Thursday, August 21, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Thursday - August 21

Getting some pimples there, dude.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Hamster Hijinks:
  • Christine reported to everyone about her long strategy talk from Donny in the morning.
  • Sigh.
  • I guess Donny should know better than to talk strategy with any of them.
  • But, what does he have to lose? Really?
  • Nothing.
  • Soon the rest were sitting around comparing notes on talks with Donny.
  • Frankie took note that Donny and Zach's "stories" always match.
  • The conclusion?
  • Zach has been working with Donny either a long time or all along.
  • @@
  • Nope. While Zach has recently gone to Donny, it's because he was betrayed and shunned by his own friends in the game.
  • Oh, perhaps a bit of his own doing.
  • But, still.
  • Derrick told the others that Donny is the most manipulative man in the house.
  • No, he's not. If he was, he'd be named "Derrick."
  • Derrick and Frankie talked about calling Donny out -- "Are you Team America or not, calling us two the masterminds in the house?!"
  • Um. Well. Donny's calling it as he sees it.
  • And, they do know it.
  • They don't want the others to realize it, though. They need their mindless minions to lead to slaughter on the way to the final two.
  • Frankie and Derrick are also concerned about how much time Cody spends flirting with the two remaining girls in the house.
  • Is he building a secret alliance with them? Oh noes!
  • Meanwhile, Zach has accepted his fate.
  • He's all excited about getting out of the house, planning his outfit and thinking his hair is hott.
  • Yeah, it's a hot mess. But maybe that's just my opinion.
  • Victoria told Cody she's worried about Derrick getting closer to Christine.
  • She thinks Christine is "one of the guys."
  • No, she isn't. Christine, like Victoria, is expendable. As will Cody and Caleb be after they go.
  • Derrick told Frankie he does have a relationship with the girls -- he shmoozes them, but doesn't touch or carees -- that would be bad for his home life.
  • Too bad Christine doesn't realize that boundaries need to be drawn!
  • Donny is the only one not up as I post this.
  • However, it's been just old chit-chat forever.
  • I don't expect any serious game talk other than treading trodden trails (we need to get Donny out, etc.) until after tonight's eviction and the new HoH, returning juror event.
  • Yawn.

Creep Mode Cowboy

A good look, but I can't see

Plays with his "beard" as much as Donny

Flirts naked in the shower even

Preparing his eviction clothes

Ew. Now Cody's playing with his toes!


David said...

Unheard Zingbot Zing~~~~
Victoria~~~ A bag of Skittles has made more moves in this game than you have, ~~~~Zzziiiinnnnggg.

Cody has been threatening to confront Donny for daring to talk game to someone before tonight. I hope he does and Donny blows everyones game up. Donny has been keeping his mouth shut but he could really throw everyone for a loop as he has everyones game pegged. Donny is probably too nice of a guy to do it but it would be fun to watch.

Probably not going to be much feeds time today as all the production stuff will be blocked. Crossing finders and not played with toes for a good outcome tonight.

JimmyB said...

The show will be either preempted or delayed due to football tonight. (At least in the east).

Where I live: One channel is preempted; one is showing it at 1:37 a.m.; but the CW channel is showing it at its normal time. My suggestion is to look for your CW channel to check.

My feeling regarding Derrick: I'm certainly not going to blame him for playing an excellent game & easily outsmarting just about everyone in the house. Of course, everyone being kind'a dumb helps. Donny's the only other HG with some smarts.

...That's the game!

monty924 said...

Cody's a blow hard bag of wind. He threatens to confront someone nearly every day and to date has not done it once. Wussy

lynn1 said...

RE: Derrick and Frankie talked about calling Donny out -- "Are you Team America or not, calling us two the masterminds in the house?!"

Donny can call them out right back and point out they have put him on the block and have tried everything possible including the skittles vote and getting Christine to throw the BOB to get him evicted. Are they Team America or Not?

Anonymous said...

That is the one thing I dislike the most about Derrick & Frankie (well I have several things I dislike about Frankie). Just like when they got mad because Zach didn't want to go on the block and throw a competition. I'm sure if the situation was reversed and Zach was HOH I doubt either one of them would volunteer to go on the block.

