Saturday, August 30, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Friday into the night - August 29

Frankie's moved back into HoH

I know, I know. I haven't posted for nearly 24 hours again. Y'see, the Thursday night endurance comp did me in. I hurt all over from vicariously living through their slip sliding falls. Ow!

Ahem. Okay, I'll tell the truth -- I had to go with my alliance and they voted I fall asleep. Um. No. It's actually called I only had about two hours sleep, went to work and then accidentally took a several hour "power nap." But I'm all flashbacked and moving forward now! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Predictable Patsies:
  • Derrick is getting his hollas. He's taking it in good stride. But, you know ... the rest all have to deal with it, too.
  • While they're all banged up and sore from the comp, Caleb's knee seems to be the worst. He doesn't think he'll be able to compete in the PoV comp if it's anything physical.
  • During a morning outdoor lockdown, they returned to find the latest Have Not "extra" food on the table -- the show is calling it snotroast. It seems to be variety meats, mushrooms and garlic.
  • Derrick volunteered to be a Have Not. No one else would volunteer, so Caleb made Nicole a Have Not for the second week in a row -- both of her weeks since her return from the jury house.
  • I personally miss the Have Not/Food comps of the past. When you have the HoH pick Have Nots, it's usually personal. I prefer it either a comp loss or the luck of the draw. There's enough personal stuff already going on in there!
  • Nicole cried.
  • She knows it's a given she'll be nominated, too.
  • Derrick told Victoria that she wouldn't be going on the block. He didn't mention to her that she's the back-up plan if someone gets saved with the veto.
  • But she probably can figure that out all on her own.
  • Nicole thinks that Frankie is pushing Caleb to target her as both a Have Not and a nominee.
  • Caleb thinks he has a good chance of becoming America's Favorite Player.
  • Oh, I'd say Donny probably has that one in the bag.
  • To give Caleb some credit, I have liked him better since the Amber fiasco ended. He's actually been the voice of reason at times.
  • Who woulda thunk it?
  • But he's still all full of himself.
  • Nicole, in a talk with herself (and us), said that she does like Derrick -- he's a nice guy and is playing a great game.
  • And, mind you, she only knows a bit of the game he's playing. He's actually not quite the nice guy she sees in the house. I'm fairly sure he is indeed a nice guy outside. But, inside ... he's called the shots all season long.
  • While talking about who to nominate, Nicole is a definite as everyone inside and outside the house knows. But, who to put up with her? Derrick told Caleb it has to be Christine. If Christine is not on the block and wins veto, she would probably save Nicole. If on the block and wins it, would save herself. 
  • They plan on telling Christine that if someone (other than Nicole) wins veto, they'll take her down and Victoria would go up.
  • And that's how the nominations went down -- Christine and Nicole on the block.
  • Yawn.
  • Christine had to go cuddle with Cody to soothe her nerves.
  • @@
  • Christine is irked about the nomination. After all, she's done so much for the Bomb Squad, so much for the Detonators.
  • Hey, can't she read the writing on the wall? She's supposed to be a fan of the game. Did she miss the year of Britney?
  • Oh my. I just personally flashbacked to season one's Brittany and her "love bed" where they'd all hang out. That was the year before HoH started.
  • Nicole hates Frankie. Frankie hates Nicole. Everyone is fussing about physically hurting from the comp (except Cody).
  • They all want to go to bed early tonight.
  • Crying, fussing, moaning.
  • Scheming, braggging and posing.
  • Yep.
  • Victoria told Nicole that she used to tell Derrick more but feels he's grown too close with others. She said she doesn't tell him what they (Nicole and her) talk about. 
  • Good. She's finally standing up a bit on her own. However, if she loses Derrick to hold her up, she just might fall.
  • Cody and Caleb wondered if anything they said will affect their outside lives after the show like last season's racist remarks, lost jobs and such.
  • No. Of course, just going into the show might make them a mockery. But none of them, present or evicted, seem to come across as horrible racist people or even deep-down controversial.
  • While Frankie might have an anti-fan club, it's more about him being so full of himself and taking over the spotlight at every chance than any sort of horrible evil hatred within his soul.
  • He's annoying us.
  • BB once again hit bargain liquors for a slight amount of booze and the dollar store for off brand PlayDoh and face paints.
  • Derrick talked to us on camera. He thinks he's in a good position in the game and is just about ready to make a big move -- I would HOPE that's getting Frankie out, but he didn't specify. He said he did really like Donny, but it was lousing up his own alliance and own game, so he had to do it. He said his closest ally in the house is Cody.
  • Um. Well. I had that all figured out with the exception of him being ready to make a major move.
  • Do it already.
  • And make it Frankie.
  • That's just about it.
  • I'm ready to nap again.

Derrick volunteers to be a Have Not

Nicole cries about being a Have Not again

Talking strategy

The new sheriff in town

Surviving BB

Memory wall evokes memories

You want my face to melt off, Victoria!


