Sunday, August 24, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Sunday - August 24

Gotta know when to hold

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Card Sharks:
  • Victoria is seriously having issues with her wisdom teeth. At one point, BB took her out and gave her an IV. She's on antibiotics and they've apparently notified her mother. Not only does she feel terrible, she feels terrible about being shown sick on the show.
  • Victoria had passed out on the bathroom floor and was found by Nicole. Nicole immediately called Derrick to help her. Nope, not Caleb, Cody, Frankie or even Donny. She called Derrick to help without skipping a beat. That in itself kind of shows the reputation that Derrick has built in the house.
  • Derrick later tried to make Victoria feel better by calling her his favorite chipmunk.
  • It didn't work.
  • No way does she want to leave. But she really wants to feel better!
  • However, for a while there it looked like she might get pulled from the house.
  • Even when (possibly IF) the PoV comp would be held got put on hold while Victoria's future in the game was uncertain.
  • Donny didn't want the comp to go on without her.
  • In other news, Team America was apparently given the next mission and we had nothing to do with it. They have to come up with their own (worthy) mission, complete it and then America will decide if it was worthy of a mission accomplished money win.
  • Donny asked Derrick if he thought that keeping TA together would be enough of a task. In other words, keep Donny from going home.
  • Well, that would be nice. But I personally don't think all of America would vote it as worthy.
  • Of course, they were soon interrupted.
  • I couldn't live in that house with people just bursting into rooms without knocking!
  • Caleb said that if Frankie mentions his schools in Africa charity again, he'll say his own winnings will go to wounded warriors from the United States.
  • He's a bit late in saying that as he's already said how he's going to spend a fortune on cars and the good life.
  • BB has gotten to the point now they feel they have to tell this bunch o' slobs to clean the bathroom.
  • @@
  • (Hoarders anyone?)
  • Christine, Derrick and Frankie were the players picked for the PoV comp. I'm not sure if Victoria was even in the running for it although they brought her back to the house.
  • Derrick told Frankie that Donny's been throwing them under the bus and needs to go.
  • In a rare moment in which I agree with Frankie, he said they've been doing the same to Donny.
  • Oh my.
  • I agree with Frankie. I must be running a fever!
  • The veto comp was the hold/fold one with a luxury prize for the winner and two guests.
  • Nope, they can't leave the house.
  • In the HoH room, there will be a screening of the new CBS series Scorpion complete with popcorn and beverages.
  • Cody won and selected Donny and Nicole to be his guests.
  • Aw, ain't that sweet?
  • Nope, not really.
  • It keeps them from talking game while Derrick can babysit Caleb, Christine and Frankie.
  • Ill Victoria needs no babysitter.
  • Now they're all (even Derrick) back to thinking that Donny is more than a mere groundskeeper.
  • Much of the hours after the comp were spent rehashing the comp. Supposedly, once Christine and Derrick figured out Cody could win, they abandoned their own hopes of winning and played for him to win.
  • Derrick had a long heart to heart talk with Donny about life and the game.
  • He cried afterwards.
  • That's Derrick crying, not Donny.
  • He thinks it would sketchy for them (him and Frankie) to campaign to keep Donny this week when Caleb, Cody and Christine so want him out. Thus, Derrick is in a dilemma.
  • Frankie wants to create a Broadway type play for the TA mission.
  • Oh, geez. I hope not!
  • Lots of miscellaneous conversations, but little game talk.
  • Things aren't looking too good for Donny now.

I had to tell Donny what hold/fold means

Gotta know when to fold

One will leave this week

Caleb proves he's not a dim bulb

She needs to STOP caressing Cody!

Nicole talks about Hayden with Caleb

Is it winter? Is this a ski bunny?

Derrick cried after a long talk with Donny


Chacha said...

This is BB, when we vote in the mission I certainly won't vote about a play being out on.
I would love for Derrick and Frankie to convince the other house guests that Donny should stay and Nicole go.
I will vote for failure if it's a skit. That is stupid!!
Buck up boys and play the game hard!

uncartie said...

Monty,RE:My feeds cancellation. I was on the monthly plan. I only signed up because I thought there was a chance that Devin would snap ala Willie Hantz and I didn't want to miss that if it happened.

Petals said...

You KNOW production gave Frankie the idea for a "Broadway skit". Heck, they probably offered Frankie props & costumes! My thoughts? Frankie's agent negotiated a deal w/CBS that would allow Frankie to showcase his talents. Period. The affiliation of Ariana's label tying-in to CBS, the strategic timing of Frankie's "revealing" (right before Ariana opens the VMAs, which will air on MTV, which is a Viacom channel, owned by CBS!)
Of course they will do the Broadway Play. It's IN FRANKIE'S CONTRACT.

