Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Tuesday - August 12

Who will I send home next?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Misery:
  • Nicole is frustrated and crying a lot. She says she's played a clean game.
  • She has.
  • But that doesn't cut it in the habitrail.
  • Nicole told Victoria that Frankie thinks he has her in his pocket because he knew she's infatuated with his sister. Nicole thinks Frankie did the big reveal just to get Victoria.
  • No, I don't think so.
  • I think Frankie did it because he was falling out of favor and he thought it would make him the star and focus once again.
  • Victoria is worried because Christine is getting closer with Derrick.
  • Ew.
  • Donny said that if he won HoH, he probably wouldn't put Derrick on the block because everyone likes him. (They'd be mad at Donny and wouldn't vote out Derrick.)
  • Cody really wants Donny out. Maybe not this week as he'll go with the house on the Nicole plan. But next?
  • A girl called over the fence that she loves Zach.
  • Christine thinks that's disgusting -- but then she said some people liked Evel Dick, too.
  • Um.
  • I would have found it disgusting if someone had called her name.
  • Derrick told Cody he plans to get Donny out next, then Victoria.
  • I beg to differ!
  • He probably said that so that Cody will think it's his own idea to go after Frankie or Zach and Derrick's hands will remain squeaky clean.
  • Nicole is still the target this week ...

More bearable without Amber, but still ...

Lies! Lies!

Still bye-bye is planned


Witt said...

I feel so badly for Nicole. She'll probably be GLAD to leave on Thursday.

Victoria really is in la-la land if she thinks she's "in" with the guys. NO ONE is in the with the guys, not even Christine (truly).

This is just like Brittany and the Brigade. Sad.

Who was the last woman to win BB? I can't remember...

tbc said...

It's really a shame about Nicole being called a pathological liar and all. The houseguests are just letting Derrick manipulate and win. I would hate it if Victoria is next to him in the end!


RBennie said...

I feel badly for Nicole too, but she really doesn't stand a chance. No one in that house has her back, so she might as well head to the jury now and hang out with people that she likes. I don't think Derrick intends to get rid of Donny or Victoria any time soon. He wants to be F2 with Victoria, and he wants to keep Donny around as long there's money to be made with Team America missions.

David said...

I just want to see some action on the game side of this. The little bit of action we had was more personal than game. We need a Donny/Zach or Donny/Frankie HOH next week to get anything to happen.
I don't like Frankie but he does see that if he does not do something soon he won't get the spotlight he so desperately wants and Derrick will get it all.
Zach I think would be more than happy to shake things up and take out a big player. He knows where he stands in the pecking order and that can be dangerous to the power players.
From what I have heard I don't think the jury members get to interact with each other that much as far as game talk. Just the weekly video and the big gathering at the end. I have never understood why they do that.

Chauncey said...

Witt, i thinkg Rachel (nobody gonna come between me and my man) was the last woman to win BB

Chacha said...

In jury they aren't supposed to talk game except when the video package is shown when new jury member enters house and also when the jury sits down for QA with final houseguests.
Rachel was the last girl winner. Not that I was a Rachel fan when she came back but she did deserve it in her season.
I want Derrick on the block! Love him but want him to see how it feels

uncartie said...

The main reason Frankie did the big reveal is that his sister's new album is being released on August 22nd. His current problems in the house probably factored into his decision to announce it now,but rest assured he knew the release date,and it was going to happen before the 22nd.

His sister is currently on a huge publicity rollout that was planned a while ago and seems destined to make her a huge star. She is everywhere,from an appearance on the "Teen Choice Awards" to one at the MTV video awards.

Anonymous said...

Who said it on Jackie's page that all the women should vote for a woman to win, if there is a woman in the final two? I SO AGREE! I would love to see this happen since the men always use the women....like Jackie said....as TOYS.
Patty Q

Anonymous said...

Frankie's sister's album being released now and Frankie's big reaveal. WAKE UP EVERYONE The Frankie Show is in full swing.
This was all planned longggggggggg ago.

Ed in Ohio said...

The Grande Big Brother Show.

Who is Ariana's Big Brother??

answer: Frankie J Grande!

Obvious Placement Promo/Ad within the show.

Anonymous said...

Remember, early on, when Derrick and Nicole were co-HOHs, their long discussion on whom to nominate? Maybe that gave Derrick insight into how Nicole could analyze the game and come up with viable strategy. With that knowledge, he may have looked at the other houseguests, and seen, with the exception of Frankie and Donny, what dolts they are. He may have surrounded himself most closely with people like Zach and Caleb because they would let him do the thinking, allowing him to take a non-player, ideally Victoria, to F2.

Following that pattern, Derrick should want to take out the smarter players soonest. They would seem to be Frankie, then Donny, then Christine. I look for a Pandora’s Box and maybe some comps (like the last BOB) that will shield Frankie and maybe (to throw a little monkey wrench into Derrick’s master plan) threaten Victoria.

RBennie said...

It will be interesting to see what lengths Derrick will go to to keep Victoria in the game.

kynn4016 said...

Looking at the winners past, first 6 seasons was split, 3 men 3 women, last 9 seasons...only 2 women...something certainly changed.

Sharon N said...

A few days ago, Victoria told someone (Nicole?) that she's smarter than they all think and that she only plays dumb. I think it would be hysterical if she ends up being everyone's Achilles.

Anonymous said...

On Jokers their is something to click on where you can see a plane flying over the BB House thats says "We H8 Frankie" I sure hope by some miracle he saw it. I know they heard the I love Zach outside.

Anonymous said...

Victoria may (just may) be smart enough to stay alive by playing dead. As far as game play, she now figures in only by her passiveness. The longer the game goes, the more valuable the harmless pawn might become to the forceful players.

