Saturday, August 09, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Friday night into Saturday - August 9

All dressed up and nowhere to go

No, Derrick didn't go anywhere. He apparently hosted the BOB comp and got a free suit out of the deal. For a moment I was thinking this would be the future wardrobe for the well-dressed hamster.

If you missed my previous report, we had the first real full-blown brouhaha (sans fisticuffs) of the season. Caleb didn't "throw" the BOB; he literally sat out and refused to play. So, Frankie won it all by himself with Zach and Donny playing on the other side. But ... pre-BOB Frankie realized his goose was cooked in the house. I don't care if he's vegan. His goose was definitely cooked.

What to do? What to do? Time to pull out the "I'm a YouTube star. My sister is a pop star. I'm playing the game to build schools in Africa!" Card! Yep! He claims that the pressure of keeping those secrets in addition to his grandfather's death caused him to suffer some sort of breakdown and lie to everyone about everyone in the house.

Thankfully, some in the house were like me. "Who the hell is Ariana Grande? I never heard of her." Nor had they seen him on YouTube with his over a million followers. But others were smitten right away. Zach freaked. Lots of yelling and the kerfuffle turned into a small brouhaha.

Here's the skinny on what's been going down in that Big Brother House of A Pseudo-Celeb:
  • At first Caleb became smitten. Why, he might meet Justin Bieber! Woot! Forget Amber, let me stalk Frankie!
  • Victoria is in LOVE with Ariana Grande! She's her FAVORITE!
  • Nicole is agog with the idea of being close to a REAL celebrity!
  • Donny was congratulatory about it. (But also has no idea who Ariana Grande is.)
  • Derrick has heard of her, but claims you never know who the people inside the house are outside the house. And, it shouldn't matter.
  • Yep, Sarge ... you got that right!
  • Cody has no clue who Ariana Grande is.
  • Christine is all giggly over it. I hate her laughs. They make my skin crawl.
  • Caleb is crushed that he's not the big celebrity of the season.
  • @@
  • All feel it's unfair as the America's Player favorite prize is certain to go to Frankie with his followers.
  • Zach is super-crushed and subdued. He won't even talk to Frankie, not to even think of a hug. (Everyone else hugged him due to his soul searching confession.)
  • Zach sat for nearly an hour with Derrick (and sometimes others passing through) saying, "I have no chance. I'm playing against someone building schools in Africa. None of us have a chance."
  • Oh. I forgot to mention -- apparently Christine, Frankie and Caleb won some sort of outing to a pre-season football game thingee. They're excited. I'm not.
  • Derrick continued to use his skillz throughout the house, pep-talking some, being Mr. Super Understanding, reminding each person that their own reasons for being in the house are important.
  • They're really in a quandary now.
  • They think if the veto is used, it will most likely be Victoria or Nicole on the block with either Zach or Donny.
  • From the grumblings I'm hearing, it's quite possible if Zach remains on the block, he just might be the next jury member.
  • Thankfully, as the night went on, most seemed to refocus on getting Frankie out. They obviously can't do it this week.
  • But there's always next week.

Can I meet Justin Bieber? Can I? Can I?

I need an alliance, please.

OMG! OMG! Ariana Grande!?!?!

So, America's Player dreams are shot

I'm competing against schools in Africa?


David said...

I have come to the conclusion that Derrick is Andy 2.0. An improved version. He is just not slimy and as obvious about it. Doesn't do the bad mouthing behind peoples back.
He manages to get into every conversation, is everyones best friend to their face, rats out everyone to everyone else almost immediately.
I got to hand it to him. He took a proven formula and improved on it. His training compliments this type of game play so he is using it to his advantage.
He is already thinking final 2 and what he will do. It looks to me like he wants to take Victoria to the end to guarantee a win.
I am not putting him down, just complimenting him. If he can pull this off he does deserve the win. I would like to see someone else win myself, but will not be unhappy if he does.

~~Silk said...

"Over a million fans"? He has about 250,000 subscribers, but much much fewer than that actually watch his solo videos. The videos with the highest number of viewers are those with his sister.

I suspect quiet Donny has more real fans.

Jackie said...

I don't think I can compare Derrick to Andy. He doesn't always report back to certain parties when he talks to people. And, I think Derrick actually cares more about his fellow hamsters than Andy ever did. You might be spot on with the possible final two choice of Victoria. He's in it to win it. And, I would actually be happy with that outcome.

