Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Thursday into the evening - July 16

Is Southern California that cold?

I can't really complain -- at least this bunch of hamsters aren't jumping in bed with people they've known for a few weeks or walking around half undressed all the time. Perhaps a demographic of the audience misses that stuff, but I don't! That said, it's been pretty boring in that Big Brother House of We All Know Who's Going Home:
  • Derrick and Cody's final two alliance is now the Hitmen after a big discussion.
  • @@
  • Don't get me wrong -- I like both of them, but ...!
  • In a talk with us (while alone in the HoH room), Derrick told us the only alliances he's loyal to are Team America and the Hitmen (Cody).
  • While he's loyal to Team America, he's not really anywhere near as close with Donny and Frankie as he is with Cody.
  • That last was me saying it. But Derrick might as well be saying it.
  • Am I bad for making my cat dance every time the fish cam and theme music come on?
  • Christine raised a fuss about her missing bible. I wonder what happened to there just being one bible in the house. Now it seems that everyone has one, whether they're religious or not.
  • Ohhh! BB gave them Big Brother red Solo cups and cozies for them! Be still my fluttering heart. So exciting! I can hardly contain myself here!
  • Caleb told Derrick that whoever wins HoH needs to put Amber and Frankie on the block.
  • Why? So she will be beholden to him for saving her again?
  • He says he's tired of her.
  • I doubt it. 
  • He sees her talking to Cody and Brittany all the time. 
  • And ... she's not talking to CALEB, the love of her life!
  • Caleb and Derrick discussed targets for next week. Jocasta or Victoria seem the most likely. If they can take out Jocasta, that would break up the Donny/Jocasta duo.
  • Of course, it's all going to depend on who wins the HoHs, the BotB, Veto ...
  • It's all so complicated this season!
  • In other thrilling edge-of-the-seat news, Hayden claims he's never burped in his life.
  • I can't wait until the doldrums are over tomorrow night!

Derrick talks to us

Doesn't the sun damage the pool table?

Ohh ... BB red Solo cups and cozies!

Lookin' more Eminem than cowboy

Darn you! You put Caleb above me looking down!

Froggy is as Froggy does

In the nomination chairs, fitting.

Hayden gives Donny a back rub.

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