Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Tuesday night into Wednesday - July 16

Is this what you want, America?

Is this what you really want? Oh noes! I'm mixing Lorne Malvo from Fargo with Devin from BB! Well, yeah. We do want you to go. We're sick of hearing your pity party about your daughter when you admitted you hadn't even seen her for three months prior to going on the show. I bet I'm right in thinking all of the other parents on the show saw their children up to the moment they left to go into the Habitrail. Truth be told, I liked the Lorne Malvo character better. He was more entertaining. Well, in a killer kind of way.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of the Long Wait:
  • Amber is worried that if Hayden or Donny win HoH, she'll be put on the block.
  • She's right at least with Hayden.
  • Zach is still going with the "related to Amanda" ruse. That should be fun on the show!
  • Caleb told Frankie he plans to fast for the rest of the week (until the Have Nots can eat again). Amber thinks Caleb is a very picky eater.
  • I can understand that if he is. Tripe, anyone?
  • My dude Donny needs to watch out. Victoria and Zach have both mentioned him as a target.
  • In reality, I think Victoria is the next target the house on the whole will focus upon.
  • Victoria might think she and Nicole are really close, but Nicole doesn't think the same way. She likes Hayden, Christine and Donny the best.
  • Nicole still feels horrible about putting Donny on the block although Donny seems so over it.
  • Zach would like to see Frankie gone because he's playing a much better game.
  • I'm not sure about that. Yeah, everybody likes Frankie -- he's entertaining. But most are getting to the point where they know he can't be trusted.
  • Devin told Caleb he felt he had to campaign to stay, but he didn't badmouth Caleb to sway the vote.
  • He's being honest about that. He hasn't badmouthed Caleb, just went on and on and on and on about himself, thus putting the other hamsters in a trance.
  • Hmm. Now, this is disturbing. Nicole and Christine (super-allies) pinky-sweared that they will vote out Caleb. This would create distrust in the house and others would think it was Donny and Jocasta with the odd votes.
  • Hmm.
  • Caleb is still jealous that Cody spends so much time with Amber.
  • That's HIS girl, don'tchaknow!
  • Who are the tightest couples in the house right now? I'd say either Derrick/Cody or Nicole/Hayden or Nicole/Christine. I'd add Donny and Jocasta in there, but Donny seems to be playing a very solo game. You can't always read him, but know he sees everything.
  • Devin, alone in the Have Not room with Caleb, told him he knows that he's going home and would have no reason to lie to him -- "Amber is bad for your game, dude."
  • Truer words were never spoken.
  • Surprising many, Zach admitted to watching BB2 and liking Dr. Will. Since he at times can look a bit like Will with even funkier hair and it's evident that at times he's trying to model his game after him a bit ... I don't know why they're surprised.
  • Derrick, Zach, Cody, Christine and Frankie have a new alliance name -- The Detonators.
  • Dang, they're almost all still up!
  • But I'm fading.
Hanging out in HoH

Reminiscent of Bob & Carol, Ted & Alice

Shut up about Amber, Caleb.

Admits to watching season 2 with Dr. Will

Frog talk


David said...

Christine really seems to have it out for Donny. I think it is because he can see right through her and they are playing a similar game. She can't influence him but he can tell Hayden and Nicole things she doesn't want them to know.
If she goes through with the vote for Caleb I hope it backfires on her and she becomes the next Devin.

Chacha said...

I don't like that Donny is going to be framed for the hinky vote but it will get people talking in this game. not talking the wash rinse repeat they have done for two weeks.
Christine and Nicole will get outed. Nicole doesn't seem to know which way to blow with the wind.
She will break down.
I don't like Christine as I have stated before.

Chacha said...

David- I agree on your assessment of Christine with Donny. Donny is much smarter than her in this game.
I really would like to see Christine gone and let Nicole spread her wings.

David said...

Chacha- I agree. I would like to see her game blown up and her gone. As bad as Nicole felt just for putting Donny on the block I don't think she would go through with the Hinky vote and would probably blab about who did it.
And then we get to say Hooray for a good Bruhaha. It will create some action and squirming one way or the other.

lynn1 said...

If Amber should be targeted next week and did get evicted it would be very interesting to see how long Caleb would rant and rave before he found another woman to fall in love with. It would have to be Nicole or Britany. I believe he is the type person who needs to have a significant other to validate himself.

Petals said...

I really dislike Christine. She's a creepy leech, IMO.
I LOVE Donny (maybe Xtine is threatened by Donny's out-floating her?).
LOVE Zach, too. When he acts like goofball, I remind myself that he is but 22yrs old.
Re Caleb - I'm at a total loss. He is just...over.

I'll miss the party tonight, but i have the best reason ever: Gary & I are going to see PAUL MCCARTNEY!

uncartie said...

Jackie,I loved Lorne Malvo too. Fargo was the best new show of the year.

anonymouse said...


Not a Christine fan, but this is a smart idea. For it to work, though, they have to keep their mouths shut and let others speculate who it was.

Chacha said...

Christine will keep her mouth shut but Derrick will crack Nicole if she doesn't give it up to Hayden

monty924 said...

I'm so over Christine and really disappointed in Nicole if she goes along with this plan tomorrow night. I agree it will backfire because her emotions will get the best of her. Christine will not bat an eye though.

Looking forward to the party tonight. I have a full box of Kleenex for the POV meeting.

Anonymous said...

I am most excited not to have to see any pictures of Devin ever again. He took over the show and everything else with his bad behavior.
I would much rather see a picture of Cody or Zach and NOT BECAUSE they are cute frat boys....but because they are ENTERTAINING.
They make me laugh like crazy.
I am a bit over Frankie...seems as though he is on a 24/7 audition. He can be funny but he is ALWAYS ACTING. Wonder what he is REALLY like.


JOKATS said...

I would really like to see Caleb go home...., but I doubt it will happen this week :( . Donny seems like a good old soul, so I doubt he will last much longer. I have Frankie in the pool, so I am hoping he can get his s**t together & start playing a smart game.
@ Petals, have a GREAT time & be safe!!!!

Delee said...

Eastern Minor League All Star game is on here. Started at 7pm and nothing about when BB will be on here. Probably after hiss!