Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Tuesday night into Wednesday - July 9

Hayden can smile; he's not in the drama

Y'know, I'm actually liking a season without severe "hook-ups" and real showmances. I never watched the show to see couplings and watch hamsters have sex under the covers. I like to see the hamsters actually wearing clothes. Maybe I'm just old-fashioned, but I think casting did the best job they've done in years with this bunch. True, I'd like to see more variety in age, but ...!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Scheming Demons:
  • As a person who has worn eyeglasses since the age of eight, I'm really not getting the fascination they get from wearing those fake eyeglasses. Can anyone explain that?
  • Another refreshing thing about this season -- it's not the gay guy crying! Heehee!
  • It looks like, unless something changes by tomorrow evening, Zach will be the hamster to stay.
  • That's as it should be. I'm not a big Zach fan, but he definitely is more into actually playing the game than PaoPao is. 
  • PaoPao's not the spitfire she was in the pre-season interviews. About the only thing I like about her is when she talks with Donny. She seems to think the world of him (and not in a creepy way). It's refreshing.
  • Of course, it seems that all of them enjoy talking with Donny. Alas, he's going to be a target again probably because everyone does like him. No one would want to be against Donny in the final two.
  • Nicole told Donny she had a crush on Cody in the beginning. He advised her to change the discussion to rocks if the Diary Room tried to get her to talk about it.
  • Heh.
  • Oh noes! (YES!) There's an uprising in the house against Caleb and Devin amongst the house hamsters and the Bomb Squad members!
  • Frankie's worried that he will be Cody's target if Cody wins HoH.
  • I think Cody would have bigger fish to fry if he wins this week.
  • Oh my ... Derrick talked Caleb away from his anti-Zach stance. Now Caleb is saying the only reason he wanted to vote him out is because he said he didn't want to be there.
  • Caleb talked to Zach and told him it's likely he'll be staying.
  • He told Zach he'll be voting for him to stay because he trusts him.
  • Yikes! He drank the Kool-Aid!
  • And it tasted good.
  • Then Caleb turned around and said he promised to vote to keep PaoPao.
  • @@
  • Then Caleb told Zach that he wants him to stay.
  • Will it go 'round in circles? I'm getting dizzy here. And, it's hard to take a guy with fake eyeglasses and bunny slippers seriously.
  • In the Caleb/Zach talk, it's evident that Caleb is definitely drawing the line and splitting apart from his symbiotic twin Devin.
  • PaoPao thinks she's more mentally strong than is Zach. Um. I'm not seeing that. 
  • Meanwhile, Devin told both Jacosta and PaoPao (separately) all about the Bomb Squad.
  • At this point, if there is a Bomb Squad left, it exists without Devin and does keep Zach.
  • Realizing his best bro has deserted him, Devin told Frankie he should have put Caleb on the block.
  • About the only one even acting like he's on Devin's side is Frankie.
  • He's putting himself in a rather precarious situation with that.
  • So, as the night dwindles down for them ... it looks like most (if not all) are going to shun Devin's wishes and Zach will stay. 

Devin tells Jacosta about the Bomb Squad

Burning his bridges

Mr. Bunny Slippers talks to PaoPao

Mr. Bunny Slippers talks to Zach Attack


Chacha said...

I agree with you about the glasses. I wear them everyday and can't see without them.
Caleb just looks stupid with them on.
Maybe he thinks they make him look smart. Doh...
I am ready for Caleb and Devin to go to war. Last night Devin was saying it will be his mission to get Caleb out now. He thinks he will have power next week. I think he has forgotten he can't play for HOH.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Jackie as I always do. Regarding the cast this year, I do think they stepped it up. Maybe they listened to YOU. I would like Zach to stay because I think he is highly amusing when he is just goofing around. This group seems to be able to have fun together.
It won't last long but I do like it while it lasts. I wish Caleb would quit wearing Ambers clothes and slippers. Creeeeeeepy!!

Petals said...

Likewise, I love the casting this year.
Can't WAIT to not have to see Devin's smug, psychotic stare.

See you guys later!

Petals said...

Another "of note" regarding this cast: They are all Christians (or at least spiritual). I worried that Jo would Bible-thump, but she doesn't. The prayer sessions & Bible readings are great, IMO. VERY different from the debauchery of last season.

Psssst - did you guys know that Devin has a daughter???

Chauncey said...

i definately agree with jackie about this being a better group than last but how hard could it have been to top those people. Wish they would go even farther with more diversity though. would like to see a few more 40 somethings in there with the youngins. LOL

Sharon N said...

The Caleb/Amber and Devin/Brit:
The girls AVOID them as much as possible, yet they manage to convince themselves the girls are interested. geez

As witnessed by Caleb's flip-flopping, he's mentally weak and easily led.
Devin is a total psycho and the longer he's in the house could be a bit concerning. Luckily, the rest realize it would be best to try and backdoor Devin, but even that will still leave several days for him to go ballistic and bully the weaker people. Maybe he'll get Hantz'd? LOL

Petals said...

Sharon, I am hoping for a Hantz from Devin. A complete & total blindside of him would be great TV! He would flip-out, on live TV. But that prolly isn't a possibility since Frankie is playing Mata Hari.

*Hi Chauncey Billups!

David said...

I agree with you regarding the glasses. Why wear just frames makes no sense to me. I got lasix about 10 years ago and just do not understand why people intentionally wear them when not needed.

Regarding this years cast, I am just glad we have not had to endure the showmance and possible faux wedding this year so far.
We do have a GinaMarie or two though. Caleb's and now Devin's obsessions just like hers with Nick last year. Are we sure they are not related to her?

Chacha said...

Chauncey- Victoria is Jewish and keeps kosher.
David-I agree about Caleb being the gina marie psycho.

Chauncey said...
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Petals said...

Is anyone watching this train wreck?? (live feeds) What drama! This is the Young, DUMB & Restless.

Petals said...

*Chauncey NOT Billups*, formerly.

What the heck was not Billups? :)

Chauncey said...

Hey Petals!!!!

Chauncey said...

Petals, there is a basketball player named Chauncey Billups so people would call me that Billups and i hate that. LOL

uncartie said...

What I like about this cast is that they are rarely all asleep at the same time and even when they are it's for a very short period.

Petals said...

I never would have guessed the basketball connection...LOL
Glad to see you back. Don't forget the party tonight!

monty924 said...

Can't wait for tonight's POV comp and meeting. Woohoo! Let the Bomb Squad implode. :)))

Only rooting for him, at this point, because he's my pool boy. If I could erase that ridiculous convo he had with Zach from my memory, I'd feel better about him. Maybe :))


lynn1 said...

I'm sure the only reason Caleb wears the fake glasses is so everyone will know what an intellectual he is. He graduated high school don't you know.