Thursday, July 17, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Wednesday evening into Thursday - July 17

Better than the fake glasses

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Boredom:
  • They're on indoor lockdown.
  • Led by Frankie, they meditated.
  • That's always so interesting to watch on the live feeds.
  • Not!
  • Caleb complained that BB hasn't done anything about the ants in the house.
  • That's been a chronic problem every season.
  • They talked about TV shows. YAWN!
  • Caleb talked about himself.
  • No surprise there!
  • Derrick thinks that tonight's HoH might be a cliffhanger endurance comp.
  • Others are leaning towards Questions and Answers.
  • I'm not sure. They aren't building the most extensive of sets as they only shut the yard down at about 7pm ET yesterday.
  • They lamented that BB won't give them any liquor and is stingy with the beer and wine.
  • Caleb again said he's over Amber.
  • If he were truly over Amber, he'd stop mentioning he's over Amber!
  • Devin told Victoria he had a DUI and went to jail.
  • We know that's true.
  • Caleb talked more about Amber, Amber and Cody, how he won't save Amber again, Amber, Amber, Amber.
  • Oh. But he's over Amber.
  • Remember that!
  • There's the big excitement of the night!
  • Wowsers.

Girl talk

Product placement

More cool shades


Chacha said...

i think the best comment from Calab, better than talking about Amber was when he asked Derrick if BB will give them Tuxedo's to walk the red carpet at the finale... Derrick said he knows there is a red carpet in the backyard but thats about it..

lynn1 said...

Jackie, I don't know how you stay awake to report on the Hibernating Hamsters. It would knock me out fasters than a sleeping pill.

Chacha said...

I find myself not even watching the feeds much this year at all. BBAD, I watch even less.
Its horrible to say but I need the drama, backstabbing and lying of previous seasons.

RBennie said...

This is what happens when you get a group of basically decent people in the house. It's boring!

Chacha said...

Rbennie- I am not sure if its that they are decent or not but I think they are scared by production after last season.

uncartie said...

Yesterday Amber said something like "I don't know why he (Caleb) is so interested in me".

Ever look in the mirror,Amber?

I'm not surprised that they are so well behaved. Production had to have warned them and pointed out examples of where career aspirations and job opportunities went up in smoke.

That's why Devin is so afraid of getting booed,IMO. Not that he deserves it but because he must have been so overly warned by production.

David said...

I don't know that it is any more or less boring than last year. About this time last year everyone was complaining about there not being any drama (other than Amanda and McCrea, ewwwww) as everyone was voting with the "house". All the drama was outside the house.
I do find that I can not make it through the whole BBAD without falling asleep though this year. And reading Joker's updates after being gone all day I only have to go back 1 or no pages to get caught up. Last year seems to me had to go back 5-6 pages. But that could be just because it is still early in the season.

Chacha said...

David- last year there always seemed to be some scheming going on.
This year is just boring so far. Maybe when it gets back to one HOH it will be more interesting.

Lili said...

Personally I am enjoying the kinder, gentler, hamsters this season. The misogyny and bullying and racist remarks of past seasons are not what I watch BB for. Devin was ill suited to BB and got carried away on multiple levels but was not one iota the bully that Evil Dick, Boogie, or Frank was.

I seriously hope Donny and Jocasta survive the coming week, and then the Hamsters turn their attention else where. I would love to see Donny, Derrrick, Nicole, and Hayden as F4.

Caleb really needs to get a hobby, and get over Amber. Increasingly he reminds me of Charlie Sheen in the movie Ferris Buellers Day the police station.

This week I want someone, anyone, to get HOH that will target the power players like Derrick, Cody, Zach, and Frankie, and their minion Amber, and leave Donny alone! They seem to forget that if it wasn't for Donny, Devin would surely have won the POV, and pulled himself off the block.


Terry is a Texan! said...

Im liking this group..I can do without the weirdos
No one has mentioned that I have read but is the theme Birds and Bees? The Honeycomb room...the bird nest bed with big blue eggs?
However the comps have not reflected any of this...gambling,beach, etc.....

Petals said...

I agree with Lili & Terry - I much prefer this season over many others in the past. I like several of the hamsters. This is more like BB was supposed to be - a social experiment to observe and ultimately reward the hamsters that survive to the end. I like the mundane conversations b/c they can be revealing.

I had the most fun watching Caleb's "Me Festival". He truly is the most delusional, arrogant & pitiful HGs we've had in a while. I like the charming country boy schtick, but the charm was gone for me last night.
Paparazzi, limos & red carpets in his home town? Recording contracts? public appearances? LOL "Bless his pea-pickin', lil heart", as we said in the South.
The "famous" BB alum are only famous within the BB community: Jeff, Brenchal, Dr Will...They are NOT household names, unless the household is a BB-watching house.
Caleb's delusions have turned me off to him. Cody is a much hotter ticket, and he has half the ego.

Terry - Julie mentioned something very early-on about the house being "green": lots of recycled items, eco-friendly products, yadda yadda. IMO, it is the ugliest house in BB history, for real.
Ciao for now, see you guys later.

Terry is a Texan! said...

petals, yes it is a strange house, decoration wise.... I forgot the wall of birdhouses in the HOH room, usually the house is nice does look like they have better food, less booze

monty924 said...

Agree with all. I'm loving this season and yes, the house is the ugliest of all. Love the bathroom (the Water room as Julie called it) but that's about it. The 'fridge' drawers are hideous.

Can't wait to watch the show with everyone this evening. It should be a good one. See ya'll later :)

Petals said...

I'm bringing frozen grapes tonight, in honor of Donny :)

monty924 said...

Why frozen grapes? Am I just being a 'duh' or did I miss something, lol?

Becky said...

I am with those who are enjoying this season and who thinks the house is tacky, although I do like the bird house wall.

Jackie said...

Monty - If you freeze grapes just right, they're sweet and delightful. Donny does it in the house. After I saw that on the feeds, I Googled it and froze according to directions online. FANTASTIC!

David said...

I think it was Joey who introduced them to frozen grapes. It was on one of the first BBAD episodes when she was explaining it and they seemed shocked but willing to try. And I have heard Donny say he likes them and who knew, frozen grapes since then.

monty924 said...

Oh, okay. I like frozen grapes too but didn't know that Donny was doing that, lol.

Petals said...

Jackie - I did the same thing after that feed. And yes - they are great, like little popsicles. I'm going to market this wknd, and will by red & black, too, for freezing. mmmm

jade cole said...

According to Cbs big brother update from about a week before the show, the house is tree house themed. Each room represents something... Like a birdhouse, a beehive/wasp nest/ honeycomb thing, the roots and tree trunk, etc