Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds overnight into Tuesday - August 19

Christine: Is this my best side?

It's not a happy-go-lucky habitrail for some hamsters. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Dead Man Walking:
  • Frankie was told that Christine's stuffed bear didn't count for the Team America mission. So, they stole a pair of her shoes.
  • They think everyone was involved in patrols at one point or another, except Zach because the blame was pinned on him.
  • They're wrong!
  • Zach was in the first patrol with Derrick! I have photographic proof!
  • Thankfully the mission was going on or the live feeds the last few days would suck (as Nicole would say).
  • Frankie and Christine forget quickly that they were recent targets. 
  • They should become targets once again!
  • Frankie, in particular, has been outright cruel about Zach.
  • Meanwhile, Zach has been finding places to be alone and sit quietly for hours on end.
  • How un-Zach-like!
  • Caleb tried spying on a Donny/Derrick conversation which was innocuous to begin with -- Derrick had asked Donny what he was going to spend any money he got from BB on and Donny went into his Lasik eye surgery bit. He's said it before.
  • They called out Caleb the Creep Mode Cowboy.
  • Frankie, working on jury votes, told Victoria he had no jury votes.
  • Good.
  • I hope it stays that way.
  • Frankie keeps telling Zach how much he likes him and then turns around and says evil things about him to everyone else.
  • Christine continues to caress Cody despite how upset she was that the ZingBot called her out on it (as a married woman).
  • Victoria took her pink hat back from Zach.
  • He's not a happy camper about it. "You're doing this just to piss me off! You're never going to wear it!"
  • He thinks all the guys' caps are too big for his head and he feels horrible without a hat.
  • Well, he has a point. I don't know what goes on with that dude's hair, but it does need to be covered.
  • Zach has decided he hates Victoria.
  • Victoria has decided she hates Zach.
  • And so it goes.
  • Both should be more leery of Frankie and, to a lesser extent, Christine.
  • They're the ones who will stab them in their backs more quickly than each other would!
  • Zach looked all over for the hat.
  • Victoria had said she was going to cut it up and give to him as he leaves on Thursday.
  • Oh, she didn't tell Zach that, though!
  • She told Zach that production is already aware that there is a situation and he cannot damage any of her property.
  • After an indoor lockdown ended (someone outside the fence was yelling earlier), Zach and Derrick talked. Similar to his talk with Donny yesterday, he told Derrick if there's anything he can do to help him in the game, he'll do it.
  • After all, he's going out on Thursday anyway.
  • But, to quote a Stephen King line, I say: "Sometimes they come back."
  • We'll see.

Alone in the Have Not room

All those suds can't clean his soul

Alone in the bathroom

Apparently feeling better

Alone pre-hat retrieval


Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me how much the HG's make each week that they stay in the house?

David said...

Jackie answered that. Here is what she said, I don't know myself.

"For years the weekly stipend was $750. In the last few seasons it went up to $1000/week from what I've heard. Now, I may be mistaken, but I seem to recall one of this season's hamsters referring to $1200/week."

I think they also continue to get the same amount while in the Jury house. That's why everyone wants to make jury as first goal.

David said...

I really wish Zach could find a way to flip the vote. I would much rather see Cody gone. And Zach is my pool boy also. =)
Without Cody there, Christine might wake up from her delusions that she is one of the cool kids and realize where she stands in the house if she is truly a fan of the show.
As much as I don't like the way Frankie and Christine are and act, they would be the only hope Donny has of going much further. I think they are the only two who would be willing to flip. Maybe if Hayden comes back something can be done to finally have an opposing alliance and some action happen against the runaway train that is Derrick.

Witt said...

Random thought: How does everyone stand being nice to the others when some of the other houseguests are so mean to them?

Also, why do they hug goodbye when everyone has just said they voted for them to leave?

I think I would walk out with a hug for my (probably) one ally and then beat it.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I have a feeling that if Zach is the one to come back in the house, Frankie will try to make him believe that was the plan all along. That they voted him out because they knew he could beat the others. Then I'm sure Frankie will be all over him again and try to make everything shiny and happy. I'm kind of glad that Zach is being calm, but I feel like he will cause drama on the live show. I just hope he keeps his focus because I would love to see him come back, win HOH and be the one to send Frankie home.