Jackie said...

Silk - He's claiming to the house that he has either 1.2 or 1.5 million fans dependent on which conversation. I'm not claiming it. I wouldn't even know who Ariana Grande is, much less Frankie, if not for BB.

~~Silk said...

Oh, Jackie, I'm not saying you said he had X number of fans -- I'm saying he's blowing himself up way beyond reality. And he KNOWS it. All professional YouTubers are exquisitely aware of the number of subscribers and views they have, so it's not like he miscounted. He grossly exaggerated, and he knows it.

David said...

You are right Jackie. Derrick only rats out everything the girls and Donny say to everyone else but only tells them what he wants them to know or his version of it. I was just sick of how quickly he ran to Cody last night to tell him everything he just heard from Nichole and it reminded me of how much I hated it last year.

Ed in Ohio said...

Frankie won BOTB?! All by himself? Really?....REALLY? Lucky him. Just wonder what kind of comp that was? Good thing he didn't need his partners help (like the other BOTB comps).

Oh and of all people Caleb won a Slop Pass?! Hhhmmm, Interesting.

Chacha said...

Frankie new exactly what he was doing but in the end I feel this will be his downfall.
Nicoles downfall will be Christine.

Anonymous said...

What other BOB comp could be won by one person?
Who will win fan favorite because of all the fans of a family member?
Why did it take so long last night for the BOB to start? Did BB re-configure it to accommodate Frankie?
Why do we turn on BBAD and have to listen to ONLY Frankie at nauseam?
I relly enjoy games that play out in a totally fair way and that is not what is happening on BB.
Frankie will win fan favorite and he was never going to be quiet about who his sister was. The first time he was in danger he pulls out the celebrity card and then promises meetings with Justin Beiber and the likes.
I will not watch this show again until he is gone. Very disappointed in CBS and Big Brother.
I like to see regular people on the show and play a fair game.
I feel BB is handing over the win to Frankie. I am so disappointed.

lynn1 said...

A few updates back I said that Frankie leads a charmed life. Guess I was right.
Last night's BBAD made me want to puke. It was all about Frankie. There are not enough superlatives in the English language when Frankie describes the real Frankie J Grande.
The only thing that might save Donny this week is the fact he is on America's team. If Derrick and Frankie want to continue having the opportunity to win $5000 they might campaign for Donnie to stay. I am looking forward to seeing the BOB competition. It is amazing that Frankie did win it single handedly.

tbc said...

Sounds like he is living up the name "grande" very well!!!


Anonymous said...

Its not amazing that Frankie J Grande won by himself. It was rigged. I knew it when the BOB did not happen until so late, even making BBAD start out with fish. BB did not want Frankie J Grande of the "Frankie J Grande Show" to leave.
I'm sorry, but its not fair to the other players that don't have a famous family member with millions of fans. What about Nicole from her tiny town and Donny from his tiny town. Shame on you BB and CBS. I think there are viewers smart enough to smell something very fishy.

Sharon N said...

Nobody will ever be able to tag Frankie with the "humble" label.
Even Caleb can't match that nauseatingly over-inflated ego!

My "frank" opinion is that BB may have been legit a few years ago, but that doesnt mean they still play completely by the exact same rules. I feel forced to say that this "show" has lost all credibility. If CBS is so desperate to pull such obvious stunts, it's time for them to either get back to the original basics... or pull the flippin' plug.

Just one more person sick to death of the Frankie Show and whatever benefit this must be providing CBS.

Anonymous said...

Thinking about Frankie's charmed life, I have a feeling that Mr Fake-ie with his personal chef, housekeeper, and fancy house, lives with his famous sister and her paychecks. Just sayin.

Is this really happening? A show many have loved and look forward to, turns into just an overly produced "Fake" show just like their latest "chosen" houseguest??

If you choose to tune out now just know that Frankie will be fan favorite in addition to helping him not only win but have a huge audtion tape to carry around trying to find a "real" job. BB must be his agent.

~~Silk said...

[Cynic here....] Didn't we have a similar situation last season, with a hamster with a sister who pulled in a huge fanbase of viewers? Is this the new direction for BB?

Sharon N said...

Unfortunately, addicted is addicted.
I'm still watching the feeds.. in hopes that something will happen (against Producers wishes) to get Frankie out of that house. @@

The latest development:
Christine is the only one up, in the beehive room and quietly mumbling to herself, "How the hell do I get Frankie to leave me alone? I really hate him."