I'll be fully willing to admit I was wrong, IF they don't do the play.
Every year, the production manipulation gets worse & worse.

Sorry Jackie. It's just so deflating. go donny. die crustie.

Anonymous said...

Petels YES!! You have it right and exactly what is going on. Good for you for saying it like it IS. I read the two articles on Jokers, which are very revealing about BB from the beginning....end with this season that Zach totally took BB by surprise. Not that they would keep him or anything and it did reaveal the super nasty things that both Frankie and Derrick have said and of course it never makes TV. Anyway, good articles and I say shame on CBS, Julie, her husband and GRODNER. I know I will never watch again. I won't tune in next year and get captivated. I have already quit watching this season but I hope all this FRANKIE crap makes the big news and CBS takes some kind of big hit!! YOU SUCK GRODNER!

Sharon N said...

Unfortunately, I doubt CBS or BB will take a big hit over once again, having a loser season.
BB has too many viewers (like Donny) who have only watched the edited TV versions. Thus, the public will remain clueless as to how this whole 'show' has REALLY been forced down our throats.

uncartie said...

There is absolutely no connection between Frankie creating a Broadway skit and the release this week of his sister's new album! Nothing to see here...move along now!

Now about that bridge you were interested in buying...

Petals said...

Really?!? LOL

monty924 said...

I'll be voting a big fat NO

Jackie said...

Again, Joker's. They thrive on the paranoia of the fans. I can honestly see Frankie coming up with the idea because the idea itself is so him anyway.

I'll say it again -- don't believer everything you read on Joker's -- last week's Amanda win articles are but one example.

Jackie said...

BTW - You too could write articles at Joker's. You have just as much knowledge as the ones who are. They have no inside knowledge, neither do you. Every year I go through people taking things they read at Joker's as the gospel truth when you and I could also be writing our own opinions. All the articles are that you read there are opinions. And, like many, the more sensational, the better.

monty924 said...

I agree with you about Jokers. Anything I read there is taken with a grain of salt and I honestly read very little. I use it more for updates and flashback times for when I need to catch up on what I've missed. I always refer to the actual feeds when I base my opinions.

I'll vote NO on the mission because I think it's lame.

Anonymous said...

Its true that no matter where you read things including your local news paper, people write things that aren't true. But where there is smoke there is fire and you don't have to be a rocket scientiest to see what is going on. Please. I see what some of the former players of BB have said and I believe them.
When it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck ITS A DUCK!

Stormy said...

I will be voting NO to anything TA does except save DONNY. Hope others will do the same. So very tired of the Frankie show. Watching him showing his ass to the camera was the last straw. How much is CBS willing to tolerate ? Until we express our feeling about it I suspect the sky is the limit.

Anonymous said...

If Petals, who always seems so very fair and honest thinks something is going on, then I say watch out.
I tell myself that because I don't like the players this year except for a few, I am not appreciating production messing with the outcome. But I did love it when it favored someone I did like. And I did know it was happening. Its getting old now and way over the top. I hope that Frankie Grande is the reason for the end of BB. Because for me he is.

David said...

For me it will be a big fat Nooooo on the stupid play idea. It has been done in almost every season so it is not original. From what I can tell it will just be the house guests bashing the evicted house guests which they do all the time anyway. I wish production would inform them it will go over like a lead balloon and they should come up with something else.

BJ said...

I agree Jackie. Doing a Broadway Show is so Frankie and never believe anything written on Jokers till it is proven true.

Jackie said...

Believe what you want, folks. Last year some people believed BB set up the show for an Amanda win because she supposedly was a friend of Grodner. We know how that turned out. And, of course, those articles came from Joker's similar to what's coming now and the people believing it are also the same.

I have no doubt Frankie will push the show idea. But I also feel that's Frankie's way -- he wants to be a show spotlight.

I never 'hate' anyone on these shows. I grow weary of them, get annoyed by them or cringe about them. But, in the end, none of them are in my own personal life. (And I like it that way with most cast in these shows.)

I'm definitely not a Grodner fan. I really wish someone else would take over the reins on the show. Her ideas of 'good TV' often differ with my own. She obviously is agog with Frankie, thus the Frankie Show (not to be confused with the skit/play they might do). She's in tune with the ideas in her head rather than what the fans really want.

Me? I like brouhahas in the house.

Nickelpeed said...

I'm just so fed up with these people. I can't believe they would give people like Frankie, Victoria, and Christine more money over a good person like Donnie. I'm really perturbed. I will vote Donny as my favorite.

Christine is becoming obsessed with Cody. Please, how embarrassing.