Monday, August 18, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Sunday into Monday - August 18

They should know better

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Mystery and Deceit:
  • When Zach asked Frankie if he was still putting Victoria up as the renom, Frankie said he was. But there was some hesitation. Zach asked if he would swear to it and Frankie refused.
  • Zach told Donny he's sure he's (Zach) going home this week.
  • Of course, Donny is out of the loop, so he has no clue who is going -- he thinks Victoria is supposed to be the renom.
  • Zach told him he thinks the plan changed from Donny to Victoria and now him as the target of the week.
  • Paranoia, the destroyer.
  • Zach went to Caleb who told him Frankie loved him (Zach). But, yeah, he'd (Caleb) save Cody over Zach because Cody has never betrayed him.
  • Zach told Caleb that, since he was going home, he'd make everybody's life miserable.
  • Zach thinks that they're all sending him home because he stole one cue ball as a joke and now they think he's the thief in the house.
  • Zach said that at the end, he'd vote for Derrick to win over everyone, Frankie over Cody or flip a coin if it's between Caleb and Frankie.
  • Frankie told Zach the whole house wants him to go.
  • He confirmed he would be the renom.
  • Hmm ... the rules in the past have always said you're not supposed to tell anyone for sure they're going on the block.
  • I guess we'll see if anything comes of that.
  • Derrick told Zach that he determined his own fate when they drew Skittles because he (Zach) refused to go up on the block and throw the BOB.
  • Meanwhile, the neighborhood patrols continue.
  • It looks like this mission just might be another success!
  • Caleb thinks the patrol is useless because Zach is the thief.
  • Caleb talked with Zach, telling him he ought to go out like Nicole -- she knew she was going home and had a good time the last few days, left with class.
  • Victoria isn't feeling well.
  • But she's doing her neighborhood watch shift.
  • Good gal!
  • Caleb has vowed to stay up to patrol all night because he wants to catch the thief.

Cody's cowgirl cuddler

On patrol!

What? Who? Where? Duh!

I'm going home for realz?


Anonymous said...

Didn't Zach actually volunteer to go on the block? He did it reluctantly, but then Derrick said you don't have to volunteer, we'll draw skittles. Then when his skittle wasn't drawn, they all targeted him for not being on the block. Am I missing something?

Ed in Ohio said...

Cody "Who, What, Where, Duh'

Sounds like a John Travolta/Vinnie Barbarino reference.

Good one Jackie! & very apropos!

Chacha said...

I am not sure the mission was a success. It read a piece of clothing. They stole Christine's stuffed animal. That isn't clothing. I do hope they fail at this mission.

Chacha said...

In my opinion, Frankie getting zach out is bad news for him.
Derrick needs to get Caleb/Christine out next for his game to continue.
Cody- needs to just get a clue. He has ridden derricks coat tails all game and is worthless.

T Town Chick said...

Anon that was what I saw too regarding Zach. They pushed him to volunteer, then when he did they told him no and drew Skittles. I don't know how these people do it. If I was in that house my head would explode or I would leave in a straight jacket. Either way I would be changed forever and not in a good way. I think it would be interesting for CBS to do some type of specials where they look back on past housemates (especially those from small towns) to see how much they have changed since living in the BB house. Oh sweet Zach. The house will be so boring when your gone:(

Sharon N said...

Cody is also totally clueless about who qualifies as a floater (apparently thinks he's playing a good game).

Frankie and Cody were talking about Donny, and then Cody said he couldn't stand to see what would happen if a floater made it to the end! @@
Then Frankie follows that tidbit up by naming Donnie, Christine and Victoria.

Anonymous said...

What is happening?? We still have to look at that monster Frankie. ewwww Zach has been fun to watch. The house is going to be really really boring without him. Who knows, they will be bringing someone back and it could end up to be Zach Attack.
Hoping for Hayden to come back and kick some serious butt!
I read what is happening from Jackie but I refuse to watch the show until Frankie is GONE! He ruins the show for me in a big way.

RBennie said...

I'm not sad to see Zach go. I want them all gone except Donny, LOL. There's lots of time until Thursday. I'm sure the plan will change several times before then with this bunch.

Anonymous said...

I really hope whomever comes back in the game Thurs works with Donny and one of the two can win HOH. I am so disgusted watching Frankie I came very close to turning the show off last night. I have never felt that way about BB, not even when Rachel was on. I think the difference is Rachel was just annoying while Frankie comes off as a spoiled, entitled, brat. Can't wait to see Zingbot Wednesday night.

RBennie said...

Zingbot usually annoys me, but I'm looking forward to this one, LOL.

