Friday, August 08, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Friday - August 8

A new and quieter Zach?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Up All Night:
  • As you know from my previous post, Christine and Nicole won the two HoH spots.
  • Zach modified his behavior.
  • He even composed a "love poem" to Nicole which made her laugh.
  • Zach told Nicole he really didn't want to evict her -- he wanted Hayden out because he was a very strong competitor.
  • Donny admitted that he was one of the two votes to evict Nicole.
  • But she doesn't know the second was Cody.
  • We know that.
  • Caleb got his HoH basket and letter from his mother. She told him to be humble and don't boast so much.
  • A little too late for the latter advice.
  • Christine and Nicole agreed that neither would backdoor the other.
  • Frankie admitted to Nicole and Christine he was also working with the other side of the house.
  • Then he claimed to be loyal to Christine from the beginning, suggesting she put either Derrick/Cody or Zach on the block with Caleb.
  • Frankie wants a five person team (alliance?) with himself, Christine, Nicole, Donny and Victoria.
  • Nicole is worried he'd just flip once again.
  • Frankie is doing pretty much what Derrick told Cody and Zach he would do -- running to the other side.
  • Nicole doesn't trust Cody.
  • Obviously, she shouldn't.
  • Nicole thinks that Victoria will be the last girl left in the house if they don't do something about it.
  • The names they seem to prefer for nominations keep coming down to Victoria, Caleb, Donny and Zach.
  • Nicole would nominate Victoria and Caleb; Christine would nominate Donny and Zach.
  • Meanwhile, Caleb's going around saying if anyone puts him on the block, he'll be getting off the block and coming after them.
  • Nicole told Zach he's not her target and she wants to work with him.
  • She told him how the plan was to vote him out.
  • He's upset that it went that far and his own boys were planning to evict him.
  • Christine is thinking that she might put Derrick up instead of Zach because she knows Derrick is more done with her.
  • Nicole told Caleb if she puts him up, he's not her target and, if it came to it, she would save him with the veto.
  • Zach told Nicole ALL about the Detonators after she said that Frankie/Christine said it was just formed a few days ago.
  • He told her that Frankie is "dead to me now."
  • Nicole told Zach about the Rationale.
  • They agree not to trust any of them anymore and they will work together -- Nicole and Zach.
  • Cody wants Christine to end up on the block.
  • Zach says he's going to play Frankie much like he was played by Frankie.
  • He would love to go on the block with Frankie, throw the BOB and have Frankie voted out.
  • Meanwhile, Frankie got the Team America mission and shared it with Derrick, then Donny.
  • The one chosen was to get someone to volunteer as a pawn and then vote that person out.
  • They keep thinking Caleb.


Keeping distance between them?

Nicole was telling the truth!

What's going to happen next?

Frankie tells Derrick of the TA mission

Who wants to see my HoH room?


Witt said...

Zach worries me. Watching him throw the BB Comics boards around on the POV game,yelling at the camera, and now he changes from one mode to another (picking on Nicole; working with Nicole) so quickly. They should have followed their original plan and voted him out!

No one who ever comes back in the house does well, really....can anyone think of a person who wasn't targeted immediately?

Maureen said...

Did frankie give the HGs a fake last name?

ORKMommy said...

Wow! I didn't get to watch the show last night so I was really surprised when I read the updates this morning. Jacosta I saw coming but Hayden? That was a total shock!

Pool update... We had to say goodbye to Brenda, Kelly Davey, Cheryl in NC, Old mom and Maquinn78 with the first eviction and Donna in FL, Chacha, Sasha, Uncartie and Clover with the second.

