Sunday, August 31, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Saturday Night into Sunday - August 31

Always thinking

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Stop Singing:
  • For those of you without the live feeds, every time the hamsters sing, BB yells at them and the feeds cut to the fish cam/theme music. That's because it's considered copyright violations as they broadcast the music over the internet without paying for the privilege.
  • Yet, Frankie and Caleb in particular, keep bursting into song. Sometimes it's Victoria.
  • Hey, hamsters! This ain't Big Brother the Musical! Knock it off!
  • Usually I'll be watching an interesting (for this season) conversation on one of the group of two feeds roughly on the same thing. Then, unbeknownst to me, someone starts singing on the other two cams. Wham, I'm shut down, too!
  • That's another live feed gripe I have -- although we have four camera feeds, we actually only have two. Two cameras are always on different views of the same room, yard, etc. Sometimes it would be nice to truly have four cameras going on four different rooms, etc. Not so much now that there are so few hamsters, but ...!
  • Okay, off my soapbox and onto the happenings.
  • Apparently for being the first out of the PoV comp, Cody has to wear a dragon costume.
  • Roar.
  • Nicole thinks she would have done better if she had some sort of support upon her return to the house.
  • Of course. She's not a good lone wolf.
  • Derrick reassured her that he meant what he said to her about hoping his daughter grew up to be like her. He pointed out that he has nothing to gain by saying that. He means it.
  • Of course, that doesn't help Nicole in the house.
  • Nicole told Derrick she would campaign for him in the jury house if he makes the final two.
  • He puts on the humble modest act and said it would take a lot of luck for him to end up there.
  • They're pretty certain that a double eviction is coming this week. This time they're right.
  • In various different talks, the final three most talked about is Cody, Caleb and Derrick.
  • I honestly wouldn't mind that. I certainly don't want Frankie and Christine in there. Victoria has been playing a weak game although she doesn't annoy me like Frankie and Christine. And, Nicole has no chance whatsoever of making it to the final three. She has no chance of making it past Thursday.
  • Meanwhile, both Frankie and Christine are throwing each other under that bus to an extent.
  • Victoria knows that Christine has been bad-mouthing her.
  • She doesn't realize that most in the house have no respect for her game.
  • Probably not even her buddies, Nicole and Derrick.
  • That doesn't mean they don't like her as a person. 
  • With the exception of Frankie and Christine, they all seem to enjoy each other quite a bit. 
  • Cody has a weird love/hate relationship with Victoria that's amusing to watch -- kind of like a brother and sister bickering. "Mom, he touched me!" Touch. "Make him stop!" "Stop looking at me like you want to melt my face off!"
  • Victoria is worried about Christine spending a lot of time with Derrick. He told her that they don't talk game. For the most part, they don't.
  • Caleb said he earns $16,000 a year as a personal trainer. 
  • Yep, he's such a good catch!
  • He also previously said a good wage where he lives is $12/hour. 
  • That wouldn't cut it around here in the NYC greater metro area! 
  • Caleb said Frankie told him he earns $1,000 a week. Even that can't cut it in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Maybe Staten Island, the Bronx or Queens or parts of NJ.
  • Frankie, who didn't compete in the comp, says he knows his colors because he's gay.
  • @@
  • The backyard opened and they have a real badminton set, not one from the dollar store.
  • Alas, there was more shouting over the fence, so the yard didn't last long and they went back on indoor lockdown.
  • They got booze and combined it with the saved booze from the night before.
  • Nicole and Derrick can't drink because they're Have Nots. Frankie doesn't drink. So the others, especially Cody and Victoria, got zonked.
  • Derrick continued his "I can't win against you" talks with Caleb, Cody and Frankie (just in case!) prepping for his final two bids.
  • I personally think, as apparently Frankie does, that he just might because he's had a hand in almost every eviction (according to Frankie). I say every eviction -- even when it was someone he didn't particularly want, he turned it around and led the charge.
  • Frankie told Derrick he would take him to the final two due to the Team America thing. We know Cody and Derrick are the Hitmen final two. All he needs to do is secure Caleb taking him to the final two. Caleb seems torn between him and Cody because all three have "played the same game" being loyal to each other, winning some comps and playing the game as clean as they can.
  • Caleb is still going on about how he's a shoe-in to win the favorite player money.
  • @@
  • Although he's been entertaining in a house of boring people and more entertaining than Frankie the Entertainer, that should rightfully go to Donny. I don't believe there's ever been the reaction to a hamster that Donny has received.
  • But they don't know that.
  • Victoria, as I could have predicted, became a sad drunk. 
  • Derrick, as I could have predicted, became the one who tried to console her.
  • Nicole told Victoria that she (Nicole) loves Derrick and now knows why she (Victoria) loves him.
  • Cha-ching, Derrick's got the two jury votes in the bank right there. Nicole already told him she would campaign for him in the jury house.
  • THAT is how to be a puppetmaster!
  • Now he just has to get to the final two!

