Monday, August 04, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds late Sunday into Monday - August 4

Girl talk and Hayden

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Friend or Foe:
  • Victoria and Caleb were allowed to shed the vine that binds them.
  • Oh. And they could put clothes on again, too.
  • But Caleb's hair is still gone. Too bad. I guess he'll lose that possible modeling contract!
  • Christine told Nicole that she thinks Cody is SO attractive. No wonder she's all over him. Doesn't she have a husband at home?
  • Victoria told Cody since she was chained to Caleb for 48 hours, she hasn't a clue what's going on in the house.
  • Cody told her that although he's a bit skeptical of Donny, he likes him -- but there are others in the house playing everyone.
  • I say, "Well, that's Big Brother for you."
  • Cody also told her he thinks Christine and Nicole are working together and have a backdoor plan.
  • Caleb fussed about being on slop. He's stopped fussing about his hair (or lack thereof) and has embraced that. After all, he's so good-looking that it looks good on him.
  • Cough.
  • Victoria said she would have rather have been attached to Cody.
  • Wouldn't we all?
  • Derrick reassured Victoria of his final two deal with her.
  • Say what?
  • Dang, he better watch that stuff!
  • Although, that said, Victoria doesn't really talk game with others so much and most won't talk game with her. So this pseudo-deal might remain quiet.
  • Derrick told Victoria that Christine can read lips, so he keeps a pillow near his face. Now, I know she knows sign language, but lip-reading is a whole 'nuther thing!
  • He also told her that Christine is playing the old BB game of planting seeds to make people doubt each other.
  • And that differs from what he's doing?
  • Derrick, Nicole and Hayden think that Christine might be a saboteur.
  • @@
  • Nope, she's just slimy.
  • Now the consensus seems to be that Zach indeed will be going home this week, not Jocasta.
  • Caleb misses Amber.
  • I bet Amber does NOT miss Caleb!
  • The guys are finally catching onto Christine and her lies, seed planting and attempted world domination.
  • They're not happy.
  • They think she'll really try for the next HoH.
  • They think it's probably a double eviction this week since it didn't happen last week.
  • They're right.

Are her days numbered?

Boy talk and Hayden

So ... we're being played?

But she's not all over him, Christine.


Terry is a Texan! said...

Does Nichole still think Christine is a good friend?
She is slimy!!! Slither snake slimy...yep...they all fit

Chacha said...

Nicole doe not trust christine at this point.
Derrick/Cody believe that Donny/Nicole are
working together because they word things the same.
They both say I can't nominate this person but can vote them out.
Nicole heard this from Donny first.
Very sad that Zach will be leaving but maybe they will bring him back
to cause havoc!!

lynn1 said...

The only reason I hope Jacosta stays and Zach goes is that maybe it will shake things up as far as voting goes. I do not enjoy seeing all the unanimous votes. I want to see people get blood on their hands. Personally I would love to see Frankie go instead of Zach but I honestly think even if he was on the block with Zach that he wouldn't get voted off.

meb said...

Girl Talk With Hayden
Boy Talk With Hayden.. HAHAHAHA Great one Jackie... How do you come up with this stuff? !!
And Cody's facial expression with Zack and Frankie in bed .. priceless.
I'm so over Frankie... he was good entertainment early nope!
Cody IS gorgeous..he and Amber could have been a shomance if Caleb had gotten out of the way... I so hope that Nicole doesn't waste this HOH... even if it's Zack going home, better than nothing... It's probably better for Jacosta to go..she's doing nothing, but it won't help anyone's game to send her out.. Getting rid of Zack could possibly start a movement to get rid of some of the players in the house who pose a threat.

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Reyra said...

maybe this is a good parts
will love this part
thx you

Anonymous said...

I am going to be very disappointed if Zach leaves and they don't backdoor Frankie. Lets make some moves Nicole!!
IF Zach leaves....I hope they bring him back. He is more entertainment than anyone on the show. Goofy or not!


~~Silk said...

Frankie's Survivor audition video:

He looks so different. He also seems smarter and more athletic than he's coming across on Big Brother. I wonder if that's strategy....

Chacha said...

I will be sad come Thursday.
Zach will leave but I am hoping that he will have a chance to get back in the game like Judd did last year.
I was so hoping that a backdoor could be done on frankie. It would have been a true backdoor...