Updates listing:

Caleb - JimmyB, SueGee on the Left Coast, Sharon S, monty924, Janice from GA
Christine - ReeseB0329, EileenH, Willie J, Ronda, Rbennie
Cody - Delee, Nickelpeed, WolfpackRed, Nell the Southern Belle, Sally in Indiana
Derrick - Ed in Ohio, Jessica UNderwood, Marlo, Stormy, Erinkate
Donny - Buzzmaam, Tami, JonMD1267, Margo, Kelsey Gronda
Frankie - Aya, JOKATS, Ninboh, Tammy, Becky
Jocasta - Brenda, Kelly Davey, Cheryl in NC, Old mom, Maquinn78
Nicole - Jo, Witt, Celticskye, Tilda
Victoria - Dr_Celine, ORKMommy, Sharon N, Faye
Zach - Brian, NikkiB, Kathy, David

Hayden - Donna in FL, Chacha, Sasha, Uncartie, Clover
Jocasta - Brenda, Kelly Davey, Cheryl in NC, Old mom, Maquinn78
Amber - Caela, Sharon, Glenn, PDX Granny, Jennifer
Brittany - Dierdre, ML, Shannon, Gaylos, Donna E
Devin - Donna in Alabama, Lili, Sparty, Merrilee, SarahT
PauPau - Jackie, Lisa Bishop, Chrob61, lynn1

Cheryl in NC said...

Haha...with all the excitement yesterday I forgot my pool pick Jacosta was out! At least now I can cheer for team Donnie hometown boy!!

Go Donnie!

Thanks for the update Orkmommy!!

WolfpackRed said...

Cody is still alive in the pool for me, but it wouldn't hurt my feelings ONE bit if Donny took it all. I fear, if Donny gets anywhere NEAR the final, whoever is left will get him out because they know Donny will win on the vote.

RBennie said...

I'm glad to hear that Nicole won HOH. She's not a particular fav of mine, but I felt sorry for her last night. Was Zach just playing Nicole with all the turning against Frankie stuff or did he seem to really mean it? Who can really tell with that guy? They all seem to change their minds in a nanosecond, LOL. I'm just hoping that Donny survives this week and that this doesn't turn out to be a wasted week with someone like Victoria getting evicted.

lynn1 said...

I stayed up too late watching BBAD. I'm glad that Nicole won one of the HOH for this week but honestly, if she teams up with Christine and Frankie she is a fool. To paraphrase a Ron white line "you can't fix gullible". Come on Nicole wake up pull your head out of your butt.

Anonymous said...

Lynn~~Exactly. Also seems like Zack realizes a few things so I do think her best bet would be with Zack.

Christine and Frankie have to leave, they are so annoying. I am shocking myself, but I want them out more than Caleb!! What???

lynn1 said...

caleb is a buffoon and can be easily manipulated by another guy. I think he is probably too chauvinistic to follow the lead from a woman or at least the caliber of woman who is on this summer's BB.
I am with Anon. I would rather see Frankie and Christine go than any other two. If history repeats itself then the people I really dislike tend to win so that would make Frankie and Christine the final 2.
If that happens I guess Frankie and Christine can party with Andy from last year and they can have a weasel party.

Anonymous said...

It's getting good folks!

Stuff is happenin' for sure!

Everyone is trying to find a new home for shelter......aka Frankie foremost.....since Christine seems to have found comfort without working for it.......ugh! Zack is such a loose cannon and possibly may stay glued together to work with Nicole. Ashame Donny seems to be on her hit list, he would have taken her farther possibly?
Remember Nicole is not eligible for HOH next week, so she needs to hope the next one doesn't put her up for her to continue on.... this game stays interesting because of that power play there!

Glad we didn't lose Donny from heart failure.......he truly looked AWFUL but man you have to hand it to the old man.up against all those young guys!!!


Sharon N said...

Nicole and Christine's choices for who to put up for BoB kept changing into the wee hours of the morning. I hope Nicole gets the #2 egg so she can adjust who she picks.

I don't think Nicole actually trusts Christine... she was just "undone" after Hayden was evicted. Of course, Christine had to jump right in with sympathy and try to be her BFF.

