Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Monday night into Tuesday - August 26

Walking the yard

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Misery:
  • Frankie thinks that Nicole and Victoria are "dangerous" together. He would prefer Nicole leave this week rather than Donny because Nicole put him on the block.
  • Frankie doesn't think Donny would put him on the block.
  • All Frankie has to do is convince Derrick that Donny staying is best for their games and the Team America deal. Frankie doesn't think America would have picked Donny for the team if he were a bad person. They (we) must like him.
  • Derrick, on the other hand, knows that Donny is the only one who realizes that Derrick's been calling the shots all summer long. Donny is the biggest threat in the house to Derrick's game.
  • OMG - These hamsters need to stop randomly yelling and screaming. I have to keep jockeying my volume up and down. They're going to scare my neighbors.
  • Donny said he likes it when "normal" people are on shows like Survivor so that fans can relate to them.
  • I agree. I wish more "normal" people were on Big Brother, too. Instead, we get over the top "characters" like Frankie.
  • Meanwhile, Nicole and Victoria grow closer.
  • Heh.
  • Lots of playing pool. I guess I'd rather watch them play pool than chess. But, geez. They should all be experts time the summer is over.
  • Christine, the staunch (and raunchy!) Get Donny Out Person, told Derrick she thinks Donny would win it all if he made the final two.
  • Derrick seems like he might be wavering a bit.
  • Only Frankie, Derrick, Christine, Caleb and Victoria can vote this week. Caleb will do whatever Frankie wants. Victoria will do anything Derrick wants. Hmm ... maybe the vote could flip.
  • They wouldn't need Christine.
  • But then Donny would be stuck there lonely and sad for yet another week.
  • I honestly don't think he can make it to the end. I personally wonder if prolonging his misery isn't the right thing to do. It's a wonder he hasn't gone bonkers.
  • Frankie told Derrick that he thinks the Diary Room hinted at him that saving Donny might be best.
  • They can't tell them to do things -- the hamsters will do whatever they want. But they can, through their questions, hint and plant seeds. Many of the previous hamsters said that they could tell be the questions asked how some of the things are going on the show. That's the extent of production meddling despite what you might read elsewhere.
  • We'll see. I just don't know what good it will do. Donny has too much opposition to get to the end. An endurance comp would probably knock him out second at this point (Victoria first).
  • Caleb (remember Caleb, the cowboy Eminem stalker dude?), said that if he wins HoH, he wants to put Nicole and Christine on the block.
  • So, Caleb thinks it will be Donny out this week.
  • Cody told Derrick that Frankie is trying to get him to save Donny.
  • Um. Cody can't save anyone at this point. He has no vote and there won't even be a tie-breaker vote as it's an uneven number of hamsters voting.
  • He has no real power at this point.
  • Victoria is getting jealous about Christine spending time with Derrick.
  • @@
  • She has a real crush going on there while Christine is a bit of a sleaze who probably will caress anything in pants. (Especially named Cody.)
  • As I get this posted it doesn't seem as 100% positive that Donny will go home this week.
  • However, I still think it's a very very strong possibility.
  • It would probably be a good thing for his psyche to get out of there. I can't imagine what he's going through being constantly targeted and being so different from the others.

Is she staying or going?

She has a serious crush, he doesn't

Cody, pool shark

Is it really that cold there?


David said...

Thats why you have not met the new upstairs neighbors Jackie, they think you are either a mass murderer killing people in the wee hours of the morning or really into slasher movies. LOL

Derrick seems to flip-flop on every nomination during the week. But he always ends up back where he started with who he wants out and that person goes. I have no doubt that it will be Donny leaving as Derrick would have to go against Cody, Christine, and Caleb's desires to save Donny and that would ruffle feathers. He knows where he stands and wouldn't want to make anyone question him and start to target him.

Sasha said...

LOL at Jackie's upstairs neighbors.

I'm not sure that Derrick actually flip-flops or if it's just him doing his thing of seeming to be open and consider/listen to each hamster but always deciding what's best for his game. I know he doesn't seem all that popular but I do think he's playing a really good game. What's wrong with taking good advantage of what you're given to work with?

The unanimous voting this season has been a snore but I'd rather have a group of seemingly nicer, or at least less openly racist, etc., people like these to watch than the miserable bunch from last year. Then again I hold a minority opinion because I have no issue with so-called floaters or whoever--if they get to the end, their game worked for them. JMHO.

Witt said...

Victoria does know Derrick is married, right?

I don't want Donny to go, but he can't win, and if he can't win, I want him out of that nut house to jury, where the people are at least a bit nicer.

David said...

=) I wasn't putting down Derrick. I also think he has played a brilliant game and will probably win. I just don't like him lying to the viewers about it. That could just be the edit from his DR's but if he thinks he can control what America thinks the way he is controlling the house he really is a narcissist.

I think last season could have been so much better if Helen wasn't afraid to go after Amanda. She kept saying it is too soon and next thing that happened is she was out the door. She held others back. If it wasn't for the comments made it would have been considered a good season. At least there were two alliances going at each other for a while and a snake in the midst for everyone to yell at their screens about. JMHO

Sasha said...

David, sorry--I didn't think you were putting Derrick down--my comment really wasn't directed at you. Several commenters have criticized Derrick because he got a "follower" lot this year. I should have separated or clarified what I said better! My fault :)

And I totally agree regarding Helen and at least there were some opposing forces last year. I was a Helen fan and was disappointed in her "too soon" issue. Thanks for reminding me. I tend to forget these people the minute the finale is over. Lol

Anonymous said...

Production tells Derrick to keep changing his mind on camera so the viewers who are watching this rigged show will think they are REALLY thinking of voting out the other person. So obvious.

Sharon N said...

Just a catty aside: anyone ever notice how bowlegged BMC is?
Reminds me of something papa used to say... "bet he can't catch a pig." LMAO

Chacha said...

I noticed for the first time last night when the boys minus Derrick were walking.
I wasn't sure if it was the way his jeans were resting on his cowboy boots.

RJM in SC said...

I hope Donny gets Americas Favorite Player. especially since Caleb thinks it will be him. And everyone else thinks it will be Frankie......because he is a u tube MOGUL.

Becky said...

Sharon, was your papa from the South? Sounds like something we would say down here.

RJM, not only is Frankie a u tube MOGUL, but his sister is famous!

That said, Donny has my vote.

Sharon N said...

No, papa grew up in Iowa and Nebraska, but a lot of funny things would pop out of his mouth. Some were even repeatable in mixed company! LOL

Petals said...

agree Anon 12:12

I believe in Beatles, tennis and my Lord, Jesus Christ. I believe in ghosts, the Loch Ness Monster and YES ~ I believe in PRODUCTION MANIPULATION/SCRIPTING ON BB.

~~Silk said...

The latest Wil Heuser:

Sharon N said...

Christine's constant inane cackle/giggle drives me up the wall.
Earlier, Victoria said something to the effect... how can anyone laugh 24/7?
She even giggles when nothing is funny. @@

RJM in SC said...

But I heard her say on BBAD when someone brought up her laughing all the time and she said she only laughs when something is funny!! Namely To her, that would be anytime Cody opened his mouth Lord, I hope her husband is watching and taking note. I would be so humilated if she was my spouse. Wondering about Jackie, she hasn't posted since Tuesday. Hope all is well with her.