Sunday, August 03, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Late Saturday Night into Sunday - August 3

I hope Donny can continue to smile

Well, Christine winning the PoV isn't really the best case scenario. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Who Knows What She'll Do:
  • First, I need to get this off my chest. It's really bugging me to PAY for live feeds and have constant blockage when comps are on while the FREE (included in cable, etc.) TVGN at least shows the hamsters not in the comp locked up in the HoH room. Sure, I have them both. But I specifically PAY for the live feeds and feel that if any live feed content is offered, it should be on the actual live feeds if it's on TVGN.
  • <./ rant over>
  • Caleb and Victoria had a brief escape from their forced Adam and Eve togetherness for the comp.
  • But it was only brief. They're stuck together by the vine once again.
  • The comp sounds like it was fun for them. It was one of the ones they do individually, something to do with a zip line, trampoline and videos/pictures puzzles.
  • Nicole lost to Christine by only 30 seconds.
  • Victoria came in at the slowest. (And someone was REALLY slow if the comp took so long!)
  • Zach said he tried to quit three times and threw puzzle pieces at the camera.
  • For all his bravado, he apparently totally sucked at the comp.
  • He was the worst one other than Victoria.
  • Huh. Donny collects comic books. That makes him even more interesting in my eyes.
  • Of course, Caleb had to burst in with how his brother owns one of the first Superman comics.
  • I bet not. Those things are worth more than any of those immensely good-looking and popular Reynolds boys (just ask Caleb) could ever afford.
  • How did this come up? The comp was based on comics. They all seemed pretty impressed with it.
  • Christine quickly hung up the PoV necklace claiming it was heavy.
  • And she thinks she would do fantastic in an endurance comp?
  • Sheesh.
  • Cody and Derrick told Zach to work on getting Nicole's favor, telling her he won't target her, and staying as close as he can with Christine. They told him they're worried Christine might use the veto to save Jocasta.
  • Now Derrick and Cody seem to be faltering with their Hayden/Nicole alliance and thinking of working with Christine/Frankie.
  • Geez. Pick a darn alliance and stick with it, boys!
  • Their rationale (not the new alliance name, but the noun) is that while they know both Christine and Frankie are backstabbing them, they're higher on that alliance list than they would be trying to get numbers aligned with Nicole and Hayden. Cody think Donny would nominate him while, for some reason (heh), Derrick thinks that he himself is pretty safe with Donny. They're thinking of using the larger alliance until they need them no more.
  • Christine told Derrick and Cody that she isn't planning to use the veto and she wants Zach to stay.
  • I say, "So, save him with the veto!"
  • Caleb, that most desirable bachelor in town, asks his dates to dinner at Taco Bell.
  • @@
  • He also thinks he'll get more dates due to being on the show. Alas, he's probably right. There are some stupid women out there.
  • Zach kept practicing and revising his speech for the eviction plea.
  • I think he ought to work on his plea to get saved by the veto!
  • For all of his joking around, it turns out Zach spent hours researching at the library on what works and what doesn't for the casting call.
  • Yet others get stopped on the street. Go figure.
  • Nicole told Derrick that she's heard that Christine won't be using the PoV (through the grapevine -- not to be confused with what's tethering Adam and Eve together). If she does use it, Nicole still plans to put Frankie on the block.
  • Oh, that would be nice!
  • She said she's definitely NOT going to put Donny up. Good.
  • Christine keeps telling Zach she does want him out, but that's not what she's saying to everyone else.
  • That's about it for now. It's a LONG time before the PoV ceremony tomorrow!
Zach's fate may be in her hands

Not as cray-cray now

A gathering

The best-looking guy in his town

Really wants to be detached from Caleb

Might be in serious danger of eviction


Chacha said...

Nicole should tell Christine that she will put up Donny since that is who Christine wants.
Then do a blindside renom and put Frankie up.
This game would get really interesting if that happens!!!
I hope Hayden or Derrick consider this to Nicole.
I know that Nicole doesn't want to get people mad at her but if she wants to make a big move like she said she isn't afraid to do then this needs to happen.

Anonymous said...

Thats exactly what should happen Chacha~~Perfect timing too since I am sooo sick of the Frankie Show.


Anonymous said...

It is interesting that as disgusting, disturbing, bizarre, and annoying that Caleb is, he is still there and all of a sudden no one is talking about him. I don't feel like watching him skate by. Frankie is just as irritating so I hope at least he leaves this week with Caleb or Christine right behind him.

monty924 said...

Christine would have to take Jocasta off to ensure that either one of Zack or Frankie goes, and she won't do it. She's in too tight with Frankie and crew. ugh

David said...

Nichole needs to draw a line in the sand with Christine now or her HOH will be wasted as she says. She needs to tell Christine to show me you are still with me and pull Jocasta off the block and I will put up who you want as replacement. Then Nichole put up Frankie because she already knows Christine is not with her. Tell Christine if she doesn't she will blow up her game to everyone.

It won't happen but I can dream. She needs to do something to make her HOH count and I think she knows it. But will she have to gumption to do it? She needs to have a serious strategy session with Hayden and Donny.

uncartie said...

Caleb will get plenty of offers from women in the demographic group that writes to prisoners.
His one-ups remind me of Kristen Wiig's character "Penelope" on SNL.

Nick said...

I'm not liking where this is going heading into Thursday's double eviction. Derrick and Cody are leaning toward working with Frankie and Christine (how anyone could view them as more trustworthy than Nicole and Hayden I will never know). Looks like Jocasta is going out first, and then if Hayden or Donny don't win HOH, both of them along with Nicole are in serious danger of being evicted on Thursday as well.

Anonymous said...

Just a very off topic comment...
I was catching up on BB eps on demand and kept seeing commercials for the new NCIS. I have always liked Scott Bakula as an actor but I have to say this: his "Nawlins" accent is KILLING me! So, so, bad!!!

lynn1 said...

It looks like Nicole's HOH is going to be wasted. Her big move is being paralyzed by fear while watching Jocasta walk out the door. I am underwhelmed.