Anonymous said...

Jackie, thanks again for another wonderful season of your fun and factual reporting of the BB house! I have been following you and your blog since you began. You are the best at this!!!! I personally enjoy Christine the best this season.
Cali Girl

Anonymous said...

NO!!!! I meant Nicole is who I enjoy the most, not Christine!!!! Christine is who I am eager to see go out the door soon with Caleb. #oops!!!!
Cali Girl

Anonymous said...

Frankie's auditioning tape is very revealing. His personal chef was telling as well. His video was very very professional. He is very desperate for fame. I find him even more annoying after watching the video.
My dream was seeing him out the backdoor. Oh well....don't they say never quit dreaming.


Sharon N said...

Agree Gia, that video was very revealing.. much more physical than anyone suspects (in the house).

Obviously, Frankie is not hurting for $$$. It's not cheap to have a full-time housekeeper, much less put together such a professional video. I didn't find the video particularly annoying, but we all know it wouldn't take long for him to become just as annoying on Survivor as he is on BB.

RBennie said...

Well, if it can't be Frankie walking out the door, I will settle for Zach. A lot of you seem to like him, but I find him to be mean-spirited. I'm still hoping for a Frankie eviction though.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that Sharon regarding him on Survivor. Yikes

Anonymous said...

I don't think Zach is mean. He is trying to be Dr Will. I know he cannot compare to Will, but its just game with Zach and he does laugh when he is doing it. Its a character. I know Frankie is also a character but he IS annoying to say the least. JMO. I find myself belly laughing at Zach and that makes the show much more enjoyable.

Sharon N said...

Well, POV meeting is over and Crustine didn't use the POV.
1st time it hasn't been used this season.
Watch it happen... Zack is going to FREAK OUT this week!! Gets a good "feel" what all the others have felt.

uncartie said...

Sharon or anyone,Who are the people voting Zach out?

Anonymous said...

I remain firm on the fact that Jocosta is a waste of space. She brings nothing to the table at all. I have no idea why she is even on this show. Zach is a game player. Why have HG that do absolutely nothing. Shame on casting for thier choice of Jocosta. Sorry. Guess I better go say my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Am I the ONLY one to be sad if Zach gets voted out? I am feeling very sad and disappointed. Christine better be out the door in this double eviction. I am shocking myself to say this, but I want her gone now over Frankie!! OMG!! :o)


David said...

Even though Zach is my pool boy I won't mind seeing him leave. Jocasta is the perfect pawn to take to the end because she does absolutely nothing. Won't get any jury votes. I would hate to see it happen but it is true.

As I read it at this moment: Donny, Hayden, Cody to vote Zach out.
Derrick keeps flip-flopping on it.
Victoria wants Zach gone but could be easily swayed either way.
Christine has told so many lies recently I can't tell if she wants him gone or not.
Frankie and Caleb to keep Zach.
It only takes 4 votes to evict with Nichole the tie breaker vote.

Chauncey said...

i dont think Zach is playing a character, he is being who he is. he even said himself that he was beaten up before for being a jerk.

Sharon N said...

Zack was pretty hard on Christine a while back, so I wouldn't be surprised if she wants him gone.
Makes sense that she'd want to get even.. if that is her plan.
As much as we hate to admit it (because she's not likable), she does know the game. My guess is that she is plotting to turn on Frankie soon too.

Sharon N said...

Even though Derrick seems to be flip-flopping about Zack, I can see him voting him out.
The guys keep talking about the voting numbers, but also know they are much more likely to win comps than Victoria or Jocasta, so they'd still have control.

Although Nicole can win comps, I think Christine has been sand-bagging and they all will regret not getting her (and Frankie) out much earlier in the game.

uncartie said...

Thanks David for your synopsis.

Chauncey,I agree. Zach is being Zach. 1st episode he was in he plainly said in the DR,"I'm gonna lie my ass off!" I remember taking notice of him because of that remark.He certainly has fulfilled his objective.

Much as I want one of the detonators out,I would prefer to see Jacosta go this week. I'm sick of her constant crying and she has no competition skills whatsoever.

Chacha said...

Finally has been announced on Sept 24. It will be a ninety minute show.
Survivor will be on the same night with a 90 minute premiere

Sharon N said...

That will make it a very busy night for Jackie!!