Saturday, August 02, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Friday evening into Saturday - August 2

The King of Nothing

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of This Certainly Is NO Garden of Eden!:
  • Caleb fussed and moaned about not wanting to get his head shaved.
  • He claimed his head is ugly shaved.
  • He claimed to have a "discriminatory tattoo" on top of his head.
  • He claimed that the last time his head was shaved was boot camp and that's when he got the tattoo.
  • Although his claims of a racist tattoo are a bit possible due to his anti-Muslim ranting in the house and on the internet, Derrick called him on it as the service would never allow it.
  • Then he said it's an Iron Cross tattoo.
  • When Frankie looked through his hair for it, Caleb claimed it was small, but was there.
  • @@
  • Caleb fussed more than any woman on any of these reality shows have when faced with a head-shaving!
  • Donny said that both he and Derrick would do horribly with the punishments given Caleb. Oh, no ... they wouldn't fuss so much about the head-shaving (although Donny would look whack with no hair on his head and that beard). Neither one of them would ever go around almost naked.
  • I find that refreshing that the house has people who actually like to keep clothes on this season.
  • Actually, Derrick and Donny are the first hamsters in several seasons that I could see me being friends with if I knew them in "real life." They're both upstanding caring kind of guys.
  • Victoria doesn't have to shave her head, but is very worried about wearing a bikini for two days straight when she's gained 20 pounds since coming into the house.
  • (She still looks better in a bikini than I have ever looked in one!)
  • Thankfully Caleb isn't attached to Amber half-naked. He'll actually be a gentleman with Victoria.
  • Meanwhile, Zach is kicking himself over the BOB loss. He says it's all his fault.
  • Happy Go Lucky Boy Zach is seriously worried he might be sent packing this week.
  • Me? I'd rather see Jocasta go if the noms remain the same. Zach brings entertainment to the house while she brings long extended prayers droning on and on.
  • As Caleb fussed and whined about the head-shaving, Victoria asked him why he can't be normal.
  • Heck, he can't be normal because he's Caleb! Sheesh! She should know that by now!
  • She also wondered why he can't be positive. Doesn't she realize the love of his life is gone from the house and he not only looks like a fool, but will look foolish?!?!
  • Derrick told Christine and Cody that Zach asked him to save him if he wins the PoV. They think he shouldn't use it because Cody will go up on the block if he does.
  • They don't know that Derrick and Nicole have talked Frankie as a backdoor.
  • I don't know if either would go through with that, though. Derrick might kill Team America if Frankie goes (I don't know what happens when one is evicted) and Nicole might not have the nerve for a major power move.
  • Nicole told Donny he could keep his HoH snacks in the room as well as sleep in there if he wishes.
  • So ... how come Frankie is in that HoH bed?!?!
  • Caleb's latest pre-bald rant: "How will I get a modeling contract bald?"
  • What fantasy land is he living in? He's too muscle-bound and short for a modeling contract ... not to mention looking like that Eminem/Charlie Sheen gay romance love child.
  • Victoria started the Caleb head shave, then Derrick took over. He's been trimming everyone's hair for a few weeks now and is pretty good at it. I get the feeling that anything Derrick takes on to do, he ends up doing well at it.
  • Ahh ... Nicole and Hayden talk alone! She really wants Zach and Frankie both on the block! Woot! Woot! Now, if that comes to fruition, I'd love to see them go for voting Frankie out and keeping Zach. Frankie is actually more dangerous to their games than is Zach. Zach is more of a goofball.
  • And, not only that happened in their talk, but they're also planning on discussing it with Derrick and Cody.
  • So, Cody isn't a target and Nicole isn't confiding in Christine.
  • Good.
  • She's much better with Hayden as a close ally than with Christine.
  • Frankie thinks the only one who would use the veto if he won it is Donny.
  • We'll see about that!
  • Frankie wants Nicole to re-nom Donny if someone else uses the veto.
  • I don't think that will happen. She's not going to put Donny up.
  • Nicole thinks the best case scenario is Donny winning the veto, using it to save Jocasta and she puts Frankie up.
  • But, of course, she didn't say that to Frankie.
  • Yet another new alliance has formed in the house -- The Quad Squad -- Derrick, Cody, Hayden and Nicole.
  • Thankfully, Christine is not a part of it.
  • But I wish Donny was ... then all my house favorites would be in it together.
  • Hmm ... Derrick just might have turned the Frankie corner. He knows Frankie is working against them as well as for them (cue Andy).
  • Hayden thinks Caleb is more fun to be around now that Amber is gone.
  • I wouldn't go that far. But, after the head-shaving went down and he stopped whining and fussing, he's been a bit more human.
  • I think that's all we can expect from him ... a bit human.
  • That's all for now. PoV might rock the house.
  • I hope it does!

What? No huge Hayden smile?

Frankie needs to get OUT of HoH room!

Waiting for the reveal

And, there they are!

Adam and Eve pre-head shaving

Derrick shaves Caleb's head

Derrick listens a lot


meb said...