Maybe all of Frankie's ego-inflated ravings will hurt him in the majority of the other HG eyes (those that have a brain still left in their heads). Of course, that doesn't mean that Production won't step in to "help" him out again.

After all, they'll look so good helping him assist Frankie getting Africa those schools.

Personally, I wish some of these celebrities would spend more of their $$ right here in the good ol' USA. Granted, it's their $$ to do with as they wish, but geez... there are plenty of areas in their own country that need a LOT of help too. (off my soapbox)

Anonymous said...

Amen to you Sharon. I am with you 110% I am so disgusted with production and CBS.

Maybe that huge mega star that everyone loves and knows (not) has a show coming out on CBS. Meaning Frankie J Grande's sister.
Seems like production didn't mind Frankie singing HER song last night. Barf


Petals said...

Jackie, I know you don't like it when we mention production involvement, but I DID hear Frankie say this:
"I can't believe the shit everyone was saying about me in the DR"

So obviously, the DR did cross the line and informed Frankie about everything. How else would Frankie know what people said in the DR?

And I absolutely, without a doubt, think that production modified the competition to enable the winner to be a single, not a team.

I agree with Anon 11:14: they took an unusual amount of prep time for the BOB (the HGs were told to get ready, then had to wait an additional coupla hours).

This season is now the Frankie Grande' Show. Everyone's moral is crushed, alliances are dissolved,
and for what? For a dance school in Africa?

Petals said...

OMG, Gia - you are RIGHT! He did keep singing and singing her songs, and production didn't say anything. It went on for at least an hour, then they shut it down (probably b/c of a shift change)

So Frankie can't be voted-out now. Why are they even continuing the game? Everyone else is just fighting for 2nd place? PS - this is the FIRST time Frankie mentioned doing any of this for charity.

uncartie said...

Ariana Grande just happens to be in the audience last week @@
Frankie wins a BOB comp that normally takes teamwork to win,all by himself. @@
Ariana Grande just happens to be releasing her new album on August 25th,one day after the Video Music Awards show on MTV which is owned by Viacom.

Viacom & CBS coincidently is controlled by National Amusements owned by the Redstone family.@@

From Wikipedia:
"National Amusements is now owned by Michael Redstone's son, Sumner Redstone, who holds 80% of the company, and Sumner's daughter, Shari Redstone, who owns the remaining 20%. Through National Amusements, the Redstones control both the CBS Corporation (owner of CBS) and Viacom (owner of Paramount Pictures) through supervoting shares.[1]"

Coincidence? Sure @@ Nothing to see here.....move along now.

Sharon N said...

Well, it seems all of Frankie's over the top bragging has finally coming home to roost. It seems Nicole no longer has "stars" in her eyes, and she's becoming quite upset that he had planned on saying "I'm related to Ariana Grande, and I'm donating the $$ to charity" during his F2 speech... to convince people he "deserves" to win. @@

After the initial fascination of "we know someone famous" (not), they are all starting to resent that he'll be giving the $$ away to Africa... when they all need the $$ so badly themselves.

There's nothing quite like finally waking up to a bucket of water in the face!! And getting the "wait just a dang minute here" message. Me-thinks Derrick has solidly (and successfully) worked to get that message across to them....

Sharon N said...

Someone said something earlier that would provoke an interesting dilemma for CBS.
If ALL the players marched into DR and said they will not continue on because of all the interference.
It would actually be a bit funny to watch CBS scramble to try and "fix" the mess they've created.

When you see other sites equally respected and equally appalled over what's happening, it's time for CBS to rethink their floundering policies.

Anonymous said...

Petals~~I was very interested in reading your post because you are always a voice of reason and you are very articulate.
Its one thing to watch and be disappointed in the behavior of certain houseguests but this Frankie Show started right from the beginning. They have focused on him more than any other houseguest from BB. He does not have that certain X factor where you just automatically like him so its even worse. Having him pull out the famous sister card at his first time on the block is just not right. The other HG cannot compete with his background.
Enough of that, but it does make fans of the show feel better when you read that most everyone feels the same way. Shame on CBS.


monty924 said...

I'm not really sure Frankie will win fan favorite. I think Donny has a better chance at it and especially after how hard he fought for that veto last night. People forget that Joey and Donny both were voted TA before Frankie was.

