Monday, August 11, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Sunday into Monday - August 11

Victoria does her hair

Yesterday in the BB house, it was SO boring! Well, at least until the three -- Christine, Frankie and Caleb -- returned from their outing. Here's what's gone down inside that Big Brother House of Deja Vu All Over Again:
  • Donny had been asleep through all of the brouhahas.
  • That's good, but it's not good. He feels like an outsider, but brings some of it on himself by not being there when things happen.
  • Donny is worried -- when he's been on the block before, people kept telling him he would be safe. No one is saying that this week.
  • Derrick told Cody he's worried that Nicole is up to something.
  • They had the Sunday Photo Funday with the photo booth. 4, 3, 2, ONE.
  • Derrick thinks that Donny is a manipulator (pot, kettle, black!), but Nicole is a pathological liar.
  • Say what?
  • It's clear that now he has changed his mind again -- now he wants Nicole out over Donny.
  • ... even though she's not on the block and Christine has told her (and others) that she promised not to put her on the block.
  • But we all know Derrick by now. He'll finagle a way to get her on the block if that's his will.
  • Donny and Derrick talked about this week's Team America mission being hard and failing it. They both said they need the money and it's obvious Frankie doesn't.
  • Derrick was worried that Frankie was going to expose them when he made his big "announcement" the other day. He apparently requested all the cameras be in position.
  • Oh, yeah. The spotlight has to be on Frankie.
  • When asked, Donny told Derrick that he thinks he (Donny) was chosen because of his accent.
  • I think it's not just the accent, but the whole country persona.
  • Then the NFL thingee outing bunch returned to the house.
  • Zankie is reunited as if they never parted ways.
  • @@
  • As I'm SO not a football fan, all of their talk was lost on me. I don't know the players or anything.
  • Caleb said people were shouting "Beast Mode Cowboy."
  • Sigh. 
  • Zach has caught the Get Nicole Out bug and passed it on to Frankie.
  • They decided that she is such a big liar!
  • When she's not. Nicole has been honest about all of the others lying! Poor girl!
  • Caleb got a rest from slop on the outing, eating hot dogs and hamburgers.
  • Christine said that Frankie thinks he's a celebrity, so he acted like one shmoozing all during their outing.
  • @@
  • Frankie had a big talk with Nicole alone ... against her wishes. She doesn't want to talk to him at all!
  • Christine told Victoria that she's probably going to put her (Victoria) on the block, but she's 100% safe.
  • Then it happened.
  • Derrick's wishes went into effect.
  • Caleb told Christine that Nicole talked about backdooring her.
  • Cody said the same thing.
  • They "opened Christine's eyes" to all the evil that is Nicole.
  • Now the plan is that Christine will replace Zach with Nicole on the block.
  • Then Nicole will go home with a unanimous vote.
  • At this point, it's obvious that neither Nicole nor Donny have any chance to win the game with the machine working against them.
  • So, either going to jury might be a load off their shoulders.
  • They can finally relax.
  • Sigh.  

Sleeping with Raid at hand

Cool shades, Donny!

They knew Beast Mode Cowboy!


Anonymous said...

Will the women of BB ever get it? They are so petty and easily manipulated. There has never been in the history of this showa year when the women united and got the men out first. even Janelle and the other woman wizard ( cant think of her name right now) that started and thought off the back dooring. I just dont see how Derrick is playing the game any better than Dr Will he just uses manipulating in a differnet way, he still has not won HOH and neither did Dr. Will.

Terry is a Texan! said...

gosh. Caleb, a legend in his own mind.
sad, sad reality
At least Nicole will be with Hayden and Jocasta and Donny will be safe, now he needs to get a clue and get his game on!

David said...

I feel sorry for the women. When they look back and see how badly they were manipulated it could crush them. Especially Victoria. She already has a complex about looking the fool on TV. She may need professional help when she gets out and sees how bad it was.
I wish someone at the football game had ratted out Derrick. If I was there and saw them I sure would have.
Looks like Donny will live another week. He really needs the HOH and do what ever he needs to do to keep it.

tbc said...

I feel bad for Nicole. At least she'll be in the jury house with Hayden.


RBennie said...

So once again Derrick flips the script. I still don't like him at all, but have to admit he's playing a hell of a game. He's the only one I think deserves to win, strictly on a game play level. I would love for Donny to somehow pull the win out of his butt, but I don't think he's played the game very hard.

Sheila said...

