let him go!!!!
I still want Caleb out because I love Cody and Zach. I know they are "the boys" but this year the girls are less than impressive no matter what way you slice it.
Really...who wants to listen to Caleb blabbing about his town having to shut down the airport just for him because it will be so full of fans and his limo and red carpet will be in full action.


BJ said...

Caleb will be kept in the house because everyone of the boys wants to keep a bigger target. Especially Derrick

Chacha said...

I hope she does get something for making her goal.
I don't think any of the other girls would have been able to complete the task.
I am reaching here, but hope that that the tracker and her movement will allow her to stay in the game! that would make great entertainment for next week.
She has to have the most movement after the 2400 goals.
She had to have missed about 200 of them

RBennie said...

Didn't Julie say something about the tracker thing figuring into the next have-have not?

Chacha said...

yes that is what she said.It does factor into have/havenot.
Like I said. I am just reaching for Brit to stay.
She does cause some drama in this house.

Chacha said...

I assume with two girls Christine, and nicole for sure will be the have nots.
For the guys its harder to tell but Derrick has been pretty lazy this week.

anonymouse said...

Cody had to play for Cody. He needs Brittany out.

Caleb can wait as he wouldn't be Calebs number one target.

Anonymous said...

Cody will be Calebs target. Not only does he want him out he does not want to compete in the Jury house with Amber. His thinking if for some reason Cody, Amber, and Caleb (god forbid) end up in the Jury house, Caleb wants Cody no where to be seen. He wants Amber to himself. Caleb is more jealous than you think.


Sharon N said...

I'm hoping Donny's last-minute talk with Cody gave him some courage. Damn Frankie... he really is such a low-down weasel. NOBODY should ever trust him... he's too much like Weasel Andy!! Same with #2 weasel Christine.

It would be MUCH smarter for Cody to get out Caleb while he can... before Caleb's jealosy gets Cody out.

If this week's HOH is physical, there's no way Brit will be able to win because she hurts too much after that obscene punishment she went through.

David said...

Nail biting time. Will Cody put up Donny or Caleb. He was leaning towards Caleb when talking to Donny but we will see.
Hooray for some chaos in the house if he does.

uncartie said...

POV Ceremony going on now. I think Donny may have talked Cody into putting up Caleb. I sure hope so.

My day is made though as FX announced they are renewing "Fargo".
New Cast,New Crime,Different time period. Woo hoo!

RBennie said...

What Cody does now will show us what kind of player he is. If he is bold and thinks for himself, he will put Caleb on the block. If he's more of a follower, he won't go against Derrick and will put Donny on the block. Can't wait to find out!

Sharon N said...

Well, Cody chickened out.
Donny is up. :(

RBennie said...

Well that's disappointing!

Sharon N said...

It's really too bad Cody couldn't bring himself to grow a pair.
He feels like dog-dirt right now... as well he should.
Cody KNOWS what he should have done, but let WF (weasel Frankie) and CD (conniving Derrick) throw him off kilter.

anonymouse said...

still smart. After Brittany goes, he needs to let Caleb Know how hard Donny pushed making them each other's primary targets.

Whether or not you like it, it's his smartest moved.

uncartie said...

It's not smart,Anonymouse. Caleb will still target Cody. Caleb will want to remove him so he can try and get closer to Amber. Remember that he's delusional when it comes to Cody and looks at him like he's an obstacle for Amber's affections. The last thing he would want is Cody in the jury house with her.

anonymouse said...

But that doesn't mean he could get the votes to get Cody out.

Anonymouse said...

And that means if Cody can last a few more weeks, Caleb won't send him to the jury house with Amber....even smarter.

Cody needs to be more worried about Derrick at this point.

Shannon said...

I don't want to listen to Brittany say she deserves to be there more than others anymore. Who made her the authority on who is mightier than whom? Sad she's my blog pool pick, she has no BB game strategy.

Donny may forgive but I doubt he'll forget. Donny is playing the game.

Petals said...

What a rollercoaster.
How could Cody believe Caleb was going to go after him? Caleb is Amber's sock puppet, she wouldn't let him hurt her cuddle-buddy Cody.

This is one nutty & sad season.