Chacha said...

I just want the rule to change that the one juror who comes back in the house is the one to become HOH or have a week of safety!!!
I just don't want to see Jocasta back in the house. For that matter I really don't want to see Nicole either.I would like it to be Zach or Hayden. I just hope that Zach spills info during the HOH comp..

Anonymous said...

Hayden seems to know whats up in the house, at least to a certain point and he can win at challenges, so I hope he comes back and wins big. He knows that everyone is a liar. Zach keeps being drawn back in by Frankie and Frankie is the DEVIL> This is not the FJG Show and all he does is try and promote himself and its WRONG. GO HAYDEN.

Anonymous said...

Why oh Why? I hope Zach finds out the truth and how horrible Frankie talks about him. I do not believe for one second that FJG, the horrid human, will give Zach the time of day when the show is done. Don't forget, he has mentioned how he is never around normal people. Well Mr Pukeface, NO NORMAL PEOPLE WANT TO BE AROUND YOU.

Petals said...

I LOVE the fence yeller. Here is exactly what was said (at 10:19am)

"We hate you Beastmode Cowboy"
"Zack - we love you!"
"Frankie - you are disgusting!"

Zach, in an effort to buy a little love, insisted that the yeller professed love for all of them, but Skankie & Caleb were hesitant; it was very clear what was said!

Zach has topped Donny in the popularity polls. Of course, Caleb, Skankie & Crustacean are the bottom. (I'm sure Skankie doesn't mind being 'on bottom')

It will be hard to say G'Bye to my Zachey this week, but I know he'll be OK. He is one of the few HGs who are NOT on the show to jumpstart a career in show biz @@.
And maybe he'll be the one who comes back!

Anonymous said...

Petals~~Thank you for sharing what was said over the fence. I just hope they do know what exactly was said. At least that would knock FG down a few notches. Maybe. Well...probably not, but at least he knows how people love Zach. After all the bad things he has said about Zach, you gotta love it.
I wish Zach would get a clue and come up with something. I enjoy him.


Petals said...

Caleb, after the hate shout, got very quiet. Then after a brief mourning period for his popularity, he was the old, obnoxious douchebag again saying,"I'm going to do Bachelor next"
"Wait, what about Survivor?" asked Crustie. "Which one will you do first?"
"Whichever comes first"
He flexed, then continued, "Me -n- Frankie are gonna do Amazing Race. We'll crush it. Hell, we could smash that blindfolded"

RBennie said...

Am I really the only one who thinks that Zach is getting what he deserves? He thought it was uproariously funny when every other person that left got blindsided. Why is it not funny now? Don't get me wrong, I would much rather see Derrick, Frankie or Christine walk out the door on Thursday, but Zach is not a bad substitute.

Sharon N said...

RBennie, I can't help feel the same way about Zack.
Mine is kind of a love/hate though.
I love that he's so entertaining, but hate that he's been so mean-spirited with others.
And now he's getting his comeuppance.

Victoria is turning into quite the little Bioch right now. It IS her pink hat, so she can do whatever she wants to it. However, she's trying her level best to push Zack into doing something that will get him thrown off the show, and makes it plain that she hopes in trouble with the law as well. @@

Yeah, I get it that the paranoia is happening, but there has to be something [on a very basic level] wrong with most of these people because the majority actually enjoy being nasty mean WAY too much.

Shannon said...

Did you know that during the Creep Mode Cowboy incident Frankie was in the backyard (cam 1/2 4:44ish) calling Nicole the disgusting "C" word. I didn't like him before he lost any possibility for me to ever recant that.

Sharon N said...

Shannon, everything about Frankie is disgusting. There's NO saving grace about him.

Anonymous said...