If a dragon and two BB gals enter a bar ...

Drunken dragon

A delicate operation

Melancholy lady

He's thinking, she's drinking

Cody gives Christine a big head

And now Frankie?


Sharon N said...

With all the booze flowing last night, I kept waiting for someone to spew information to the wrong person.
That could have happened so easily, especially with Cody being so loaded and then left alone talking to BMC so much.
Drunk mouths often can't resist spewing "knowledge"... only later realizing they made a big oops.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised no one has mentioned how Frankie talked to the guys early on about the alcohol that was available... and how Frankie suggested Cody and Caleb team up and take ALL of Victoria's virginities. And Frankie repeated, "Yes, all of her virginities."

Is everyone sitting back and letting AHB (Ariana's half-brother) get away with encouraging the rape of a woman in the Big Brother House?????

Anonymous said...

Anon at 12:52: TMZ has an item and video posted about Frankie's "rape joke" and how upset Victoria's family is about it. It looks like the whole clan, other than Vic and Nic, were there when Frankie said it, and they're all laughing about it,,,even the good cop.

Sharon N said...

Anon 12:52
FJG probably would probably love that kind of drama. His general attitude seems creepy and vicious.
Which is quite different from the gay men I've known who have been intelligent, artistic, amusing, and they actually like women... not to be confused with any kind of romantic interest.
FJG is different though, and I'm beginning to think he dislikes women on a fundamental basis.
No matter what he says, I believe that dislike (through jealousy) probably includes his sister.

However, I don't think the other guys were actually serious... they were just being more nasty and disgusting than usual.
If anything like that even looked like it was going to happen, I fully believe BB and Derrick would step in... real fast.
In fact, Derrick kind of killed that creepy talk with the simple statement, "her father is watching and cringing."

Becky said...

I bet they don't show it on national TV. They should and let America see just how nasty Frankinstein is and even how bad the good cop is!

Becky said...

Sharon said: FJG probably would probably love that kind of drama. His general attitude seems creepy and vicious.
Which is quite different from the gay men I've known who have been intelligent, artistic, amusing, and they actually like women... not to be confused with any kind of romantic interest.

I agree completely. I have never met a gay man who spoke, acted and was so hateful to women.

Joke or not, he should be called on it by Julie and CBS.

Becky said...

What is just as disgusting is Christine laughing at it.
Click here: 'Big Brother 16' -- Frankie Grande Offends Contestant's Family With 'Rape Joke'

Sharon N said...

This show does tend to bring out the worst in people, sometimes to the extremes. Very few get through BB with their morals unaffected (like Donny).

My personal opinion is that "lying to win" becomes the ground-work for vicious displays and rumors, and that's a fact... whether in or out of the house.

Sharon N said...

Well, eating a little crow here after watching that video clip Becky posted (I don't have the feeds), and crow leaves a bad after-taste.