Elissa won it because of the Brenchel army who are all diehard BB fans. How many of Frankie's youtubers and Ariana's fans are diehard BB fans? And I agree with Silk. He grossly exaggerated his following and subscribers. I can't stand him and I bet of lot of diehard BB fans can't stand him as well. He won't be getting our votes.

Petals said...

Pardon me, I made a mistake. I took what Jokers wrote as gospel, but when I went back to actually watch, I see that Frankie didn't say what I thought he said.
He said he couldn't "imagine the shit they are saying..."

Sorry. Just wanted to admit my mistake.

Uncartie - I know! I looked that up last night. This is blatant, egregious self-promotion & marketing for CBS.

uncartie said...

Another coincidinky is that Ariana Grande will perform on the MTV Video Award show.

Petals said...

Well - let's look at the good positives from last night:

Crustie is still a nasty slug, and everyone is pretty much done with her.
Caleb's ego has been replaced by a bigger & more savvy one.
Star-stricken will give way to resentment, and BB can't carry Frankie through the rest of the game.

uncartie said...

Petals,Frankie asked Caleb straight out if he was going to throw the comp. He had to have been told that in the DR.

Anonymous said...

Let's watch the "America's Team" "choices" to see how they complement Frankie's cause. Production's steering this game to create "good television" is nothing new. Their underhandedly cross-promoting a related venture would come as no surprise.

Petals said...

Meanwhile, Derrick has been worshiping at the altar of Grande' all morning. Yeah, he is a gamer, all right. grrrr

All we can hope is that Donny or Zach win that POV. I love them both, but I am resigned to losing one of them next week. *sigh*

Sharon N said...

Interesting to see that Donny had ALL of them figured, almost from Day-1... and how much he dislikes Derrick.

Donnie is informing Nicole on everything and everyone... mostly because he expects to be evicted. Actually, I think at this point he's pretty much saying he hopes to NOT be in the house with them anymore.

Nicole isn't thrilled to be there anymore either, but then says she doesn't want to let Hayden down by not fighting to stay and win. Not much hope for it, but...

Anonymous said...

Welcome to "Big Brother," the only show that can make "The Bachelor" seem sincere and genuine .... (Sigh)

It's scary to think Production doesn't think the American viewing public can see their manipulation of the show.

~~a cynical blonde ~~

Sharon N said...

Petals, I think Donny has a better chance of winning POV than Zack.
Although Zack is built physical, he seems to have concentration issues... maybe because he said it's several months since he took his meds?

If Nicole manages to win, she'll be torn whether to save Zack or Donny. But I think she is more likely to pick Zack... only because of the convo she had with Donny earlier.

I'll never understand why the guys all seem to think Donny is SO dangerous, even though he hasn't been a danger to any of them. They seem to think he has all these alliances going for him. @@ They also worry about Zack because he's such a loose canon. Unlike several other players, Nicole CAN actually win comps. They fear her, but not as much as Donny. Weird... do they discount her (to some extent) because of the male-macho ego thing?

Anonymous said...

I have been seeing Arianna Grande and Julie Chen's instagram picture together everywhere. Oh my....cozy duo.

Personally I don't think any true BB fan will ever want to listen to Arianna Grande again. They will think of Frankie and get ill.
He is doing no favors for her career. Many will truely hate Frankie.

Miracles happen. Its time for BB to step up and correct the problem and get rid of Frankie the way it was suppose to happen this week. I hate his gloating.

Nick said...

I haven't been keeping up as much since that heinous double eviction, but I'm impressed by Nicole's mental toughness and fight. And it is funny that Donny was one of the few not trying to be a part of several alliances or manipulate everyone, yet he was the only one most people were truly scared of. The Bomb Squad really did a number on this season...there has been a majority alliance in the house since day two thanks to the forming of that alliance. Sounds like things are finally getting interesting. Hopefully Hayden gets a shot at coming back now that everyone sees he was actually an honest player for the most part and wasn't trying to mastermind a take down of Derrick/Cody/Frankie/Christine.

Anonymous said...

I ONLY know Ariana Grande through the Nickelodeon show "Sam and Cat". It comes on after SpongeBob, which my daughter loves. Even at that, I NEVER knew the actresses name until Big Brother. I can't stand her music, but I don't think she's a terrible actress.

