Monday, August 04, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Power of Veto Meeting Results - August 4

Donny can swim the rest of the week

Christine did NOT use the Power of Veto to save either nominee. It sounds like it will most likely be Zach going out the door on Thursday. Well, he'll be followed by someone, but he doesn't know that. (Double eviction!)

Still on the block

Still on the block


Chacha said...

Zach leaves first and then who knows.
The finally is on the 24th of Sept.
I was working the math and they wont need to bring a jury member back in and still have the three on finale night.
I hope one competes to come back in though. That would be fun!!

David said...

If Donny survives Thursday he said he is going to shave his beard off. That will be so strange to see him like in those pictures of him.

People I would like to see leave after Zach on Thursday is: Christine, Frankie, Caleb, Derrick, Jocasta, Victoria. Can we have a group eviction? =)
I really hope Donny or Hayden wins the short HOH Thursday.

Anonymous said...

I think from previous pictures of him it's probably part of BB to shave it!

lynn1 said...

David,, I am on board with you about who I hope to see leave with Christine or Frankie at the top of my list.
I would especially like to see Hayden win HOH because I think he would put Christine or Frankie up and then work to backdoor the other one if need be.
I love Donny but he isn't ready to make bold moves yet.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope Jocosta and Victoria don't float to the end. Jocosta doesn't do anything for the show, nothing around the house, she is the queen of floaters, at least Victoria talks.
Get rid of of Christine and Frankie first. I can't stand Caleb but he will always be a target.

Anonymous said...

Is there anyone out there that likes Derrick? All I hear is Donny Donny Donny. Yes he is a funny looking guy who is sweet and differnt OK! But, Derrick is a great guy. Has and continues to play a great game. Especially if he can pull off staying alive in what's going on now. It looks like his numbers are dwindling for sure. But, are is there anybody but me out there that like Derrick?


Sharon N said...

Dana, I've liked Derrick and his game. He's a cool customer and stays low-key. He's built several alliances, but he's only loyal to himself.

Everyone is so focused on how 'dangerous' Donny is (lol) that they are mostly looking right past Derrick.

monty924 said...

I love Derrick, but for my entertainment dollars, he's not at the top of my list. Donny and Zach are. I've said many times that Derrick is going to win this season because he's managed his game so well, but he's not invincible. None of them are. It only takes one of them to make a really gutsy BIG move to get him out of there.

Anonymous said...

I like Derrick too!
I like Donny ok, but he's not who I'm rooting for at all. I really like Derrick, Hayden and Cody.
As long as it's not Frankie, Christine or Jocosta.

Sharon N said...

Derrick giving Frankie a "Derrick beard.... Frankie has beard-envy? LMAO

Sharon N said...

BMC is like the proverbial 5th wheel.
Everyone outside having fun and nobody talking to him. He's just sitting there like a bump on the pickle he doesn't like. LOL