Frankie, single handed, has taken this show to a new low. As in bottom of the barrell. Why does CBS, production, and the likes continue to gear the show so he can promote himself. He is always on camera. There are other people to film. They don't have to constantly let him do his auditioning, branding. I am so sick of him and that Nicole remark needs to be out there for everyone to hear. We don't need that poster boy for bad behavior being saved over and over.

Petals said...

Skankie is living proof over every gay man stereotype.
We all watch Survivor, right? We remember Caleb Bankston (R.I.P) - he was a completely likable, friendly, hard-working guy, happy-t-meet-ya, supportive of his boyfriend, the fey Colton.

I am not slamming gay people, not in any way. One of my closest friends is gay. He isn't a vulgar, little biotch, like Skankie.

Skankie is a sneaky, vulgar, narcissistic, mean-spirited little rag. He is an embarrassment to other gay men. Much as Caleb is an embarrassment to other good ol' Southern boys.

Anonymous said...

Dsvid, Thanks for the $ info!

Anonymous said...

What I am feeling right now is that I am some kind of fool. I feel embarrassed that I continued to watch BB even after the first few weeks of The Frankie Show. I no longer watch, but feel taken advantage of. Its my choice to walk away but I do continue reading Jackie's blog to see what is happening. It is mind blowing that Frankie is still there. If he and Christine were to leave I would tune in the see the end. If not I know I can't complain if I even keep reading about these horrible adventures in the House of Frankie.
Shame on me. I used to really look forward to BB.

uncartie said...

BB was always my guilty little pleasure. It's the only reality show I watch with the exception of a couple of seasons of The Apprentice up until the cast member I was following was fired.
Now it has become a chore to watch.

Petals said...

Anon 4:55 & uncartie ~

Well, look at it a different way:
Every season, there are a few people in the house who are only there to launch a career in to something else (e.g., Caleb, Skankie, Amber).
And part of the FUN is the few weeks following the finale: none of these people have done jack sh*t! They are forgotten, relegated to the "used" bin & the "where are they now" file. So that is kinda fun, seeing their delusions of grandeur turn to ash.

Keep watching. Watch to root for Donny. Send him luck vibes.

Anonymous said...

Zach as been at the top on the ratings at Jokers so I'm not the only one who enjoys him. There is just something about him I find hilarious. He doesn't have good game, but he is the kind I like to watch on BB. He and Donny are both at the top and if there was any possible way for them to both stay to the end I would love it. Oh, maybe our friends could yell out some suggestions tonight when they are playing pool.

Anonymous said...


You are very well spoken and you are a voice of reason. I am going to be rooting for Donny and will pray for the eviction of several. What happened to the Coup 'd etat? Golden Veto? Pandora's Box? We need some help here. Smile*

monty924 said...

The season is far from over. For all we know Zach could come right back in. I think I'd Hayden, but Zach would be okay too.

Victoria is being such a baby with this hat thing. She's on my ignore list now.

BJ said...

Donnie is a sweet kind man but if the house was full of Donnie types it would be boring. JMO.
I don't happen to like many of the others but they keep me watching to hopefully see them ousted.

Anonymous said...

I am all for Hayden coming back and don't forget he was the only guy who talked to Donny all the time. Hayden and Donny would be together outside every morning.

uncartie said...

Petals,I do like Donny and if he goes,I go.

Every year by this point in the game I hate someone. This year I don't. I don't like Frankie and his overacting while following the cameras is annoying but it's not his fault that production cast him.
Every week it's a unanimous vote. (yawn) and the whole cast has been one big happy family all year....boring!

Petals said...

Oh, I agree uncartie! This 'unanimous' evictions is ridiculous. I loved Donny to begin with, but when I saw him cry because of those a$$hats, it broke my heart.
I hope beyond hope that there will be a twist that saves Donny.

Sasha said...

RBennie and Sharon N - for what it's worth, I agree regarding Zach. I still think he is mean spirited in his "humor" which just ruins it for me. He's a perfect example, IMO, of a kid who has no perspective and is nearly gleeful as long as the misfortune is not his own. He may turn out to be a fine person if or when he ever matures but on this show he's just a mean spirited goofy frat boy type.