Monday, August 04, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Sunday into the evening - August 3

Is the house that cold?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Waiting on the PoV Meeting:
  • BB Voice is getting really upset with the hamsters sleeping in.
  • Well, they let them stay up all night. What do they expect?
  • Donny is the only one who goes to bed at a reasonable hour and gets up "early." It's not really early in my book, but for the house it is!
  • Caleb and Victoria slept in the HoH bed with Nicole, thus ruining her sleep as Victoria tried to be as far from Caleb as she could.
  • I think BB Voice is getting bored. He actually reminded Frankie to wash his hands after going to the bathroom.
  • No hamster wants to be known for not washing his hands. I can't recall offhand the season number he was on, but I remember Jerry didn't wash his hands!
  • BB Voice started calling out individual hamsters by name for not getting up.
  • Heh. Welcome to boot camp, hamsters!
  • Nicole once again told Donny she won't put him up. She thinks that Christine won't use the veto and it will be Jocasta going home this week. She thinks that Christine is lying to her when she says the votes are for Zach to go.
  • Sadly, Nicole thinks her HoH will be a waste if Jocasta goes. She also thinks she'll be targeted next.
  • Donny suggested she lie to Christine and tell her that she wants to put Donny up as a replacement nom, then put Frankie up instead.
  • Donny told her that he would vote whatever she and Hayden decide.
  • Hayden told Nicole that Frankie talked to him about how to get Nicole on board to keep Zach.
  • They had the photo booth. The thrill seems to be gone, 4,3,2,ONE.
  • Christine, during a major flirt-fest with Cody, told him that Zach is going around telling people that Frankie goes around telling everything everyone says.
  • Christine told Hayden that Zach mentioned his name as a target before, but she and Frankie talked him out of it.
  • Um. I thought she was working on keeping Zach in the house!
  • Christine told Nicole that she thought Frankie was working with the boys.
  • Hmm.
  • Yet she then said they need to work on getting more votes to keep him.
  • Curiouser and curiouser.
  • Frankie told Nicole that if they keep Zach, his target will be Caleb, not her.
  • Poor Nicole.
  • She's getting it from all sides.
  • And she doesn't even have a vote this week!
  • The only move she can make at this point is if Christine uses the veto.
  • Nicole told Cody that if Christine uses the veto, she'll put Frankie on the block.
  • Cody warned her (as many have before) that anything she says to Christine will get back to Frankie.
  • As it stands, it doesn't look like Christine will use the veto.
  • But now it's looking a bit more like it might be a toss-up who leaves.
  • I'd prefer as a viewer that Jocasta go. But if I were in the house, I might think getting Zach gone a wiser game move.
  • We'll see.

Duck-facing in the photo booth

A thrill a minute in the BB16 house

Will she able to pull off a major move?

Adam and Eve are shedding leaves

He's growing used to the haircut

Cody can cook in my kitchen any day!

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Anonymous said...

Jerry was on season three. Danielle gave him heck for not washing his hands.