Anonymous said...

It would be so fabulous if they would bring back two jurors. That would really shake things up and Donny would have some friends. Wow. I would love that.
Hayden and Zach some back and take names!

I hate when I click on and see Frankies face. I never want to see that face again.

Sharon N said...

I like to think that Frankie's complexion issues are a result of his rather black soul.

Lili said...

Lynn 1...great point about Donny being able to return fire on Skankie and Devious Derrick re lack of loyalty to fellow TA members.

Best case scenario...Hayden or Nicole return tonight as HOH. Seriously and sincerely work with Donny, put up Derrick and Cody, or Frankie and Caleb. But no matter what one of those four goes out next. Then next week Donny wins HOH and a second one of the four leaves. My preference would be Frankie and Cody both leaving.

Worst case scenario...None of the jury members win tonight and therefore none return. Derrick gets HOH, and then Donny's game will be 100% over. After that I just don't care anymore who wins, who loses as long as it isn't Skankie, he is impossible to watch, and he's on camera soooo much. Please BB, make it stop!

uncartie said...

Monty,You're so right about Cody being a blowhard. Remember week 4? He was HOH and had a perfect opportunity to backdoor Caleb. Instead he chickened out and put Donny up instead despite telling him right before the ceremony that he wouldn't. He then went on to whine about how his brother would call him a pussy.
He's coasted the whole game,never making a decision on his own,or coming up with an idea.

Meanwhile another "expect the expected" eviction tonight. Grrr

Anonymous said...

This is a boring season with no exciting game play. Everyone votes exactly the same. BB needs to give up the Frankie Show and come up with something unexpected. Where is the twist? Where is the unexpected? This is a boring season and Derrick is no different than any other. He uses his professional emotional control and talks way too much. I am sick of listening to him. He will never be any fan favorite. What ever happened to Pandora's Box, The Golden Power of Veto or the Coup 'd etat?? Do something producers. You have done enough for the Frankie Show, now lets have some action. Come back Hayden and kick some serious you know what! Gosh, bringing back two would actually be unexpected, but maybe BB is worried about losing FJG!

Anonymous said...


Petals said...

Agree with all comments...

I'll add that I have run the numbers in every outcome, and Donny cannot win. The "Bomb Squat" members on the jury out-number the others. No matter which a$$hole is in the F2, the BS-er will win. Sad, but true.

If it's any consolation, all the coolest former HGs (Dan, Janelle, Rachael, Hayden, Britney (BB14), etc) are 100% fans of ZACH. They like Donny too. But all of them acknowledge that Derrick will win the whole shebang.
As for afterlife of the show? Well, Caleb is the Jeremy (remember the jerk blowhard last year?). He will have his 15 minutes and that's about it.
Frankie may get a show like Rachael did - an online, once-a-week thing. No biggie.
I looked at Crustacean's husband's Twitter & Instagram, and he is fighting the good fight, defending her to the end, blah blah blah. They were married less barely 2 years ago...this won't last, BB or not.
See you all tonight.

Petals said...
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Anonymous said...

I want to produce the next season of BB. It would be filled with true excitment and thrilling unexpected happenings.
I will reach out to Petels to be head of casting.

It would be the best BB Season ever.

When I say unexpected you would not have to wait weeks for it to start happening and it would not quit until the end of the game.

No celebrities allowed. Only true BB fans.

Anonymous said...

Petals gave an excellent post on the follow up of "after the show".
Just hate to think that Frankie would get a show of any kind, but again, we can choose to NOT watch.
I have never watched Rachel's.

Cody is the supreme floater if you ask me, as with the others loving be able to look to and follow Derrick's lead and guidance every step. Like a flock, they run and turn to him for every approval of the next step and never think to not follow it. And everyone hates Derrick for it. I don't blame Derrick for summing up this sad group for what they were and are and taking command. Derrick should win for keeping this group of num nuts in line for they were all in NEED of direction and WANTED it. Especially Cody, he nearly had a nervous breakdown when he was HOH and never wanted to be in THAT position again...ever! What a puss, and yes his brother should be and no
doubt IS embarassed by him. Plus look what he is lovin' up too!!!! Ewwwwwww! And he goes for it !

