Thursday, August 14, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Thursday - August 14

Up all night

Not that it matters because they're up all night every night ... but BB has them still up. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of the Undead:
  • What if Frankie danced and no one paid attention?
  • Heh.
  • Nicole is scared she'll get boos from the audience tomorrow. 
  • Poor kid. She won't get boos.
  • Cody and Zach tried to make her feel better.
  • Cody cuddled with her.
  • But, then again, she's female with a pulse. That's enough for Cody to cuddle.
  • When Zach fussed, Nicole told him that he (Zach) isn't cuddly.
  • Caleb, in his storytelling mode once again, told of a time he punched himself in the face and told everyone else he got hurt defending a girl.
  • @@
  • The boy is whack.
  • Cody joked that the show fans probably hate Christine.
  • Oh, it ain't no joke, son!
  • Well, I don't "hate" her per se. I don't ever "hate" anyone on any of the shows I watch. 
  • But certain people tend to annoy me, irk me or just plain skeeve me out.
  • Christine falls into that category.
  • Heh. Derrick has to do his work again -- both Zach and Caleb are questioning why it matters whether Donny or Victoria are targeted next week. We know Derrick wants to keep Victoria around for now ... for his own nefarious game interests. Nothing sexual, mind you.
  • Donny thinks he might be in a household of children who were stuck in middle school mode -- a new disease, perhaps.
  • Nicole and Donny talked about Christine always touching Cody.
  • Donny mimicked Cody's "baby-talk voice."
  • Donny and Nicole also talked about how good Derrick is at the game.
  • That's exactly why he didn't align with them in the first place, I think. He chose minions who will do his will and think it's their own idea.
  • And then it happened ...
  • A shot rang out! The maid screamed!
  • Er, no. Nicole saw a skeleton in one of the mirrors!
  • More ghosts/skeletons! 
  • The HoH room is mysteriously locked and the Diary Room won't let anyone in!
  • They're trapped together with nowhere to hide from the horrors!
  • Oh my.
  • Then the BB voice starting talking, most of it blocked to the feeds.
  • We got fish, glub, glub.
  • It was apparently listing off the cities (of hamsters or near them as it said West Orange, NJ which is near me but not that close to Cody) of the zombie apocalypse.
  • Rochester, NY, Athens, Dallas ...
  • "In the last twelve hours, 546 cases, 40% live feeders admitted to St. Gheesling Hospital."
  • I survived the zombie apocalypse! Yay!
  • Frankie tried to write the info down and BB yelled at him.
  • They're trying to get some sleep now.
  • But I bet it will be interrupted.
  • Oh. And Nicole is still the target tonight.

Victoria plays Jenga

Waiting for zombies

Up way past his bedtime

Is this necessary?


Anonymous said...

I say watch out for Cody, He's biding his time and when there are only 4 or so left he will make his move.

David said...

Anon. We have seen many times that that almost never works out. Helen from last season is a prime example. She kept saying we need to wait or the time is not right yet everytime her followers wanted to get rid of someone. Next thing she knew she was out the door because she waited too long.
If you have a chance, take out the power players before they take you out. Strike while the iron is hot as the old saying goes.
Poor Donny. Not only is he getting no sleep, but he missed half of the stuff going on. If this is part of the HOH comp tonight then he has no chance.

Terry is a Texan! said...

Really? The old face in the wall and mirrors ?
is Alison Grodner still around?

RBennie said...

LOL Terry.

Becky said...

Jackie, I dropped out before thanking you for hosting last night.

I think CBS is slanting this show for a Frankie win too. Do they not see how disgusted America is with hime?

I hate to miss out on partying with you guys, but if Frankie wins ANYTHING game or AF this will be my last season of BB.

Anonymous said...

Any female with a pulse? To Cody (for one), I guess that would eliminate Christine.

Anonymous said...

Frankie has his hands in his pants way too much. I agree that if Frankie wins anything or if Pandora's Box is made to order for him, I am D for Done with BB.
This season has been very disappointing and such a diss to the BB Fans.

Chacha said...

