Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Monday into the evening - August 4

Still has Amber's bunny slippers

What's the buzz, tell me whatsa happenin' -- here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of It's Complicated:
  • Frankie is having serious digestive issues with his slop week fare. He's a vegan, but hasn't really been sticking to it in the house. Now with the slop, he's running to the bathroom a lot.
  • Aw, poor guy.
  • Jocasta cried ... again.
  • I shouldn't knock the crying. I'd probably bawl and hit the panic button to get out after a single day in the habitrail!
  • The biggest news of the evening is that Hayden and Donny had a long, long strategy talk. I'm liking those two together. The more I see of Hayden, the more I like the kid. He is playing a very smart game without making major moves ... yet.
  • Nicole, Hayden and Donny intend on voting out Zach as they consider Jocasta a number for "their side" and someone to go first.
  • Donny and Hayden think Frankie has Christine do his dirty work and they both use Caleb. So, they would love to target Zach because that will weaken Frankie. Once Zach is gone, it's a toss-up between Christine and Frankie with Christine possibly being the more "dangerous" person. They pretty much dismiss any gameplaying strategy of Caleb's other than dedicated to the original eight until he dies.
  • Hayden trusts Cody, but Donny isn't quite there yet.
  • Both would like Derrick on their side, but don't really know where he stands. They think he was the ringleader a few weeks back (he was) and now he seems to have stepped down (he has).
  • Both Donny and Hayden think they can count on Victoria moreso than Jocasta in the long run.
  • But she's not in their inner circle.
  • Hayden thinks Christine is a plant in the house.
  • What? A cactus? A Venus Fly Trap? Poison ivy?
  • Speaking of Christine, she's been flirting all over Cody once again. Now she thinks he "eats cute." I'm tired of her hanging onto him. Sure, Cody flirts right on back. But he flirts with every girl! She's supposed to be married. Ew.
  • Hayden wants to know why he doesn't eat cute.
  • I think he eats just as cute as Cody. Neither chew with their mouths open.
  • Caleb fussed that the girls never clean in the kitchen. So, they did and he supervised them while wearing Amber's bunny slippers.
  • Perhaps the essence of Amber transfers via osmosis into his body and invigorates him.
  • Oh noes! I used the word "osmosis" in a sentence with proper context! I must be a biology professor or a scientist!
  • Zach talked with himself, trying to convince himself that winning is the only option he has.
  • Good luck with that one, kid. 
  • Cody and Derrick are growing increasingly skeptical of Frankie and Christine. Are they bad-talking them as a cover for working with them or have Christine/Frankie drifted from the fold?
  • Derrick and Frankie think they should keep Zach in the house solely to use him as their go-for in Team America missions.
  • So, there's your brilliant game, Zach. You're down to the fool used for the missions of others.
  • That said, I'd prefer Zach stay this week for my own entertainment reasons. Jocasta doesn't entertain me. When she goes off on the nightly prayers, I have to turn to another cam. 
  • Uh-oh. Now Derrick and Frankie are talking if they smooth things over with Cody, they might have to keep Zach this week.
  • Dang, we won't really know until the eviction goes down. But I think it's still more likely Zach will go.
  • In the Boys Will Be Boys Department: Caleb found a huge dead moth and scared the girls with it.
  • That's where we stand for now. 
  • Oh! The online voting is up for feedsters -- I voted for peanut butter and jellyfish over beetloaf.

I'm not just a goofy guy

Donny and Hayden talk strategy

The pears are a cover

Is it bye-bye Zach?

Boys will be boys


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