The talk did NOT stop after Derrick's remark about Victoria's father "watching and cringing." In fact, FJG got even worse, and that was after acknowledging what he was saying was 'so inappropriate.' @@

I don't blame her parents for being terribly upset, and I wouldn't be surprised if they are already seeking legal counsel. I haven't noticed if CBS has the same pre-BBAD "not the attitude of this station" blurb this year. If not, let's start the countdown for it to make an appearance now.

However, I still contend that BB (and Derrick... even if he did laugh) would have stepped in before anything could happen. It was disgusting and filthy and FJG adds NO entertainment value to the BB show.

However, Production has to take some responsibility here too. They COULD have easily stopped that kind of talk by immediately calling FJG to DR (and BMC). They were the 2 main offenders.

Maybe now CBS will be finally done with the FJG Show. I look forward to Julie shooting him down when he's (hopefully) evicted. If FJG had ANY idea that a career would come from BB, my hope is that he's managed to squash his plan like a bug... all by his own 'little' self. Somehow, I doubt his sister will be stepping in to give him aid. She won't want to take a chance on possibly throwing a bad light on her own career!!

monty924 said...

I don't want CBS to show it. Kids watch BB and Frankie's rep is already trash out here.

Nick said...

For Jackie or anyone who watches the live feeds...what was your initial reaction when watching that conversation take place? I agree with Sharon that production didn't see this as an actual threat to happen, but that obviously doesn't make any of those comments acceptable.

The last couple of seasons have really made some of our favorite past players like Dan, Danielle from BB3, and Jordan look even better. They proved that you can play this game successfully and not personally degrade other HGs and make yourself look like a completely disgusting human. It is certainly no mystery why Donny didn't connect with any of them!

Anonymous said...
This is so disgusting that I cried when I saw it. They are talking about a young woman in the house that they are living with. I respected Derrick up until this point, but not any more! He was laughing about it. He should have been the voice of reason as a father, husband and police officer. He should have stopped it immediately and reprimanded them. Nicole and Victoria should get a free pass to the end based on this threatening behavior. Please, please BB do something about this. I don't even know Victoria, nor was I a fan of hers, but now I just want to embrace her and comfort her. She is going to have to see this when she gets out of the house. Kudos to her parents for speaking up! This is now officially the worst season of Big Brother ever. I showed this to my husband who only watches the show and doesn't read any blogs or spoilers. He screamed in disgust. It is a shame that we can't feel good about any of these awful human being winning. It will be sad to see Nicole and Victoria evicted next.

Anonymous said...

I posted about how awful Frankie was and the rest of them for going along with it, including the father of a young girl. (Derrick, shame on you!)
But I forgot to mention that I think it sort of silly to demand an apology from Ariana. She wasn't there, she didn't say anything. The only thing she can be held accountable for is supporting her brother's actions. She doesn't need to apologize. Now, would it be fantastic for Ariana to make a statement that she disagrees with his behavior and woman should be treated with respect? Yes, it would, but based on the misogynistic videos that rap and pop stars produce, I doubt this would ever happen.
Cali girl

Jackie said...

Frankie is a jerk. The whole conversation was nasty. Yes, Frankie should have been called on it by production. But, why in hell would it have been up to Derrick to not only stop the talk, but "reprimand" them? He did make a remark to try to stop the talk. He looked like it was an uncomfortable laughing he was doing. What else can he really do? He's not a cop in the house even though he's a cop. You expect him to shout out, "I'm a cop! Knock it off!"?? Sheesh.

Obviously BB thought nothing action-wise would come of it as off color and misogynistic as it was. It's up to them to stop (or not) anything like this, not a fellow houseguest.

If something like this makes you cry, you might want to follow another show. It's wrong. It's nasty. I can see her family being upset, but sheesh.

Sharon N said...

Once again, Jackie brings reality back to the Reality show.
Needless to say, I agree that Derrick DID make an attempt to put a stop to it with his "her father is watching" remark, but it fell on deaf ears.

