Thursday, August 07, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds - Live Show Aftermath Thursday - August 7

Zach went back to callous idiot mode

Yikes, what a hot mess in that Big Brother house of Shout, Shout, Let It On Out:
  • When the feeds returned, Zach was being an idiot.
  • He was yelling about, namecalling and generally being a jerk to Nicole (who obviously doesn't need his harassment after all that just went down).
  • Nicole spilled the beans on all that went down during the week.
  • Interestingly enough, I didn't hear her specifically point out Derrick or Cody.
  • Hmm.
  • But she sure threw Frankie and Christine under the bus.
  • She was saying everyone was lying to her.
  • Nicole is in tears saying that she doesn't want to stay in the house with Zach picking on her all week.
  • So, who comforts her in the Beehive Room?
  • Christine.
  • I can understand that Nicole at this point is desperate for trust.
  • But, geez. Christine convinces her that she herself was lied about and makes everything sort of hunky-dory with Nicole.
  • Dang. I thought Derrick was the master manipulator.
  • Meanwhile, Caleb is shocked he won a math comp.
  • All the guys were talking (except Donny) to Zach about calming down and he needs to stop being mean to Nicole.
  • No, they want Nicole out. But they don't think she should be treated horribly.
  • Derrick convinced everyone that Hayden and Nicole played them.
  • Then, after Derrick and Frankie left the room with just Zach and Cody there, the Voice of Reason entered.
  • Yes ... CALEB, the Voice of Reason.
  • He told Zach and Cody that a lot of what Nicole has been saying (about people talking to her and steering her and who wants whom on the block) has a ring of truth in it and to beware ... of Frankie and Christine.
  • When Derrick came in, he said the same to him.
  • Oh, my. Then Derrick had to scramble a bit.
  • He's back in the Christine is betraying us mode.
  • Derrick told Victoria that they're golden -- neither of their names have come up in regard to nomination possibilities.
  • Derrick also told Donny that he was good with him and wants Team America to go on. He said he's not as sure about where Frankie is on the deal, though.
  • The boys told Victoria she passed the test (the vote).
  • But you and I know she's not really in with the in crowd. She's just a number for them now.
  • Talk spread throughout the house about not trusting Christine and, to a lesser extent, not trusting Frankie.
  • Zach was told he needs to shut up more.
  • Christine hung all over Cody again.
  • Nicole seems to have vanished to a bed.
  • Donny hurt his ankle in the comp -- they gave him three Advil and told him to ice and elevate it.
  • So he's resting now.
  • They haven't been told when to expect the HoH comp.
  • Derrick says it sounds like there are 100 people in beast mode building in the yard.
  • They're on indoor lockdown, of course.
  • And, they can't get into the HoH room.
  • Caleb hopes he'll at least get a letter. Now, in the past, the HoH in his spot gets a basket and letter, but no room.
  • He's also begging BB to give him a slop pass for winning HOH ... especially in a MATH comp!
  • Wait, now Nicole is packing up Hayden's bag.
  • Be strong, girl!
  • Things have calmed down since the feeds first returned.
  • So, I'll get this posted.

Derrick is trying to control the fallout

Donny has to ice his ankle

Nicole is in shock

Christine slimes Cody's shoulder

Victoria thinks she's in with the in crowd

What do I do now? Zach, leave me ALONE!

Zankie once again


David said...

Dang, missed most of the bruhaha. Hope there is still a good kerfuffle going on when BBAD comes on later. This is the first time all season that I have regretted not having the feeds this year.
Guess that tells me how bad of a season it has been. lol

Anonymous said...

I just hope Cody gets away from Christine and that everyone else gets the drift of her lies. She needs to go. I fast forward whenever she is on the screen.
I do feel sorry for Nicole and wish that someone she would have been able to back door Frankie.
I am glad Zack was saved and I know he won't disappoint with his funny behavior. Its all for TV.
I still like him even if everyone else does not. LOL Its a game.
Love Zack, wise up Cody, and may the best man win.

Marybeth said...

BBAD is fishies...must be the comp

Sharon N said...

BBAD showing Caleb in the kitchen.
So, does he think he looks real sexy in that farmer get-up? @@

Marybeth said...

I would rather have fishies than Caleb unplugged!! Eeeeek I had to mute him.

JonMD1267 said...

Hearing Caleb talk to us directly has to be what it was like blasting music at Manuel Noriega back in the day TORTURE lol

mammaroos said...

They really need to shut him up lol. Hoping Nicole wins hoh again I really think she is alone with Donny in this game.

Sharon N said...

Your wish is their command!
Nicole and (yuk) Christine won dual HOH.

JonMD1267 said...

Looks like from what they are saying Nicole & Christine got HOH

Karen in Oregon said...

Woohooo so happy but I sure as heck feel sorry for Nicole having to work with crusty Christine lol

Sharon N said...

Especially now that Nicole trusts Christine. gag
I hope that will be squelched again.

Jean said...

Jon, lol. . . Noriega.