I blame casting somewhat for casting almost all younger contestants with the exception of Donny. I think Derrick and Frankie are the closest in age but they are both maybe 30, early 30s? I am surprised no other older contestants were cast, no wonder Donny feels alone. I do wish Donny was able to stay up late like the others but I have a sister like this, try as she might, she cannot stay up much past midnight even on vacations and since retirement, some people's biological clock is set that way and hard to do undo.

At least in the jury house is where Nicole and Donny's friends with Hayden and Jocasta being there and they can compete to return. I wonder if the BB House and Derrick realize that either Nicole or Derrick could return with a vengeance and if they get HOH, look out.

Witt said...

If I were Nicole, I'd WANT to be voted out, especially if there was no way to go against the Frankie/Derrick machine. You can only bang your head against the wall so long before your brains leak out. I'd want to go to jury with the other nice people!

I'd feel sorry for Donny, alone with that mess. But it's true, he doesn't get into conversations and at this late date, they wouldn't confide in him.

RBennie said...

What's really crazy is that Victoria could very well be the last girl standing in the house! How did that happen?

Anonymous said...

Gee I kinda like Cody but if you think about it he has done nothing either! also I worry about him. Has anyone else noticed those dark circles under his eyes?......I hope somehow, someway that Donny can do something.......

Anonymous said...

How stupid can these house guests be? One minute they find out and believe that Frankie has lied to them and the next minute they sway back the other way! What is wrong with these people? And why didn't Caleb do his part in the block comp to make sure he held the chain and dropped the balls? .?????? This show has to be fixed.
Patty Q

Anonymous said...

I am sure BB has all the engraving done and knows who will be BB!!!! LOL
I'm done. This show took a wrong turn and I am not going back to find the way.
I hope Derricks daughter doesn't have to starve to death before he returns home and if I hear the game Grande again, whomever it is, I will have to run to the powder room and puke.
Thanks a lot BB & CBS for ruining the time I invested in this show.
I will be sure and take The Talk off my DVR to record. Somehow even looking at Julie will be cause for illness.

Lili said...

To anonymous 7:20.....Derrick won HOH week 3.

I do not have the actual statistics but it seems to me most of the "recruited off the street" HGs are female. And they are no doubt selected for their looks. To then pit them against long time athletic male fans of the show like Zach, Frankie, Caleb, Derrick, Cody, Devin etc is absurd, and we get a season like this one. Where the core male group has dominated the entire season both in comps, alliance forming, and overall strategy.

In the past the power has shifted side to side at least every 2 or three weeks. Many women have won comps, formed strong alliances, worked out a lot of strategy and gotten out men and women alike.

But in general this game, I believe, does favor the male HGs, because of the fact that BB selects women
for how they look and then these ladies spend half of each day dealing with their makeup and hair extensions, while the guys, who sit around looking like they just cleaned out their garage, are forming alliances, and demonizing each and every player in the game and assigning a HG like Donny mystical powers to manipulate and scheme. And a player like Nicole, who has barely spoken any untruths to be the biggest pathological liar in BB history. This then energizes them to plot the downfall of every player not in their alliance. As well as half of their actual alliance members.

So I wish BB would mix it up and try...

1) an all male show

2) an all female show

3) an all fan show

4) a cast entirely over the age of 35

5) or for once just a cast who has been chosen for their gaming abilities and not their bath suit readiness that looks more like real people and not billboard models for tattoo parlors.

But sex sells so that will never happen. So we get muscled men, who only have to spend 30 minutes a day working out to keep looking pretty. And tiny women with big fake hair, big fake boobs, layers of makeup, tiny tight dresses, impossibly high heeled shoes, and Botox injections, who have to spend about six hours a day getting ready, and the rest of the day posing for the cameras and the boys, touching their hair every 22 seconds, and obsessing over every calorie, and who is the hottest, and how much attention and support can they garner from the attractive males.

It is like the Playboy Mansion After Dark special.

I feel bad for poor, unsuspecting, unprepared people like Victoria, who season after season the men prey on and exploit their feelings and insecurities. Then I imagine after the show is over they stagger off and deal with their PTSD for a year or two.

And anonymous 7:20... The lady you are thinking of, that invented the back door, was Nakomis. And she was selected for her brains, not her looks. Ah, the good old days when such was considered good TV.


Nick said...