...He's too muscle-bound and short for a modeling contract ... not to mention looking like that Eminem/Charlie Sheen gay romance love child... OMG Jackie... I spit a mouthful of coffee all down the front of me... TOO FUNNY!

BTW... where's the picture of Caleb's tatoo??? Don't tell me the little guy told a fib!

And RBennie.. I read one of your previous comments... Do I have to come there and wash your mouth out with soap (after I stop laughing)?

Agreeing with a lot of you... Frankie needs to go... NOW! Please Nicole... make me proud. Have to admit, I'm thinking she isn't as dumb as she makes it appear.

Thanks Jackie.. great posts and pictures.

Jackie said...

He doesn't have a tattoo on his head. He was just trying anything to get out of having his head shaved.

Witt said...

Caleb is such an idiot. Hair grows 24 hours a day; it kept growing the minute Derrick finished the shaving!

And if he actually thinks he's getting a modeling contract, I have a bridge on the market, too....

With Derrick giving her encouragement, Frankie might actually go this week!!!!!

Delee said...

If Amber knew about the Adam and Eve penalty, she would be thrilled to have been voted out. I can only imagine if it had been Caleb and her chained together. Yikes, I would have felt sorry for her.

POV will be a game changer depending on who wins and uses it. BB is getting interesting.

~~Silk said...

I'm disappointed. I expected shaved, and we get buzz cut? I feel cheated.

Ed in Ohio said...

Why in the world does Frankie think he is 'entitled' to sleep in the HOH bed? Spoiled much??

Nicole should have kicked him out! Maybe she's being 'nice' to him for now!

Chacha said...

Ed In Ohio-
Nicole told Donny he could sleep up there. Frankie had to put the kabosh on that.
THe saying keeps your friends close and your enemies closer springs to mind.
I hope someone will just pull Jacosta down and put Frankie and Zach up against each other.
Frankie goes home and we have a great Double eviction episode.

Ed in Ohio said...

Chacha, Thanks. I like your scenario!

Hopefully when the Veto plays out it won't put the kabosh to the Frankie Back Door Plan!!

Chacha said...

Ed In Ohio-
The only person I don't want to win the POV is Frankie.
My husband told me this morning he feels that Zach will win.
I am not saying Zch in my favorite player but he is entertaining on the feeds to me.

BJ said...

Only way to get Frankie out of the HOH room is to make him a have not. He it!

Chacha said...

BJ- He has to be one. I hope that Nicole realizes she needs to do it.
She told Frankie last night she would make Zach a have not.
If nicole would open her eyes long enough she would see she has to keep Zach.
He will always be ahead of her to get out of the house.
If they keep Jocasta she will be another Gina Marie(bb15) Porche (BB13) Jordan/Nastalie(bb11).
I could go on and on.......

Ed in Ohio said...

Chacha, Just curious. Does your husband think Zach will win the veto or the whole thing?

I'm not a fan of Zach, don't care for his rants. But he is more 'entertaining' than some of the other hamsters.

Ed in Ohio said...

Yes BJ, Make Frankie a Have Not then give him the Boot!!

Anonymous said...

Seems like Derrick is all for voting out Zach. Nicole wants Zach and Frankie on the block.
I just hope Zach wins POV. I long do we have to watch Jocosta be a total zero in this game.
Although Zach is goofy, he keeps the show entertaining in more of a light hearted way. Love the poem he made up last night for POV. Its hilarious. Frankie on the other had is STILL sleeping in the HOH>> Whats up with that....he never leaves. I want him to go home in the worst way. He is so starved for fame its pitiful.

Sharon N said...

Frankie > it's so sad when your sister is so much more famous than you... and always will be (even though she sucks too). LOL

Chacha said...

Ed in Ohio-
He thinks Zach will win veto.
He isn't always wrong. He did call Nicole and Donny winning HOH
He feels Derrick may just win the whole game.
Zach is an awesome form of entertainment. I love how he gets people riled up.

Buzzmaam said...

Thanks for your blog Jackie. This is my favorite TV time of the year. :)

T-Town Chick said...

Roses are red. Violets are blue. Nichole is my target. I'm coming for you. I love all of you so much and I am so grateful, maybe I'll even change my ways and not be so hateful. You've all made it to jury. You're right on track. Fans at home, please hashtag #ZachAttack. The ceremony is important. The wrong choice may cost ya. So when you go to the diary room, please vote out Jocasta.

He's a poor man's Dr. Will but I still like him! Go Zach! Get out Frankie!!!!!

monty924 said...

Players are Zach, Jocasta, Nicole, Christine and Adam and Eve :))

Frankie is hosting

BD Frankie is still a HUGE possibility

Sharon N said...

Fingers crossed for Nicole or Jocasta... or Zack.
Christine, Caleb and Victoria would probably not use POV.
I want Frankie up and out!!!

monty924 said...