Production didn't do a good job last night in my opinion to make us Love frankie. If anything they slanted it towards sympathy for Zach.
Of course this is all my opinion.
I believe if Donny wins HOH that he would target cody and derrick.

Anonymous said...

I agree ChaCha.

It was really nice to see Nicole and Donny playing the game last night. I record BBAD and I fast forward through everything Frankie and Christine so when I saw Nicole and Donny I was happy to see them having fun together.

Zach continues to be funny. He is just having fun and I don't believe for a minute he is being mean on purpose. Its all for fun.

monty924 said...

Everyone should watch or listen Eric Stein's take on production messing with them. He was on Rob's Podcast last night after the show. If anyone should have a beef with production it would be Eric but he says exactly what I feel about the whole thing. They don't care who wins.

I loved watching Donny and Nicole playing Jenga and telling each other everything. So cute. Wish neither one had to go tonight but it will be Nicole. *sigh*

RBennie said...

After thinking about BB way more than I should be, LOL, I think its a shame that we miss seeing the aftermath of the hamsters time on the show. It would be a blast if they did a reunion show a couple of months after the show airs. I know I would watch. A lot of other reality shows do it, why can't BB. I think its a better idea than anything they came up with this season.

monty924 said...

I'd watch a reunion show too, RBennie. I like listening to former houseguests take on the show.

Chacha said...

RBennie- Monty924,

I have always said I would love to have the cameras on the jury house with more than the entrance of the new jurors.
That would be fun to see..

Anonymous said...

I just read that James Rhine from BB6 (the good 'ol days) has always said that after Grodner took over from Shapiro, that the show has headed downhill. True That!

The reunion show could have Caleb explain how his airport was shut down and the red carpet was rolled out for him now that he is a huge celebrity. How funny would that be?

Anonymous said...

If Frankie is evicted, we'll see a lot more from the Jury House.

Anonymous said...

Big Brother Gods: PLEASE send the viewers thier ultimate wish and get rid of Frankie in some unexpected way. PLEASE, WE BEG OF YOU!!

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Donny and Zach win HOH and nominate Frankie & Cody, Derrick & Christine. Would love to see Frankie go next, but I would be happy with Christine too. I'm not a huge fan of Derrick and while I think he is playing the best game and deserves the win, I would love to see how he deals with being on the block. I just want Donny to be safe for another week.


Sharon N said...

Bless little Nicole for helping Donny study last night's events!
Others trying to block their study session (Caleb, then Derrick).

Donny is such a creature of habit. He's got his bedtime and rarely waivers.
It's a huge risk and eventual downfall to literally sleep through everything at night.
He might have done better and gained a meager amount of trust just by being awake and involved (not acting like an old person), but he simply has too much trouble trying to 'relate' to all the antics, displays, and attitudes of those middle school 14 yr old kids.

Jackie said...

Becky - You said, "I think CBS is slanting this show for a Frankie win too."

I don't think you meant me as the "too." But I feel the need to clarify -- I don't think they're slanting it towards a Frankie win. I've been saying the opposite.

They don't care. They're pandering to him a bit thinking air time with him will get viewers (wrong!), but someone wins every year. Fans are upset, fans are happy. It really doesn't matter who wins to them.

jessica UNderwood said...

YES A reunion show!!!!!

uncartie said...

The Broadway bozo is still cranky about fans shouting for Zach. He whines:"He had ONE fan who shouted over the wall - let's not go crazy."

Well that's still ONE more than you!

Sharon N said...

Saw that Uncartie and it cracked me up.
His insecurities and envy are so obvious and obnoxious.

Anonymous said...

Just got my People Magazine for this week, and beware, it has an article on Frankie sister, and it even has a picture of him and mentioned him being on BB--WHY? that is all he needs-UGH-If he makes HOH again, hopefully not, I hope they don't give a copy the article in HOH basket


Anonymous said...

Big Brother wants Frankie front and center. Its much too obvious to deny. Julie was talking about "The Grande's" on the Talk.
She did not mention any other house guest. Surprise!