I am just not understanding this season at all. What is with forming alliances all over the place, only to throw your alliance members under the bus the first chance you get. And it's like the members of the Bomb Squad/Detonators could literally say to one another "I hate you and I want you out this week!" but by Thursday they would all be BFFs again and working together. I'm tired of Christine and Cody complaining about how posses off they are with certain people (mostly Zankie), yet clearly doing nothing about it. I feel like Derrick is doing his scheming just for the check of really hasn't been needed with the huge alliance running things since day one. This was a horrible season for super fans like Nicole and Donny...and I can't wait for all the HGs to watch the season back and see that the two they thought were the biggest liars/schemers (Nicole and Donny) were actually the only ones you could really trust AND the only ones willing to make big moves. SIGH.

Shannon said...

Derrick won HOH when Nicole won her first HOH and he remained HOH. Derrick has lied as much as Dr. Will but he's a much nicer like-able guy.

I feel so bad for Nicole, she's played such a straight game, she deserves to be in that house. I don't want Donny out either but they seem dead set against Victoria going.

Sharon N said...

DERRICK is dead-set against Victoria going.
If at all possible, Derrick would like her to be with him in the F3 and then with him in F2 for the guaranteed win. A shame really because she'd get $50k for doing nothing.

In a perfect world, the 1st/2nd place money would go to people who actually worked for it. As likable as Donny is, he doesn't fit that description either.

We all wonder how the women can be so stupid, but it's really basic nature that goes back to the beginning of time.... jealousy, and preening for male attention.

My sis always says, as a woman entering a room full of people, you can always tell when you look especially good... because you will, without fail, get that pinched/squinty-eyed look from all the other women in the room!!
Sad, but true...

Nina said...

Lili, I so agree with your comments and many of the other comments made about BB 16 this year. Let's put some real people on for a change. Ever since Grodner took over, this has been happening, not as much reality. I'm also losing interest.

Muriel said...

On a more positive note, I love your comments Jackie. I get such a chuckle out of many of them. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

What a sham. I heard some of the HG say they were worried if they say anything negative about Frankie...his fans and his sisters fans will be mad and it will affect fan favorite and just every little thing. That is such a shame to even have to think about such things in the BB House. I never really pay attention to who exactly are the top producers but if in fact all this "crapola" is when Grodner started>>>>SHE SHOULD BE FIRED OR QUIT!! Everyone seems to agree BB has consistantly gone downhill from the good 'ol days of Dr Will, Janelle, Howie, and the likes. Time to invest in a show more worthy.

Sharon N said...

The ONLY way CBS with change the present format from Groder's nightmare is if there is a VERY serious drop in viewers.

There are a lot of fans who only watch the regular TV shows (not BBAD). These people don't follow the feeds or blogs at all and only see what Production wants them to see.

After the BB15 mess that CBS had to try and clean up, I guess they decided to get "nice" people this year... and then went ahead and mucked it up again by throwing in the Frankie-ringer.

Maybe JMO, but as long as the real long-time 'fans' continue to follow and watch, nothing will really change. Well, until CBS decides to just plain cancel the show.

uncartie said...

Spot on,Sharon. It's very unlikely that BB will get canceled anytime soon. It brings in respectable numbers for a summer show and it's cheap to produce. Target audience is 18-34 with disposable income and the cast reflects that.

I've even seen a study that says people that are prone to impulsive behavior are more likely to watch reality TV so to help satisfy their needs...Helloooooo Zach! Page 313

Anonymous said...

Sharon, You tell 'em. You are absolutely right. Nothing is going to change.
If you don't watch BBAD and or the feeds AND READ JACKIE, :O)
you really don't know whats going on. However...I don't know who would like Frankie no matter what they watched or how they did the edit. He is constantly annoying.
By the way...send Frankie to Miss Manners, no one has taught him how to eat without smacking his lips! ewwww I would say send Christine, but he will dump all these HG because they are not important enough to keep as friends.

Anonymous said...

Frankie is bashing and being so horrible to Nicole. His new BFF Christine is just his tool. I cannot say enough HOW MUCH I CANNOT STAND THE SIGHT OF FRANKIE.
He said that when they were out yesterday he realizes how much America loves him. OMG Spare me.

Come on Grodner: I'd like YOU to take a seat and America can backdoor YOU.

Celebrities on BB is NOT COOL!


Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

Anonymous said...

Big Brother has jumped the shark.

It's Jaws, Orwell style.

Sharon N said...

Frankie says Nicole's gonna be all over Christine "like a wet, slippery condom."

Really? He's already been creepy and disgusting, but even he has reached a new low.

Anonymous said...