I think there's a slight chance that Victoria would pull Jocasta off if she won. Especially if Nic, and her boys Hayden and Derrick would tell her to. hehehe

Chacha said...

whats really good is
Frankie and Christine both stated a little while ago they would throw the POV.
they also don't want sack to leave as they are going to angle for Nicole to put up Donny or Derrick.
They are so out of the loop that Nicole is thinking of putting Frankie up.
I personally think Christine would fall apart if he left.

Chacha said...

Derrick and Hayden could definetly convince victoria to use it if she actually won.
They could even convince Caleb by saying that nicole would nominate Donny.
She wont nominate Donny and would/could then nominate Frankie.
That would be the best...

Sharon N said...

Good thought Monty. Not that there's much chance of Victoria winning, but...

What will Crustine do without Frankie?
Everyone knows she runs to Frankie with everything, so without him, she's less than nothing.

Chacha said...

its funny, in real life we can never play the what if game.
Between June-Sept I play it everyday!

Kelly Campbell said...

IF we need / want more proof that Caleb is delusional @@ last night for the 5 minutes that I watched BBAD, he was telling Victoria that if she had been the one having to shave their hair, she would of wound up on Ellen. @@ A few seconds later he amended that to just winding up on TV. @@

It has finally clicked for me that Caleb honestly thinks that being on Big Brother is going to lead to bigger and better things via becoming a media darling @@ (probably ONLY for him though)

Just a thought Caleb, best case scenario you end up on Dr. Phil. Worst case scenario you end up on America's Most Wanted.

monty924 said...

Brilliant Chacha. Yes, Caleb is the easiest person in there to manipulate, LOL.

The what if game in BB is the best to play :))

monty924 said...

The best plan would be to have Jocasta off the block so she could vote.

David said...

Please, please let Jocasta win the POV today. I know thats asking for a lot but we can only dream.
Love the Daria ava Kelly. =)

Sharon N said...

If only Donny, Cody or Hayden had been drawn for the POV.
PLEASE let Nicole or Jocasta win!!!

monty924 said...

Well she did actually make Frankie a Have Not. That will keep him from sleeping in the HOH, LOL!

monty924 said...

Nicole won't use it if she wins it. I think she's too afraid to make the BIG move unless someone hands it to her. Just my thoughts.

Terry is a Texan! said...

Yes, why is Frankie always in that bed? And while Im at it, do they give them extra sheets? I hate to think they have not changed sheets since this started.
Im sure there is no maid service in HOH.
Of all the hamsters we have talked about over the years, with delusions.....Caleb will almost need more therapy than most.

David said...

Looks like Christine and Frankie are going to live up Nichole's rear end until after the POV ceremony as much as they can. I have seen production call people to DR to get them away from people at strategic times to give people space to plan. They will probably have to do it to Frankie.

uncartie said...

Frankie is a have-not?
How sad LMAO

David said...

Derrick is starting to irk me. Now he wants Frankie and Zach to stay. I know it is part of the game and he is playing a good game. What gets me is how naturally and easy he lies. Him being a cop that concerns me knowing how easily he does that when he has to deal with the public. He can't be undercover anymore when he gets out so if he becomes patrol I fear what he could do if he doesn't like someone. As someone who has been on the recieving end of a lying cop I know what kind of damage can be done by them.

Sharon N said...

David, it always irks us when someone goes against a plan WE really really like... Frankie being put OTB for instance. I want him OTB so bad!!!

re Derrick: I actually think he is a good guy, but he's playing everyone. He has just as many alliances going as Frankie (maybe more), but Derrick has been easier to like. He better be careful though... if people start comparing notes, he could end up getting his butt scorched.

Just a little aside...
Having been married to a law enforcement officer... Undercover would normally be a Detective position. To go from that to Patrol would be a demotion.

David said...

Sharon, Then I hope he gets demoted.....right out of the house, =)
I was thinking about what he was telling Cody and if Cody would just go to Nichole and compare notes right now it would blow up his game before you mentioned it. =)
But Cody seems to be buying everything Derrick is saying so it is looking more like Jocasta could be going unless POV is won/used. How easily he can lie and keep it all straight still bothers me. Cristine is getting caught left and right in her lies.

David said...

I would add that being undercover I am sure being able to lie so well and keep it straight could probably save your life depending on what you are doing undercover. So I understand it, just wonder how having that ability could effect what he does in the future.
If nothing else, being in BB is good practice for furute undercover stuff.

Sharon N said...

I don't get their obsession with Donnie.
First he had to be military, now they figure he's either a doctor or a biology professor.
The latter 2 because he used a word that was obviously over their heads... "osmosis."
Good grief. @@

monty924 said...

Sharon, I agree whole heartedly. Derrick is a good guy and he is playing a very similar game as Frankie. He's just as in your face as Frankie. It will come out sooner or later because Donny already sees who's running things. I just hope it comes out before it's too late to do anything about it.

If it came down to Derrick or Frankie, I would want Derrick to stay way more than Frankie. I like his game play but I also hate it because he isn't willing to "really work with" Donny. I think if those two would have teamed up from the beginning, it would have been BB gold.