Lili said...

As I recall Christine, Cody, Zach, and Caleb all said they did not want to go on the block and throw the comp.

Then Derrick said we will draw for it.

The frat boys are using Zach's reluctance as a ruse, as an excuse for tossing him.

The truth is they feel they no longer need him, and they do not like his volatility and inclination to blow up people's games and tell secrets whenever he feels threatened or bored.

If Zach comes back as HOH I just hope he targets Frankie, Derrick, Cody and Caleb. And doesn't make up with them for the hundredth time and then targets Donny.

HGs in the past who have been as isolated as Donny from conversations and alliances have gone kinda nutty. Remember the woman in Jeff/Jordons first season I believe, she was a scientist? She suffered a great deal from being ostracized. I think Donny is holding up admirably. He was a stud in the BoB, and if just one HG returns and sincerely works with him he might go all the way!


Anonymous said...

I have heard from many friends who watch this show that they will not continue watching as long as Frankie is on. That spoiled teeny tiny brat is just repulsive. There has never been anyone on this show as bad. I agree even Rachel wasn't nearly as bad. Wow, am I really saying that. Yes, because FJG is the worst HG in the history of this show.
Donny on the other hand is about the nicest HG ever.
So...production, bring out the big guns and save Donny.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me how much money the houseguests receive each week that they are in the house?

Nick said...

Even if Donny is a floater, it wasn't by choice! Hard to be in an alliance when nobody talks to you, nobody believes you are who you say you are, and everyone sees you as a huge threat! Can't wait for them to go back and watch this season so they can see he is just a nice, simple Southern man from North Carolina...who just happens to be able to use the word osmosis correctly (gasp!).

RBennie said...

Don't get me wrong, Frankie is pretty bad, but there have been many others throughout the years that I have disliked a whole lot more. Jessie comes immediately to mind.

Sharon N said...

Victoria and Cody are total floaters.

I don't think of Donny as a floater at all.
Derrick sees him is a threat because he realizes Donny watches, analyzes, and has figured out who's the mastermind.

It's unfortunate that Caleb started the paranoia about Donny being military (socks and hair ya know). @@ Much to their dismay, Donny has managed to win comps and saved himself... so far.

Sharon N said...

Another nasty piece of work would be Boogie.
Frankie is an over-the-top, self-entitled (but insecure and jealous) jerk... who is vulgar at best.

RBennie said...

Yes Sharon, you are right. I will never forget the way Boogie demeaned what's her name in that all-star season that he won. Of course, I was just as disgusted with her for allowing him to do it. I can't believe I forgot her name.

Chacha said...

Rbennie- I think that was Erika in the allstar season.
Besides Jesse, what about Gnatalie, his sidekick....

RBennie said...

That's right, Erika. Thanks Chacha. Natalie was bad, but not in Frankie's league. At least for me.

Chacha said...

Frankie has got to be the worst.

I really hope that it is zach returning on Thursday. That will Completely mess up frankies game.

I don't think he would win HOH though so that may be a problem and this week would be a repeat unless Julie threw in that returning guest is safe for the week.

~~Silk said...

Someone asked a while ago what Frankie was doing when he was tapping his face with a fingertip. He was blending his concealer.


RBennie said...

If BB doesn't give a returning player some kind of immunity, at least for 1 week, then it's purposeless for someone to come back. They will just get voted right back out.

Nick said...

Frankie is one of the all-time worst because he is obviously there for his career/fame and does not even try to hide that the show has to be all about him. Mr. Pectacular Jessie was far more arrogant and conceited (as scary as that is), but Frankie just flat out should not be in the house.

Also, not that I am trying to defend Christine at all, but didn't Frankie say he is in an open relationship and that his boyfriend is probably hooking up with other guys every night while he is gone? I thought I remembered him talking about how he wish he knew that monogamy wasn't the only option a lot sooner in life. I only bring it up because he said something like "Christine sure has different morals than me" when he was talking about her being married but always touching/cuddling with Cody.

Anonymous said...

Caleb down and Zach is up! Drat

Jackie said...

Anon 1:18 - For years the weekly stipend was $750. In the last few seasons it went up to $1000/week from what I've heard. Now, I may be mistaken, but I seem to recall one of this season's hamsters referring to $1200/week.

Cheryl in NC said...

@ Sharon N.....a lot of them are clueless about who should be considered a because someone is not in YOUR alliance doesn't make them a floater...haha... To me a floater is someone who Floats from side to side depending on who holds the power....usually you have 2 distinct groups/alliances in the house.. That didn't happen this had the one big group but the others never formed an alliance much to there own detriment