Sharon N said...

Anon 3:00
Doubt any of the HGs saw that plane. If anyone but Frankie saw it and told him, he'd say they were being vicious and lying.

HGs did talk about the shout-out to Zack yesterday and Christine was shocked they loved Zack (and snide) of all people.
Of course, Frankie, being an attention-whore, can't understand why he's not getting ALL the love and attention from BB fans... like Production doesn't have the camera on him ad nauseam 24/7.
Oh, and he was completely baffled that those big NFL players didn't love him... because he loved them. @@ The players and management probably couldn't get away from his entitled little self fast enough!

uncartie said...

Funny parody of last Thursday's episode.
Big Brother 16: The Saga Ep.7

Anonymous said...

I hope Hayden comes back and really shakes things up. I hope Hayden outs Derrick. I think he might know he is running the ship. BUT FIRST (as julie says) lets cancel this Frankie Show and play Big Brother. Please.

monty924 said...

There are so many things that could happen to both Derrick and Cody's game now. I think both, but especially Derrick would have been better off if he would have been on the block before now. He had the votes to stay anyways. Now he and Cody are automatic targets for the block because neither one has been in the seat before. At this point, everyone is looking to get out the biggest threat and competition and that is definitely Derrick.

Dan went on the block early his season and survived. He played very low after that point until the numbers were down and he made good choices by getting in with Renny, Libra and Keesha. Derrick should probably thing about that.

monty924 said...


Sharon N said...

Uncartie, thanks for the link!
Will usually does have a talent for nailing everyone.
Somehow, I doubt that gay Will would care very much for the gay Frankie in real life. LOL

I've never understood why BB doesn't allow those in Jury to tell-all when they arrive.
It should be part of everyone knowing who did what to who, when and why! I liken it to only receiving some pieces of information in a courtroom trial.

Of course, if Hayden and/or Nicole are sequestered, it makes sense they wouldn't have the opportunity to discuss since they could be returning to the game... but why not the other HGs?

Sharon N said...

Monty, the only people who realize Derrick is the mastermind are Donny and Nicole... and that's only because Donny pointed it out to her.

The rest are numb-skulls. Frankie, Christine, and Caleb (to some extent Cody) don't suspect Derrick of anything. He's so nice ya know! lol Victoria is who Derrick would really like in F2, but Cody and Victoria could be a last-minute disposable exchange.

Of course, this is assuming they all get past Production toying with them, plus the big possibility of Production working towards ensuring Frankie the big win.

Any of them who would consider taking Frankie to F3 or F2 should have their heads examined.

David said...

Sharon, you are right about Will not having any use for Frankie. He says so in the latest interview with Rob.

Sharon N said...

Thanks David, I'll try to listen to the interview because I get a kick out of Will.
It will be difficult though because I can't stand listening to Rob's obnoxious voice.

monty924 said...

Thanks for the links to Rob's, David. I watched one of his podcasts early this season and have totally forgot to back and check him out every week. Tonight will be boring so I'll probably watch a couple of them.

Sharon, I'm not so sure that when it comes down to the nitty gritty that everyone in there but Cody will not target Derrick. They all know that everyone loves him, jury votes, and he's the ultimate competition if you want to go to F2 with him. I wouldn't even be surprised if Cody would cut him at some point if he's not on the block and Derrick is. Frankie and Zach will absolutely target him, I think. Caleb is clueless for the most part, but if Frankie gets power in the next couple of weeks, just watch him cut Derrick's throat. I think he will.

Anonymous said...

Right now, it seems like Derrick could take anyone but Frankie to F2 and count on the win, but correctly sees Victoria as his best ticket. The numb-skulls won't put Derrick up for a long time because he's keeping them safe while systematically eliminating better players. If they win HOH, they'll actually probably let Derrick tell them whom to nominate.

If Derrick went out, it would suddenly become a whole new, dangerous game for Cody, Caleb, Christine, Zach, Victoria, and perhaps Frankie. Donny would benefit the most.

monty924 said...

ICAM Anon!

monty924 said...

I've gone back to my pre-season/early season opinion of Cody. Nope, don't like him at all at this point. I think he's a skuzz bucket.

David said...

LOL, I was thinking about Cody after Donny mentioned something about him this morning/afternoon. He is interchangable with Victoria. I even think Victoria has done more than he has. He is just a pretty boy. So Derrick is keeping his two pawns close for his end game. He can make a very good argument agaisnt both of them.

monty924 said...

The only thing Cody has done in this game is be Derrick's point man. He has no real guts of his own and he's a sleaze with Crusty.

Anonymous said...

I understand about Cody, but I think he is one person that does not want to be mean. He is very good looking but hey>>>>BIG BROTHER keeps bringing these girls off the street in who know nothing of the game, just for their looks. FINE with me if we have a Cody to look at who is not mean and disgusting like Mr Mogul.
If its okay for the cute girls, its okay for a cute Cody!!!! I could care less weather its Cody or Victoria in the end....I just wish the jury would shock everyone and teach these players a lesson. Yes...I would be rolling on the floor. Except, Derricks daughter would be left with no food!

Sharon N said...

IMO, Crusty is even sleazier than Cody. She talks about her husband, but crawls all over Cody... sometimes while she's talking about Tim. It's not only uncomfortable to watch, it's disgusting on both their parts. I can only imagine how "Tim" feels.

I've seen conjecture that there's actually no Tim and that Crusty is really married to Cody. My gut feeling on that is... not a chance in hell.

monty924 said...

One's as bad as the other to me. Cody is a sleaze and goes in for the rub on Christine just as often if not more than she goes in for the rub on him. He was rubbing Nic's leg and Christine's head and back at the exact same time tonight. Like I said, skuzz bucket.