Nicole on the Block. Guess that was Frankie and Derricks doing in some way or another. I feel really bad for Nicole because she is a sweet girl. She missed the boat not really going for it and getting Frankie out the back door. Probably production would not let her. Yes...production.
I can't wait for Frankie and Christine to find out they are at the bottom of the barrell as far as favorites on Jokers...bottom feeders for sure.
I swear...I do like Donny, but PRODUCTION is not having it as far as him getting voted off. They know Donny is #1 in popularity, but the whole Frankie being on the bottom and him still being there sucks. It pays to be a celebrities brother and a youtube MOGUL. Ya right.

Ed in Ohio said...

Nicole nom'd


Sharon N said...

Anon 3:01
The "get out Nicole" started with Derrick. He was in on the guys discussing keeping Donny over Victoria, so that became a real liability for him. He couldn't have his real #2 leaving!!

Poor naive Cody still believes 100% in Derrick and isn't wise to the fact that he most likely won't be #2... if Derrick can work it out. Derrick may not realized that Cody wouldn't win the big money anyway because he hasn't actually done much other than follow Derrick's "suggested" plans.

Now I'm waiting to see if a different blogger's conjecture is correct that Production will ensure Frankie stays and will be in the F2 with Derrick... because it would be CBS TV Gold if the F2 can be the 2 who lost their grandfathers. Dig out your hankies everyone!! @@

With Zack so wish-wash and flip-floppy, and Caleb/Cody in the respective Frankie/Derrick back-pockets, it could happen. The only glitch would be if Donny wins HOH.

Marybeth said...

I can't remember now, but of those left in the house, how many were from the first 8 in? I am curious to see of that extra day together really made a difference.

Sharon N said...

Holy crap... I wonder if BMC is just talking to hear himself again.
The latest:
Caleb says he, Frankie and Cody can't going around holding hands, because "that would give it away - that we're all 3 gay!"

LMAO, my WV is Marcelus

Sharon N said...

There was a discussion with the guys the other day saying the majority of the 2nd group is gone now.

Sharon N said...

Frankie and Caleb were on Cody in bed a while ago... acting out sexually, particularly Caleb doing a mock 'humping' thing on Cody. Struck me as weird for him to do that kind of thing... being he's Mr Macho.

All very strange... especially with all of Caleb's female fantasies and the way he chases after women, I find it hard to believe he's gay.

We don't have any Showmances this season, but guess we're going to have Boymances? @@

~~Silk said...

Not necessarily so strange. There are many who swing both ways.

Sharon N said...

True Silk, but MBC 'plays' the part of being Mr Macho to the point of being a woman-stalker. So if he's a switch-hitter, he plays it to the extreme of the "male" side.

Delee said...

1st 8 into the house were:
Pau Pau, Donny, Cody, Frankie, Amber, Nicole, Devin, Joey.

4 are left and down to 3 come Thursday

Anonymous said...

There is NO WAY I would need a hankie if Frankie and Derrick were the final two. More like gag me with a spoon.

Thanks CBS for your fake BB Show. See ya on the 12th of NEVER!!

I am sooo concerned too that Derricks daughter doesn't have enough food.

~~Silk said...

Ok, I must have missed a reference somewhere. Why might Derrick's daughter be deprived?

David said...

Silk, It is one of the phrases Derrick likes to use while trashing someone, trying to get them out of the house, or defending himself when he gets caught in a lie. They are trying to take food from my daughters mouth. He uses it enough that people have noticed.

Sharon N said...

This "game" is cruel and a form of torture for someone like Donny. :(
It's like being in high school but not allowed to be one of the "cool kids."

It would be a little better if someone would at least talk to him now and then... for longer than 1 or 2 sentences.

The longest convos seem to be when someone's OTB with him. The macho group suspects him of being the mastermind and conniving, yet they never consider that he goes to bed earlier than anyone else, gets up earlier than anyone else, and... that nobody ever really talks to him anyway!

Nickelpeed said...

So, they're going to leave the people in the house who ARE lying. Oh well. Just wait until they have to choose one of their own. It's amazing.

The women are going to look back and see how right Joey was and how wrong they were the whole time.

What makes me mad, is they are going to bring a person with them that people do not like. So, the person who deserves the least, will get more than any of those who deserved much more. Grrrr.


Nickelpeed said...

The thing is, they do not mix anything up. They do not make big plays. The men formed an alliance and stayed with it. If the women had done the same thing, they would have at least mixed it up. They didn't, so it's the same old, same old. :-(

Jason Clark said...

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