PDX Granny said...

How things do change! I remember when I liked Frankie. And it seems I liked Christine too, for maybe the first week. Now, I'm like most, and just find both of them very annoying. I'm not sure which one I want out first, as long as one of them is next.

Kathy said...

Hi Jackie, you are very funny. Thanks for the giggles and please get all the sleep you deserve. I think we need some excitement from these predictable HG's. So, I am hoping that Derrick goes through with whatever he has alluded to.

Anonymous said...

Derrick talks about making a big move but in reality his pride/arrogance might be his downfall. Why get rid of Nichol or Victoria when they are votes for him if they stay.

Stormy said...

Well Caleb just fell down with me again. I had started to like him a little better but since he put Nichol a have-not again, that was such a mean spirited thing to do. Very aragrant about it also. Down he goes at the bottom with Frankie and Christine.

anonymouse said...

I think Derrick is going to evict Christine. Nichols would clearly Caleb and Frankie and Frankie will clearly target Nichole.

And in the double eviction they can target Frankie.

He doesn't even have to tell anyone but Cody and Victoria (who take convincing)

jessica UNderwood said...

Thanks for all the hard work Jackie

Anonymous said...

What is the difference in Frankie saying because of his "medical problems" he can not be a have not and Donnie saying he does not have to do any physical challenges because he is 20 years older that the others? If they can not abide with the rules of the game then they should be disqualified from being on the show. Christine tried that saying she had to have "gluten free" food. Do it all or sit at home and watch like the rest of us do.

bb fan said...

Well said

Laurie said...

Jackie, your health is most important and the show is fairly predictable now. Take it easy. Personally, I'd say once a day is enough for updates now that things have slowed down.

A reminder to everyone that you can help support our wonderful Jackie by donating a bit through PayPal. The link is on the right side of the home page. You see it every time you read her blog! If you don't do PayPal, there are other ways to donate!

EileenH said...

Jackie, I agree that it was more fun when the Have Nots were chosen by competition. It seems like the whole Have Not thing has been mostly ignored this season, and HGs have volunteered like it's really no big deal. Is the show still even having viewer votes for what extras the HNs get? (I've missed some episodes, so maybe it happened while I wasn't watching.)

I also liked the competitions where they all had to work together to gain something that everyone would share if they succeeded -- some luxury, like decent food, new clothes, a concert, etc.

Chacha said...

Anon- Donny did many physical challenges.
I clearly remember the POV that he seemed to almost have a heart attack..
I hope that Derrick does make some sort of big move. He wont make a move that will get him in trouble with Cody though.
I do believe he can swing Cody to anything this week. Caleb is easily manipulated!

Cheryl in NC said...

I am so over Frankie always sleeping in the HOH least Cody had the balls to tell him he wanted the room to himself.
And Jackie I agree about the have not situation,if your not having comps to decide then don't even bother having it.

Anonymous said...

I have to keep reminding myself, it's just a game...but Caleb asked who hadn't been a have not at least twice and no one fessed up and then Frankie, who has only been a HN once, mocked Nicole and basically said screw her because she's upset about it...he's just a jerk

Anonymous said...

Remember when Caleb was going to throw the comp and wanted Frankie out? What happened to that?
Ariena Grande> thats what. Caleb is so far up Frankies butt because he wants fame as much as Frankie and he is all impressed with what Frankie can do for him.
Thats what.
Derrick is not some fantastic game player, if he was he would have made a big move a long time ago.
These are the worst houseguests since this show first started.
They might as well just sleep all day everyday and just wake up when the show is over.

Sharon N said...

Anon 10:32,
Chacha is correct. Donny played in the physical comps, and I dont recall hearing him ever saying he "couldn't do" anything (ala FJG). He really didn't complain... other than saying (like everyone else) that a comp was hard. In fact, he WON the physical comp when it looked like he was having a heart attack at the end... and beat all those much younger guys!

Becky said...

I have wanted Frankie gone almost from the beginning -- and he is my pool person! It took longer for me to turn against Christine -- and Caleb. I wish two of those three could go home next week.

Becky said...

Oh, Jackie, I am with this who say take it easy. Once a day is more than enough for these dweebs.

Sharon N said...

I'm with you Becky. Unlike many others, I didn't like FJG from the very beginning. He struck me as a total phony. All that jumping around and screaming and camera-hogging

I didn't like Crusty from the start either, and it didn't take long to start disliking BMC with all his stalker qualities. Granted, he's better with Amber gone, but he's still a dolt. But the top 2 dislikes remain FJG and Crusty. They can be gone from BB asap.

Anonymous said...

To me this doesn't even resemble a game. Its just a house full of brain dead people, with the exception of about 4 (Donny, Hayden, Nicole, Zach). CBS decided to put in a celebrity and a bunch of celebrity wanna be's. Caleb being the 2nd to Frankie, and that is how The House of Frankie J Grande was born. Such a shame because I used to really enjoy this show.

