Monday, August 25, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Monday daytime/PoV ceremony - August 25

He's got the power ... until he doesn't

Well, yeah. The Power of Veto Ceremony was today. Like much else as of late, it was predictable -- the nominations remain the same. Here's what other stuff happened today inside that Big Brother House of Watching the Grass Grow:
  • Derrick hopes his wife doesn't watch the live feeds because he curses too much.
  • He does. Mr. Potty Mouth needs to lose the F word from his vocabulary. That's a habit and he needs to break it!
  • Derrick is also thinking of shaving his little beard-thingee he has growing on his face. He likes the look of it, but it itches.
  • I can't imagine how Donny's beard must feel!
  • Donny did his morning routine.
  • Victoria says she's feeling somewhat better.
  • Cody is kicking himself for going over memory questions with Frankie.
  • After the veto ceremony, Donny pointed out that he's been on the block for most of the season.
  • Alas, I think this is the time that will do him in.
  • BB did him wrong from the get go by casting him as the sole older person, plus the country simple life background. He's had to fight to stay in the house from the start. If I were him, I'd be just about at rage stage right about now. He has nothing to do, nothing to read or watch, doesn't have a great social game although he's certainly a likable guy. He'll probably be personally much better off with Jocasta, Zach and Hayden.
  • Derrick told Christine he sleeps because he's bored.
  • She told him that she hardly ever sleeps and the house has made her realize she has a very active imagination.
  • @@
  • Christine being in the house make me realize that some married women can't keep their hands off men who aren't their husbands!
  • I guess I already knew that.
  • She just reinforces it.
  • Victoria told Nicole that she's heard talk that Donny will be the target.
  • Sigh. Yes.
  • Derrick told Frankie he thinks their skit was good enough for the Team America mission.
  • While I'd like Donny (and even Derrick) to grab another 5k, I don't think so.
  • Of course, I don't want Frankie to get another 5k. I'd rather he just vanish from my monitor and my TV screen. Y'know, get abducted by aliens or something. Poof! Where'd he go?
  • I'd like that.
  • Christine also confirmed to Nicole that she's voting to keep her -- she's wanted Donny out since the first week.
  • Victoria really worked to make a tofu dish for Donny and Nicole (Have Nots) to eat. They liked the flavor, but she couldn't do anything about the texture.
  • Donny likened tofu to the suet you hang on trees for the birds.
  • Lots of napping going on.
  • Well, except Christine. She's always awake, always thinking, always creeping me out.
  • Nicole hates being on slop and tofu. She doesn't want to eat. Donny told her she must force herself because the next comp could very well be "the wall." (Endurance.)
  • YAWN.

Jury house would be better, really.

Cooking with Victoria

Time for a rummage sale

Cody won't let Frankie sleep in HoH


monty924 said...

Agree with Witt on the previous post.

Anonymous said...

So glad Cody at least has the backbone to keep Frankie out of his HOH bed.

Anonymous said...

Please vote for Donny as America's Favorite!

Becky said...

"Cody won't let Frankie sleep in HoH"

Good for him. I WILL be voting for Donny as A-F. Wait until the house hears the cheers that go up for Donny when he leaves.

I am so sick of this season.

Anonymous said...

I hope "BBTooms" yells over the fence again and really gives it to Frankie/Christine. Make sure they hear it! Good job so far.

Petals said...

You have my sympathy Jackie, for having to watch this torpid, mind-numbing B.S. this week.

The best thing about your report is that Cody didn't allow Skankie to sleep in the HOH. Finally!

The latest is that Derr & Skank are thinking of keeping Donny. But I think that is a production-fed line, just to keep ALL of us from turning-OUT!
*over this*

Jackie said...

I doubt it came from production. Frankie has wanted to keep Donny over Nicole all along. He's been trying to talk Derrick into it.

Anonymous said...

This show is all about production now. They can't even manage to come up with a Pandora's Box or Diamond Power of Veto or a Coup 'd etat to balance this mess. Production is really failing because its DONNY who the fans love and the fans don't just dislike Frankie and Christine they are more than disgusted by them. BB is a total mess this season and should be ashamed. Derrick is no great player either.
He has these mindless goof balls that don't even know they are playing a game. Its amazing to me.

Sharon N said...

Cody says he's gonna miss Nicole when they get out.
Donny: You can probably find some married woman in Jersey to play with.

monty924 said...

I doubt it will flip, but if it does then Donny lives another week. Donny needs to make deals at this point and he just isn't doing it. Or maybe I've missed something.

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

One and two week deals used to be the staple in this game and even then at this point you can break it like Dan did with Ollie, LOL. Not this year! *heavy sigh*

Anonymous said...

Jackie I appreciate everything you do. Thanks for keeping up with the blog.

monty924 said...

I think operation Save Donny is on :)))

Anonymous said...

How's this for a twist? If "America" votes for it, when numbers are equal in the BB and Jury Houses, everybody switches.