I want Derrick to win, and yes Donny is the favorite and would be the fan favorite because he is a great guy. Just didn't play out that way.

Donny is such a great guy that IF he decided to blow up Derrick and Frankie's game , it would not be a blow up in BB fashion. It would be done in his soft voice with words that stated the facts to all that would listen and take it in.
That's were it would end and fly over everyone's head and be over.........considering the group it would be delivered too and Derrick's ability to smooth it over. So, why we will not see Donny do it. Because Donny is smart and will know when his game really is over and game O V E R.
He will give props to be played and go to the jury house.

Sorry so long folks.


Anonymous said...

It would be so fascinating if Victoria would pull something freaky if she were sitting in the end with an off the chart speech stating that she knew all along what Derrick was doing and just let him bring her to the end. She could say that she always gave advice to him too. This has been such a bad season it would be so laughable if someone really did have Derricks number and was able to convey it at the end. I know Donny has had his number but won't be able to say he had a hand in anything. Victoria could but I know she is not the brightest candle in the window. Oh well, always thinking of some way to make this end with a bang instead of hoooo hummmm!
Great posts by Petals and Dana.
Sometimes its hard to face the truth.

Nick said...

I like Derrick overall, but I hate how he talks about Donny to others. His whole "you're either with me or against me" thing last night when he knew Donny had him figured out was a have NEVER been with Donny! It annoys me how he always talks about Team America in his DRs and even says in there he is all about Team don't have to lie to us, we know the truth.

Anxiously awaiting the return of a HG tonight...but afraid it won't change much :(

monty924 said...

Tweet with pic of tonight's revive a hamster comp

Sharon N said...

That looks like one of those comps where they balance something.

Anonymous said...

You need to show a pic of Christine and tag it with 'Skeeviously, on Big Brother'. :)

All in jest of course. I only mention it because you always refer to her that way. (I'm not doing it to be mean, in other words). Anyways, was just a fun thought.

Anonymous said...

Mean??? Christine??? Look how she is acting on national TV.
She and Frankie are both what they call poster adults for bad behavior. They are both disgusting. Just sayin'

David said...

Monty, If I look at that returning HG comp right it will only be the 4 jury members playing it. It looks to me like a roll balls down a lane and see who gets theirs in the center hole. I would guess that we would then move on to the HOH comp with everyone, including the returning player except Frankie, playing for the HOH.
Not what I expected like last year with HOH and returning combined. It could be won by anyone if what I think it is it is, even Jocasta. Pure luck competition.

David said...

After looking at the returning player competition again, it could also be a variation on the cornhole competition. I guess we will just have to wait and see. =)

uncartie said...

David,That looks like a hand-eye coordination contest.

Delee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Petals said...

Anon 6:55 ~
Oh, please. You don't have to apologize for posting something negative about Crustie. I don't think she has any fans here (I could be wrong).

Jimmy ~ there are sites where you can view the live show at the regularly scheduled time. Twitter usually posts the links.

Thanks Monty, for the comp photo. I hope-beyond-hope that tonight is not endurance.

Anon 2:56 ~ That sounds like fun!

Yikes, I'm nervous about tonight.

Delee said...

Football on here at 7pm on CBS so BB not on until at least 130am tomorrow. GRRRRR!

Double GRRRR on 5th WV now. Dislike the smashed together letters.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine if Jocosta came back. She doesn't have a clue who is even playing in this game. That would be the frosting on this horrible cake thats been happening. Guess I will "pray"!

monty924 said...

Yes, I think it will be something like rolling a ball or tossing something. We will see soon. I guess the returnee might get to go into the general HOH comp... don't you think it looks like they will do this first and then the endurance? I can't remember what it was when it was just Brendon and Lawhan and Brendon came back. Did he then compete with all of them?

monty924 said...

I've got BB on both CBS channels. That's unusual for a football Thursday.