All that being said, I think it's ridiculous that they even casted Frankie. I would love to see Zach win (my ADHD child Zach is so much like him that I find myself rooting for him).

Thanks for watching the live feeds for me, Jackie. I come every year to your blog even though I rarely comment.


Lili said...

Predictions and hopes...

Hands down Donny will win America's Favorite Player. If 6 to 9 million people watch the show that far outweighs Frankie's floating number of subscribers even if only 10% of them vote.

If this board is representative of the show watchers, most people dislike Frankie and adore Donny. So I predict that even if Donny goes this week or next he will leave with the $10,000 from TA, the $25,000 from AF and his stipend.

Christine is icky but she has to realize she is low on the totem pole with the guys. I hope if Donny or Nicole wins POV, she will put up Derrick. But I predict she will put up Victoria, which will weaken Derrick who is looking to sit next to her in F2 for a sure win for himself.

I predict Frankie and Caleb will be very disappointed to leave the house and find out they will only be popular in the small world of post BB house guests. Frankie will end up doing an Evel Dick style video chat show about BB. Caleb will hang out in bars hoping people will recognize or even care about him.

I think most of the houseguest will sink back into obscurity, except for Donny. I only hope he will not be overwhelmed by people contacting him, wanting a photo with him etc.

Has certainly been a kinder, touchy feely cast, which is refreshing. But the fact that a single group has dominated each and every week has been frustrating and exhausting. If Donny or Nicole leaves this week, I got nobody to root for. Derrick deserves the win, but I find him increasingly annoying...every two hours he decides one or two HGs are hideous liars and must go and then convinces everyone to go along. Two hours later decides those people are fine and that these other two are the scum of the earth. Jesus dude, pick a side.

Fingers crossed Donny or Nicole win POV, and Donny comes off the block!


David said...

The only thing I think production did to help out Frankie in the BoB besides letting him play by himself is to throw in the football game excursion. They knew Caleb was going to sit down and maybe wanted to motivate him to help.
They did not let anyone out of the house last year that I can remmember. Taking a bunch to a football game is very dangerous. Thousands of people running around they can't control who could possibly contaminate the game. People love to hold up signs during the games.
Though the only one I think could have his game blown up is probably Derrick at this point.

monty924 said...

Lili, I couldn't agree more with your hopes and predictions. Everything you said has been in my brain for days. You nailed it!!!

uncartie said...

Zach and Nicole are now speculating that the BOB was staged for Frankie by making the comp something that 1 person could win.

lynn1 said...

To mix a bunch of cliches, regardless of CBS/BB production rigging the BOB or not if it looks like a duck, if it walks like a duck & quacks like a duck ... Although I am cheering for Donny on the night he won the POV I thought how easy it would have been to rig that POV comp in favor of Donny.
I don't usually subscribe to conspiracy theory but this year there have been a remarkable number of convenient outcomes in the comps. Some I have liked and some I have not liked.
I have to keep reminding myself it is just a game and I don't know any of these hamsters.

uncartie said...

Hold your noses folks.

This is from last night:
CBS TweetVerified account ‏@CBSTweet

Listen up #BB16 fans...#BBFrankie is making an announcement on #BBAD NOW & it may have to do w/ @ArianaGrande!
10:13 PM - 8 Aug 2014

monty924 said...

Yeah, Lynn... I'm not a conspiracy CBS rigs the show person either. I think it's all legit and a lot of luck most of the time. I believe what Jackie has said time and time again that these comps are planned out in advance and they have no idea who will be in what comp. Just me though.

I know the entire BB interweb world is riddled with conspiracy theories and accusations but to me it's just a game and I have fun with it. It's the same every year regardless of who is cast. Newbies, returning hamsters, etc. Every year the same drama out here and we aren't in the house living the game. :)))

uncartie said...

Monty,Another problem with the BOB competition yesterday is that it started about 4hrs later than usual.
Caleb's story has also been changing as to how he sat out or couldn't get back in.

I believe that Frankie was cast as the star of the show,despite the fact that he has a major advantage with America's favorite HG over the rest of the cast due to his and his sister's followers.

Jackie said...

I still refuse to subscribe to the conspiracy theories where the comps are concerned. I have personal knowledge about what goes into the planning of them.

But, that's all I really have to say about it. This happens every year and with Survivor, too. I'm just here to be entertained. I actually don't think Frankie can win this or even America's Favorite.

uncartie said...

Zach wins POV