SStormy said...

Terrible to just wish this season would just BE OVER. The MOST BORING season ever. If they had set out (CBS) to find people that would annoy you they could not have done a better job. Even forget one day Jackie. After Thurdays show will be quite enough.

Chacha said...

aNON 1:01

Frankie is no celebrity. He is a wanna be hanger on of his sister.
He stated last night he just wants a tv show out of this.

Sharon N said...

Frankie (talking to BMC): I don't have any representation, no agencies, I don't have sh*t! I wanna be famous like my sister!
Caleb: It's hard to fill your sister's shoes and be as famous.
Fankie: I know, it's hard being me.

It's all about sibling jealousy. His career on Broadway went nowhere and thinks this show is his stepping stone.
He 'might' get some kind of appearance offer from a CBS talk show... just to discuss his eviction.
But I doubt he'll have anyone knocking on his door to provide the kind of career offer he wants.
Maybe he'll get an offer to do gay porn... he's been providing plenty of incentive for that!! @@

Sharon N said...

Speaking of the Devil... FJG was the only HG not picked to play for VETO!!!
Here you go HGs, it's time to grow some gonads and backdoor FJG!!!

uncartie said...

So Derrick is thinking about making a big move? @@ Lmao! Well duh! There's only 7 players left in the house and really only 6 since he's been secretly protecting Victoria for weeks. After this week it would be hard not to.

A big move would involve getting one of the guys out this week,and not picking off Nicole & Chrtistine. We'll see what happens.

I really liked FJG in the beginning but his constant schtick,overacting mugging for the cameras,and remarks that the TV viewers never will see made me change my opinion. I always DVR my shows to avoid commercials. Every time I see Frankie on camera I'm only left with two choices....Curse at the screen or fast forward past him.

Becky said...

Frankinstein turned me off with the putting his chin on his hands, batting his eyes in a coquette's pose. What a drama queen!

I turned against Caleb with the stalking and with his having completely no idea just how stupid he came across.

Crusty just plain wore thin quickly. And it had nothing to do with the fact that she is one of the most unattractive people I have ever seen on a show -- reality show or not.

I hope that Nicol, Amber and especially Donnie get to play again.

Someone needs to fire the applicant person.

Anonymous said...

No one is going to want to talk to FJG except CBS. That it. He is ALL THIERS!!!
I agree with Becky that someone needs to be fired. JMO, but I think everyone should be fired from that show. This year it wasn't even a show/game. It was an auditioning for FJG & BMC.

Sharon N said...

It's unbelievable that the guys aren't even discussing the opportunity to BD FJG while they can.
It's a HUGE mistake because he is hosting and can't play.
You'd think Derrick would see this as THE perfect opportunity to get rid of him.
Should be easy enough to convince BMC by playing up FJG's part in Amber's eviction again.

Sharon N said...

Sounds like DR told Victoria she will be fine, so must not be physical comp.
No surprise since everyone is all crippled up from the HOH.
Cody spent a LOT of time priming FJG for a Before/After comp.
I don't think Cody included Crusty in the Study Hall.
Hope that this is that comp.. since FJG is Host and can't play! LOL
Unfortunately, Cody is almost a shoe-in if this is the Before/After... if he wins, nothing would change.
I don't think Nicole has been studying for things like this at all.

monty924 said...

Chacha and Sharon, I think that was the point that Anon 10:32 was trying to make.

Good news is Frankie isn't playing for veto. He's hosting. Anyone else think Derrick might try to pull the trigger on Frankie if the veto is used? I hope so :)))))

Sharon N said...

I don't know Monty.
It would be nice, but everyone seems to dumb-down when it comes to evictions.

monty924 said...

But it would be a big move, LOL

I want some excitement in this season and so far we've had very little. :)))

really? said...

Jackie, take care of yourself before this blog. You are wayore important!
I am so extremely appealed by what I just read on Jokers. What Frankie & Caleb said just before they cut the feeds for POV is SO disgusting!!!!! What makes these people think they can talk like that and it is ok?????
So sad!
Cali girl

uncartie said...

Christine won POV. Let's see if Derrick follow through on his threat to make a "big move".

LynnE said...

Frankie has said a lot of very uncalled for things on the live feeds....he called Nicole (I think) the C word....and what he just said about Vic was beyond uncalled for!

uncartie said...

From Jokers:
"Derrick telling Vic that he doesn't know who is going up but it definitely isn't Frankie. He says regardless Nic is being evicted."

So much for Derrick's big move. Grrr!

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping Derrick gets back doodled due to his arrogance of being untouchable. What benefit does he have with keeping Frankie in the house.

Petals said...

Well, as planned -they threw the POV to the Crust.
So it will be Nic & Vic on the block.
I am astonished that these boys don't mind the Crust being there. ICK!

*sigh* I do agree with all of you that say this is BORING! It is. It is like watching Joan Crawford have a swimming race with her daughter. @@