Nicole doesn't really trust anyone anymore, but as of right now, I think she trusts Zack a little more and they've shared a lot of info with each other. It's just too bad he can't seem to help running his mouth.

Kind of funny that Nicole has turned Caleb against Frankie by telling him it was Frankie 'forced' her to tell the Amber lie.

Sharon N said...

Noms are Donny & Zach, Frankie & Caleb
Haven't seen who put up which, but I assume Nicole put up Frankie/Caleb since she said she wanted to put up Caleb.

Zach called Frankie & Christine out at the ceremony and said he wanted to make it clear that he's not talking to them anymore!! LMA

Anonymous said...

WOW Its hard to tell what is really really going on. I hope Nicole see's through Christine and Frankie and sticks to it.
I do think that Zack is her best bet. I hope he starts playing a better game. He gets high votes for all his entertainment but its Game Time now. If Frankie and Christine go home I will be jumping for joy. I love seeing Frankie and Christine nervous. They should be. I am sure Chritine will continue to caress Cody's arm and lay all over him and Frankie will be doing the same with EVERYONE and of course saying I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUU at least 100x a day. Barf!!!!


uncartie said...

Frankie is the target. The plan seems to be that Caleb will throw HOH. He claims he will sit down during it.

uncartie said...

That should have been Caleb will throw the BOB and leave Frankie as the target.

Sharon N said...

The Plan should work... as long as someone doesn't get to Caleb and convince him he should play to win the BoB!!
For being "the mastermind" he sure is easily led... @@

Jean said...

If the plan works, Frankie and derrick will make sure Caleb goes home. He's prob the pawn for the TA mission.

Sharon N said...

Jean, Caleb is the player 'convinced' to offer himself up OTB. The big 'mastermind' is pretty good at comps, and can read people some of the time...but he's still a gullible idiot.

I just hope there's enough people to vote Frankie out, but there's still be the POV comp and Frankie will have a chance to win that... and if he does, Caleb will be gone.

Although, Nicole could go against her word and put Christine up (if Frankie comes down). In which case, there would still be 4 votes to evict Caleb (3 TA votes, plus Derrick will convince Cody to vote out Caleb).

However, if that happens, I think Derrick's cool facade with be blown for Nicole and Zack.

Now, if Frankie stays OTB, I'm not so sure Donny won't say "screw the money"... take advantage of the situation and just vote Frankie out. He's known for a long time that Frankie and Christine are both weasels.

It's incredible that Derrick isn't really on anyone's radar... except for Christine.

Anonymous said...

The only two people I am rooting for at the moment are Donny and Nicole. I do not care for anyone else in that house.
I truly hope that Frankie nor Christine make it to the final two. I truly could not take that.

Zoe in California

Anonymous said...

Geeeeeeeeeez! Whats it going to take to get rid of Frankie and Christine? Always some reason to go in another direction. First everyone wanted Caleb gone, now Frankie will dodge the bullet. I hope someone gets wise...S@* TA!

Sharon N said...

Zack needs to get back on his meds.
He just keeps running his mouth... even to his own detriment. He personifies that really old joke about the 3 ways to spread information... telegraph, telephone and tell Zack!

Chacha said...

I didn't even realize until this morning that I am out of the pool.
Last night was such a whirlwind I didn't even give it a thought.
Onto today....I really hope that Caleb does throw it and that Donny and Derrick do not try and flip the vote.

RBennie said...

This Team America twist is a definite thumbs down! Who's coming up with the ideas for the tasks? It certainly isn't "America". Hard to believe I'm saying this, but I'd much rather see Caleb stay in the house than Frankie or Christine.

Anonymous said...

I will tell you who came up with the last TA task?!! PRODUCTION.
They see Frankie is in big trouble and knew he would be leaving. No one likes Frankie.
Boo Hoo.....but CBS had his sister in the audience the last episode and they probably want her for one of thier network shows. Very fishy. Frankie already has had more air time than any other house guest in history in my humble opinion.
Frankie and Christine are birds of a feather.