Saturday, August 30, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Saturday/PoV Comp - August 30

Messy comp, for sure!

Well, well, well. I'm sure it will surprise you that Victoria did not win the PoV comp and, thus and therefore, cannot save Nicole this week. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Pain:
  • In the veto players pick, the only one who isn't playing is Frankie.
  • Christine picked Victoria's chip. Heh.
  • She was upset about that because she claims Victoria is vacant and does nothing.
  • I don't know. If I had to pick one of those two who doesn't skeeve me out, I'd go with Victoria every time. While she does little gamewise, she isn't horribly annoying for me.
  • Christine told Frankie that they should tell her if she (Victoria) wins veto and saves Nicole, her buddy Derrick will go on the block and go home.
  • Caleb, Cody and Derrick talked (pre-veto) that if Nicole stays and wins HoH, she'd put Frankie on the block and they'd send him packing.
  • Caleb is still mad that Frankie set him up about the Amber ouster.
  • Caleb said that if Nicole wins veto, Victoria up and Christine goes this week.
  • Ah, they are starting to cannibalize each other ... if only in their scenario talks.
  • Derrick thinks that Christine and Frankie have a lot of haters now.
  • Y'think?
  • Derrick is cementing Caleb's paranoia about Frankie not wanting him in the final two. Derrick has Caleb convinced that Frankie wouldn't take him (Caleb) because he thinks he would lose the jury vote to him.
  • Wheels in motion for a Frankie nomination?
  • I hope so.
  • Then the veto comp went down.
  • Christine won.
  • It was a messy one having to do with paint colors in a sequence.
  • Remember, we don't see these comps. We only hear them talk about them.
  • Cody went out first in the comp.
  • Frankie, of course, said he would have done so well in it.
  • Christine muttered, "Yeah, it's always all about him."
  • Heh.
  • Fractures keep forming!
  • Derrick told Victoria that he's sure Frankie isn't going up, but isn't sure who is. He said Nicole will be the one leaving no matter who goes on the block with her.
  • Sigh.
  • Christine flirted more with Cody.
  • Gag.
  • Frankie and Derrick fussed about  if they've losing their winnings from the Team America mission and wondering if we were out to "get them" due to how Julie was so emphatic about the play's failure.
  • I said "emphatic," not them. I'm not sure they know the word.
  • Frankie thought it was demoralizing the way she said it.
  • Good.
  • Derrick said his heart was crushed.
  • As it should be.
  • Frankie thinks that America voted no just because they didn't save Donny.
  • Well, yeah, to an extent.
  • But we did it also because the "play" idea absolutely SUCKED. Perhaps if they had come up with a real mission, it might have passed muster.
  • And on it goes.
  • I doubt Caleb will put Frankie up in Nicole's place.
  • It's nice to dream, though.
Ho, ho, ho - Jolly Green Cody

Couldn't save her friend


lynn1 said...

Derrick and Frankie didn't value team America enough to try to keep it together. The play/skit was not a mission it was self indulgence by Frankie. I personally hope that the whole team america challenges are over and done with. The only mission that was entertaining was when they had to hide an article of clothing from each house guest. The rest were lame.
The only moves any of these lackluster players will make is to talk about the big move they are planning to make. Of course we know it is too early to make that move now! @@

monty924 said...

Yeah, I came home from dinner and grocery store and saw the BAD news. I so wish Nicole would have won it because I think Derrick could have convinced Caleb to put Frankie up and vote out Christine, but Derrick, Cody and Victoria and Nicole would have voted out Frankie.

You're right Jackie. It was fun hoping *sigh*

Chacha said...

I read a Q&A with Julie Chen where she stated that the play wasn't a play... It was a "skit". No plot, theme or dialogue with any other members of the "play".
Frankie needs to just go away.

Sharon N said...

You'd think FJG would be suffering frostbite from all the SNOWballs Derrick is lobbing at him!!

David said...

I don't know if it is true or not, but alchohol seems to have shut Christine up. She is not doing her constant cackle laugh at everything and even her laugh is almost tolerable because it is not the same. More of just a haha instead of the cackle. They need to feed her more alchohol day and night.

Sharon N said...

JMO, and not that it helps us like Crusty any better, but I think her constant cackle might be like a nervous tic. Alcohol maybe calms her peculiar "tic" down.

monty924 said...

Their booze delivery from last night (that they saved for tonight) and the added booze delivery tonight is the most exciting thing to happen in there in weeks. Cody's passed out cold in his dinosaur costume, Nicole's making slop BBQ balls and Victoria's tipsy funny.

Oh, and a camera fell in the HOH room. Caleb took his headphones off and told production they might want to fix this.

The feeds are soooo boring

Anonymous said...

If Frankie's head gets any bigger with his "self" assessment of how great a game he is playing, we will have to trade out tvs in for a bigger screen.