Saturday, August 09, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Saturday with POV update - August 9

BULLETIN - The Power of Veto comp ended. It was the Otev comp. ZACH won the Power of Veto.

Mouth shut. Good.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Insecurities and Paranoia:
  • Derrick told Frankie now he realizes how he (Frankie) got chosen for Team America. He thinks Don must have a sob story which resonated with viewers.
  • Nope. No sob story about Donny. He's a good guy who seems quite content with his lot in life. If only we could all be that content and have such great family support.
  • Derrick and Frankie have each other's back as Team America members. Frankie is sure that Donny would never target them and, thus, he doesn't think they should vote out Donny.
  • Unfortunately (because I like both Derrick and Donny), Derrick thinks because Donny told them that one time that he was there for Donny Thompson first, then Team America, that Donny would have no problem either targeting them or voting them out.
  • Oh, come on! Derrick is there for Derrick first. Frankie is there for Frankie first. Anyone not in the house with the intent to win it for themselves doesn't belong there!
  • <.rant over>
  • The veto players besides Christine, Donny and Zach are: Caleb, Derrick and Nicole. Victoria will host.
  • Derrick already asked Caleb to throw the comp.
  • Yeah, that worked out so well with the BOB and Frankie, huh?
  • Frankie thinks America must hate Nicole and Zach for trying to get him out.
  • Um. No. I can't speak for ALL of America, just my part in America. I want you out, too. So there, Mr. Grande.
  • Derrick thinks that Zach is acting like a three-year old about the Frankie revelation.
  • He is. But has Zach ever acted mature? No? I didn't think so.
  • Later Derrick told Frankie he thinks Zach is so upset because he had a plan for the whole time in the house and Frankie destroyed it all, now Zach is lost.
  • Frankie didn't miss any opportunity he could to mention his fan base. To me, that makes him all that more obnoxious.
  • Derrick isn't helping the Frankie/Zach rift by telling Frankie that Zach volunteered to go on the block to make sure Frankie went home.
  • Derrick was surprised that popular YouTubers have agents and such.
  • On a side note: I saw a recent segment on one of the news shows about REAL successful YouTubers (not small time like Frankie) -- earning a half-million and more per year. To be honest, I haven't heard of any of them, either.
  • On a bit of a more serious (yet still Frankie-serving) note, Frankie told Derrick he was here to win the game and make a name for himself. He said he loves his sister, but she's always been "the sun and I've been Pluto." Since Pluto was demoted, heck ... Frankie isn't even a planet!
  • Christine picked the Have Nots -- Donny and Zach. (What a shock and a surprise!)
  • The food I voted for -- peanut butter and jelly fish -- are the additional items. They're happy about the peanut butter, the jelly fish not so much.
  • Zach told Donny he feels like everyone is against him.
  • Oh, like Donny doesn't know that feeling ... SINCE DAY ONE!
  • Zach and Nicole are getting as bad as the show's fans with the conspiracy theories. They think it was "like staged that that comp could be completed by one person." Probably a lot of the "team" comps could be done by one, but no one has ever just sat down and not participated (Caleb) before.
  • Nicole cried. She really misses Hayden. She doesn't like anyone in the house (well, maybe Donny, but she can't always seem to relate to him) and she's sure she's going home soon.
  • Well, to jury.
  • Donny and Zach, now both on the outside looking in, had some very sad conversations. At one point, Donny told Zach he's been alone the whole time, watching the others playing pool, never being invited in on conversations and it will all be over soon. He seemed to be on the verge of crying as he said it.
  • :(
  • It went from Donny trying to cheer Zach up to Zach trying to cheer Donny. I kind of like that Zach. I'm not too keen on the Zach we've seen for most of the season except for entertainment value.
  • Victoria told Nicole that anyone who trusts Frankie now has to be an idiot.
  • You go, girl!
  • Victoria also told Nicole that Derrick is trustworthy and she thinks she'll (Victoria) fall apart emotionally if he goes.
  • I really can't call him all that trustworthy, but I do think Derrick does care for people and hates to see anyone (especially the women) upset.
  • Victoria also thinks Derrick doesn't manipulate people.
  • Donny and Zach continued to bond.
  • I think that's good for the young grasshopper.
  • Donny told Zach money doesn't make you happy, family does.
  • Zach claimed he wants to live at home with his parents for as long as possible.
  • Oh my. His parents might object to that one. I mean, love is more bearable with an adult child if they live nearby, not necessarily IN the home ... I think! Especially a Zachish child!
  • Derrick thinks everything Nicole/Hayden told him last week were lies. Cody tried to convince him otherwise.
  • Cody is right.
  • Heh. The BB voice has a new message for when they break things in the house: "This is the reason we can't have nice things."
  • Here I thought it's because they got a deal at the the dollar store on stuff!
  • I've been trying to wait out the in progress veto comp, but I've run out of stuff to say.
  • As long as the comp ends at a human hour, I'll put up a quick announcement of the winner. If it's real late, I'll post early in the morning (East Coast time).
  • I have my fingers crossed for a Donny win although now I feel sad that he's actually sad in the house.

Who could this be?

Is it BB or a beauty pageant?

Frankie back in his favorite bed

Roomies preparing their Have Not beds


Anonymous said...

I cant wait until Franie realizes most BB fans had never heard if his sister or him and hes by far not the favorite. Hes an annoying little gnat.

Cheryl in NC said...

Jackie ..I just want to throw out a huge thank you for all the work you put in to keeping us informed. You are an exceptional writer and your commentary on the things that go on in the house is spot on and damn funny!

Now back to game....come onDonny...let's win this thing!!!

Anonymous said...

Ugh Zach......worst possible outcome for Donny

Jackie said...

Thank you, Cheryl! Sigh, it was Zach winning it, though. Too bad Frankie can't go up. I fear that Nicole will go up. With those two, not sure who would go.

David said...

I think if he really tried Donny could get Zach, Frankie, Nichole to vote him to stay if Nichole is not on the block with him and it is Victoria. But since Christine has wanted Donny out from the begining she would vote him out in a tie.
I think Donny is boned no matter who is with him on the block.
If I was Christine I would put up Derrick and at nomination say, here is your chance to take out the winner of BB16. I came here to try and win, not hand someone else the money. You have a single person in Donny with no alliances or pull with anyone and Derrick who controls everything in this house to choose from. If you don't take this opportunity to take him out, you deserve to be the losers you will be.
It will never happen but I can dream a little dream.

~~Silk said...

How is Christine feeling about Frankie these days? Any chance of a backdoor?

~~Silk said...

Oh, just caught Jackie's 11:49 comment, that Frankie can't go up. Why not? Does winning BoB keep you safe?

David said...

Frankie is safe for the week by winning the BoB. That is why Frankie is running around being more of a jerk than normal.

Sharon N said...

I think it will still be Donny out the door.

Donny has said it's not worth blowing anyone up, but I would find it soul-satisfying if his 'chair' speech goes something like this, "Please, evict me. You've made my life a living hell and I don't like any of you."

Of course, now that Zack has won POV, Frankie is crawling all over Zack and he seems to be falling for Frankie's BS and they are becoming BFFs all over again. So much for all the righteous anger...

lynn1 said...

I don't know whether to be happy or sad for Donny. He knows he probably won't win BB16 but if he goes out now he can have a few week of good food and comfort which he will not have in the BB house.
He will always be this fan's favorite.

Sharon N said...

Earlier this morning, Christine was all by herself (think it was the FR) and mumbling to herself about wishing she could get Frankie out of HOH, and how much she hates him.

geez, Zack has been entertaining, but his rosy glow is gone (for me). He is SO delighted to be back in Frankie's good graces. @@

I feel bad for everyone now that Zack won POV. He has apparently decided that Frankie is his BFF again and spilling his guts about everyone.

It's no wonder he's unemployed and perfectly happy living at home with his parents. Such an immature child.

Susan in MA said...

Zach and Frankie made up. Ugh.

Lili said...


Jackie this was one of your best posts. I think you expressed exactly what we are all feeling at this point about Frankie, Donny, everything.

I believe Frankie's burning ambition is to be famous for being famous. Perhaps he should do a sex tape, it worked for Paris Hilton.

Amazing how wrong Derrick and Frankie are about how America perceives Donny. It is a shame that Donny felt so on the outside from day one that he did not form a genuine alliance outside of the forced alliance of TA. I think if the female side of the cast had been stronger and more game oriented he could have.

I think we now have the question...why is Victoria in there? Answered...because she is a huge Ariana Grande fan. Period.

I am glad Donny will be getting a nice paycheck for his summer job. I am saddened that BB has been a difficult experience for him.

I have always found it ludicrous when HGs specifically target and demonize HGs that have no power, no alliance. This season they did it to Joey, Paolo, Brittany, and especially Donny. AND YET THEY IGNORE the most skilled, conniving, strategic player in the house....Derrick. They might as well give him the check now. After Donny or Nicole leaves this week everyone will obsess over getting Frankie and Zach out. Then Derrick will turn on Cody and Christine and will slide to the end with Victoria by his side and will win the vote 9 to 0.


JOKATS said...

as much as I would LOVE Donny (the underdog) to win, I know it is just about impossible.... so a nice vacation w/ 10k in his pocket may be the best thing for this kindhearted country boy... hopefully there are more fans who love Donny than there are "Frankie's sister" fans & Donny can get fan favorite!! (fingers crossed)

Susan in MA said...

I'm not really in the music loop, but I bet most people don't know Frankie's sister. And how can America NOT like Donny?

Sharon N said...

Guess we shouldn't be surprised that they are seriously considering a BD of Nicole this week.

The Dark Side group thinks she's good at HOH and Donny is good at POV, so get her out before the next HOH.

Little does Christine realize all her sucking up to Frankie isn't working anymore. He's decided she's high up on his list for eviction. I wouldn't be surprised if the series of eviction will be Nicole, Christine, and then Donny now.

Nick said...

Not that I want Donny out, but he is too nice of a man to have to feel like that when it is obvious he has almost zero chance of winning the 500k. I hate that it has been such a terrible experience for has to be devastating to finally get into the BB house and then have it be a miserable summer overall. I hope Nicole can hang on long enough for the person from the jury to come back into the house. There is a good chance it will be Hayden (if it is a comp and not an America's vote), and much like with Judd last year, I think most of the house realizes they evicted an honest player who can help them take out big players...if anyone besides Nicole ever wants to make a big, impractical move.

David said...

Frankie has now dropped to a new low. Frankie is now threatening outside the house retribution against Nichole by his sisters minions because she dared to repeat what he told her to someone else. This is getting disgusting and shows what Frankie's true character is now that it is coming out.