Sunday, August 17, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Sunday - August 17

Now, that's good TV! Yup, uh-huh!

The aftermath of ZingBot resonates through the house. Oh, and the Power of Veto comp itself has put some on edge. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Zing That!:
  • Yeah, Frankie won the PoV.
  • But, did you realize his sister's a worldwide pop sensation?
  • I bet you didn't!
  • Christine is the most upset about what ZingBot had to say about her.
  • Aw, poor baby. Maybe she shouldn't be hanging all over Cody then, huh? ZingBot has her worried about what her husband, pastor and family think.
  • A little too late to worry about that. The damage is done. She's acting way too trampy for someone who supposedly has the love of her life sitting at home watching!
  • As a very non-touchy-feely person myself, all of this caressing this season in the house tends to make me happy not to be in there.
  • Derrick's zing was about his looks. Quasimodo? Hmm. The actual comment apparently was about all the attractive men in the house and then there's Derrick. Now, that's kind of mean and personal. With Christine, she brought it on herself. Looks can't be really helped. 
  • But Derrick's rolling with the punches. After all, that's how the dude rolls.
  • Frankie's zing was about looking pale because he's always standing in his sister's shadow.
  • Oh.
  • Did you know his sister is famous?
  • Zach's had to do with that (silly) gator chop clap he does and being unemployed. What's so cool about them? Nothing!
  • Donny's zing said he looks like Duck Dynasty but his social game is more like Suck Dynasty.
  • ZingBot told Caleb that he wears so much make-up that he's more like Beast Mode Cowgirl. Heehee!
  • ZingBot: What do you call a guy who wears pink, cries a lot and cuddles with men? ZACH.
  • Frankie's first thought is to put Victoria on the block after saving (probably) Caleb.
  • But he knows Derrick doesn't want her up there.
  • He then decides that Victoria is rather harmless (and most likely the perfect person to be in the final two with as she wouldn't win) and his focus turns on Zach.
  • When Zach told Cody that the viewers must notice how much touching there is between Christine and him (Cody), Cody said ALL the girls caress his hair.
  • @@
  • If I were in there, I wouldn't be touching him all the time.
  • The Cody/Christine zing is also bothering Cody.
  • Caleb told Derrick and Cody about Frankie coming up with the idea to put Zach on the block.
  • Music to Derrick's ears!
  • Christine kept crying and honking.
  • Cody thinks he'd stay over Zach but was worried he'd leave if up against either Christine or Victoria.
  • Now, I'd like to see Christine go. She skeeves me out on too many levels.
  • But Cody might be better to be against in the final two than Victoria. He's won fewer comps and only when paired with someone else (if memory serves). To me, he's kind of worthless. Not only that, but he doesn't even seem as good-looking as he did in the beginning of the season.
  • Derrick thinks that the ZingBot shouldn't have brought family (Christine's husband) into the zings.
  • While Derrick had been chosen to host the PoV comp, he didn't -- Kathy Griffin did. BB gave him goggles as a consolation prize.
  • Frankie decided he wants to euthanize Zach, not murder him.
  • Cody doesn't know the word "euthanize."
  • Oh! Hey! Maybe Frankie's a PROFESSOR! 
  • Frankie then made cruder remarks about killing Zach, but I won't go into them here. I try to keep this blog a PG level!
  • Victoria's worried about what fans will think of her after the show.
  • Heck, going onto the show, that should be a consideration. Many normal people wouldn't want the internet and TV viewing audience scrutinizing their every breath for three months!
  • Meanwhile, in other news, Christine is upset that something of hers has mysteriously gone missing.
  • Under the drama, Team America is working on the latest mission.
  • Derrick spent forever consoling Christine about her zing.
  • He really has a good heart. Too bad ZingBot doesn't notice things like that!
  • They're (Caleb) not planning to tell Zach he's going up until just before the PoV meeting on Monday.
  • Of course, things could change by then.

I won PoV and did you know about my sister?

Too touchy-feely!


Derrick consoles Christine

Zach should have earned that robe!


Witt said...

Hey, Christine knew there were cameras around, everywhere, all the time. No sympathy here.

Is it mean of me to laugh at Zingbot's zing of Frankie...."in his sister's shadow"?

meb said...

I hope they show some of Christine's reactions to Zingbot's comment. I want to see her squirm. What did she think people would be saying about her hanging all over Cody. We're liberal, but we still have some morals.

Anonymous said...

Why does Frankie have Saran Wrap on the side of his face?

Becky said...

Looking forward to seeing Zingbot zing Christine and Frankie.

BTW, did you know neither of my brothers is famous?

meb said...

LOL Becky...

Jackie said...

Derrick made a good point to Christine -- he said that Victoria is always touching him, but he doesn't reciprocate. He pointed out that Christine initiates and reciprocates and that probably doesn't come across well.


Petals said...

Good morning Ms Jackie & everyone!

Jackie - in all the years I've been hanging around your place, I can't remember you ever disliking someone as much as you do Crustine. But who can blame you - she is totally unlikable: ill-natured, obnoxious, lazy...just plain nasty. And the ZING only kept her distracted for about an hour or so, because she was right back on his bed later. @@
Wish I had a time-stamp for Derrick consoling Crust, I'd like to see her reaction when he told her she was actively participates in the stroke sessions.
Sad about the turn of things, as Zach is again wearing the target

Petals said...

I just read what Skankie said (thank you for not posting it, Jackie. It was reprehensible.)

Now I hate Skankie as much as I do Crustie.

Petals said...

WHAT!? Skankie said that Janelle never made it to the halfway point on ANY of her seasons??
Excuse me, you angry, little b*tch - Janelle was F3 in her first 2 seasons, and she would chew you up & spit you out!

Anonymous said...

If Frankie or Christine make it to the end it will be the biggest sham in BB History. Donny needs to pull out some serious miracles. Besides Donny, I find it hard to like anyone left in the house. Do I actually like Victoria more than the others, except for Donny? Maybe.

Frankie is disgusting and the way he acts and talks on national TV.
He knows there are camera's and he is still so vulgar and disgusting, horrible, bottom feeder, ect ect ect.

uncartie said...

Every year it seems there are 1 or 2 HG's that seem stunned when their questionable behavior gets called out. I never feel sorry for them.

CBS will have to bring in the CDC to disinfect that house after they leave. With Christine picking her feet and who knows what else and then touching everything and others that seem to not shower regularly,it's gotta be a freakin germ factory. Gives me the creeps just thinking about it.

Sharon N said...

Remember BB-13 Shelly Moore? How could we forget!! lol
She was always up early and on-the-move with cleaning binges. Did everyone's laundry, towels, washed windows, etc. The house still got disgusting.

But think how unique it would be to have BB bring in cast of OCD clean-freaks!!
Imagine all the bruhahas that could result from people infringing each other's OCD boundaries!
Sort of boggles the mind... LMAO

Lili said...


Not sure if you originated the term Skankie or not, but I love it. It really sums him up, may I use it from now on whenever I refer to him?

Not sure why the frat boys are going to get out Zach instead of Victoria. If Nicole comes back as HOH, puts two of them OTB. That leaves the boys with two votes, and Donny, Christine and Victoria with three. At that point, surely Christine will not continue to do Derrick's bidding and flip to really work with Nicole?

Sorry, forgot who I was talking about, Crustine will be a clueless pawn of the frat boys all the way to jury.


monty924 said...

Skankie said it. She never made it past halfway, either season, LOL. Duh, you idiot. She was F3 in back to back season and then didn't make it halfway in S14. They're all idiots as far as BB history. Caleb said Boogie never won. Bahahaha

TA mission is complete all except for Caleb (Amber's bunny slippers), Donny's Orlando cap and Frankie's eye wrap/scarf. Derrick got Zach's gator shirt early this morning.

I think Zach's a goner this week, but everything could change between now and tomorrow or on Thursday. I want him to miraculously escape eviction this week and then have Donny tell him AGAIN that his boy Skankie isn't his boy after all.

Judy said...

Jackie, I love your blog and have been reading it for years, although I rarely comment. Thanks for all you do!

That Zingbot comment about Derrick was really uncalled for, IMO. He's not bad looking, and he keeps himself groomed, in good shape, and clean (as far as I can tell!). So he's not a pretty boy - so what???

I'm really hoping that Nicole makes it back into the house - loved how she spoke her mind at the end

Rjm in sc said...

I am a Donny fan all the way

Sharon N said...

Judy, agree with you re the Zing on Derrick.

He might not have the 'tall, dark, handsome' looks of the younger more self-centered/egotistical guys, but being "good looking" is all in the eye of the beholder.

IMO, Derrick is not only clean-cut, but he IS good looking. And other than Donny, he manages to stay pleasant to other players... even as he stabs them in the back.

Derrick has taken the time to try and be considerate of other's feelings and, all in all, he's just plain nicer and more thoughtful than any of the other younger guys.

He's the type many people like to call a friend.