I'd like to think it was all just drunk garbage-talk, but FJG wasn't drunk. He wasn't even drinking (nor was HN Derrick). But if it had been a 'real' about doing something like that, I 100% believe 'Cop Mode Cowboy' would have stepped in... even before BB had a chance.

Everyone in the room was more or less snickering but other than that, not adding much to the situation.
FJG was the major contributor to the Bad Drunk Behavior, with BMC adding his own bloody brand of sick/disgusting "humor." But anything BMC says shouldn't surprise anyone because he has had a few conversations that many of us would find cringe-worthy.

uncartie said...

My 2 cents...I watched the video at TMZ. It was a crude,sickening joke,but that's all it is.

I can understand her parents being upset but claiming she is now a "target for rape" is insane. FJG may owe her an apology,but certainly not his sister,as she is not responsible for his actions. As far as legal action goes,they can forget about it. The comments were not made to her face. She may be upset if and when she sees them but I don't see them rising to a level that would be actionable. She signed away her rights as far as insults go the minute she walked into that house. I'm sure CBS has crossed every T and dotted every I as far as being liable for something like this being said.

The fact that TMZ published this is punishment itself for FJG and will now hang over his head permanently. That is a good thing.

monty924 said...

None of them were drinking yet. That conversation took place in the early afternoon.

monty924 said...

Or that hadn't really started drinking yet. It just started with how much booze they had for three people and it grew wings from there.

Sharon N said...

Monty, thanks for the time clarification.
Only makes it worse that things like that would be said or joked aout 'sober.'
But that's the BB house. Year after year, they all forget everything is watched and heard by the feedsters... except during specific times (comps, singing, etc.).

Yeah, I figured legal action would go nowhere, but everything turns into a law-suit these days, so I also figure they will check it out, and get shot down.

Sharon N said...

When will these guys grow some gonads? BMC would like to backdoor FJG, but allowing Derrick to squash it. It's the PERFECT time to get FJG out!!

I'm thinking Derrick just might over-think and over-play his hand and end up this season's version of Helen, always saying, "It's too early" ... until it's too late and he's gone.

Laurie said...

My nickel's worth. Frankie is a pot-stirring egotistical attention whore and will do what it takes to make things happen. I think he is damaged goods and has nobody to reign in him. I would be willing to bet that it won't be long before he self-destructs in a big way. I don't think we will see it in the show but it's going to happen.
Should CBS do something? Probably, but it's all about the money in "Show Biz" and as long as people watch it, they will show it.

Laurie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nick said...

Sharon, good call on the Derrick/Helen comparison. I can't imagine how she must have felt watching the season when she got home and seeing that she had her chances to gain the upper hand in the game. It looks like Derrick is just counting on all the seeds he has planted and his social game to take him to the F2, where obviously he would win against anyone. Once everyone gets in the jury house, they will all talk and realize how much he controlled things. But, he did have the benefit of always being in a majority alliance, so he really wouldn't have had to work for his win until these final few weeks.'s hoping BB17 gets us back on track lol!

Anonymous said...

Laurie Laurie Laurie~I so agree with you. I think FJG is the worst "thing" to ever happen to BB. You are right, its all about the $$$$dollaretto's. If it don't make money it don't make sense. production did not do any favors for anyone except FJG and completely ignored the fan base of the show. Shame on them.
I hope FG gets what he deserves when he gets out. I hope he reads all the bad comments and this latest rape story SHOULD be delt with by CBS. Oh...its not okay to take race, but great if its rape! PLEASE>>>What rock are the people at CBS sitting under.

Anonymous said...

*talk I can't spell I guess

Anonymous said...

Who's accountable for all the crap that is going on with BB.
Seems like they at least tried to take control last year and I did not expect it to happen again. YES...What Franke and Caleb were talking about is HORRIBLE AND SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED.