Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Wednesday into the evening - August 6

Amber should have put itching powder in 'em

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of I've Been Through the Desert on an Alliance With No Name:
  • Donny and Nicole discussed Zach. Nicole says Zach really thinks he's staying.
  • He's not.
  • Donny thinks he's entertaining, but a liability.
  • Spot on.
  • Donny would like to get Caleb on their side. But Nicole thinks that Caleb won't stray from wanting the "four outsiders" out.
  • I think she's right.
  • They agreed they have the same people they don't trust: Christine, Frankie and Derrick.
  • Now, that's a shame because it's the other two Team America members and he doesn't feel he can trust them.
  • Alas, he can't. Nor can they really trust him.
  • Hayden told Donnie the others are trying to go for a tie with the vote and blame the other side.
  • @@
  • Heck, if you want him out, just vote him out! 
  • Frankie and Christine laughed because Zach had jokingly said he better not be blindsided.
  • Make her stop laughing. It hurts my head.
  • A good portion of the day was boring small talk. I heard about traffic tickets and tattoos much more than I really needed to -- they themselves think they've run out of (non-game) things to talk about.
  • They later talked about the ocean and sea creatures.
  • Oh. And Komodo Dragons.
  • Christine and Nicole talked of blindsiding Caleb ... one of these days.
  • Hayden warned Jocasta not to listen to or trust Christine.
  • She knows. She may suck as a competitor in the house, but she's not dumb.
  • There was some sort of kerfuffle in the yard and yelling off camera. We got fish.
  • When the feeds came back on, Derrick was in a heated discussion with Victoria, something about defending her from Zach and she was saying she didn't need him to defend her the next time.
  • Hmm.
  • Not sure what that was all about. 
  • Most of the guys played paper football in the living room.
  • Then ... WHAM ... we get the highlights taped Jeff sessions.
  • I thought it might be a briefing on a comp (yeah, they do that sometimes), but it's gone on too long. Maybe it's the halfway party.
  • I never thought I'd say this ... but I miss the trivia.

Lost in thought

Jocasta is looking really tired

Hayden subdued? Only for a moment!

Will he go out with a bang?


Sharon N said...

Zack has been practicing his "Violets are Blue" poem so long (for Thursday's eviction), that I think he's forgotten what else he might choose to say instead.

Am I wrong... didn't someone (Frankie?) tell Zack late last night that he's being voted out?

If I'm right, then where is that bad boy? Zack should do his thing and blow a few people out of the water instead and put some excitement and bruhaha into the show!!

And the latest... Derrick is rethinking evicting Zack! @@
As the World Turns (or stomach).

monty924 said...

Please, please, please let Zach go home tomorrow (sorry Petals). I missed the party but figured I would this week. Petals, Gary is in our prayers and happy to hear he gets to come home tomorrow. HUGS

monty924 said...

I want to know what's up Derrick's sleeve right now. He keeps talking to the camera. I honestly hope they don't flip and keep Zach tomorrow. I'd love to be a fly inside Derrick's brain.

Sharon N said...

Looks like the house is being last-minute flipped.... thanks to Derrick. He's so dang clever, who knows what's working in his mind, but you know it's to his own advantage!

With him talking to the cameras when nobody's around... sounds to me like he's "pulling a Dan" somehow. LOL

Cody is so good at playing Christine.
That dipstick really thinks he's in her pocket.

monty924 said...

I think Derrick is bipolar, LOL. Not really, but you can bet your bottom dollar that on a Tuesday night and Wednesday morning he will want the direct opposite come Wednesday evening into Thursday morning. And, yes he is that good at manipulating. Cody's his point man.

Not liking this at all!!!

Anonymous said...

Derrick just told the bombsquad that they are playing us!! Keep Zack..numbers

monty924 said...

Yep, Zach Attack is staying. Boring business as usual this season. :((

monty924 said...

And to Crusty... I hope you do win HOH at some point so you can get a personal letter from Britney Haynes. Let her tell you how well it works out when you're the last female in the house. Just sayin'

Sharon N said...

Well, all depends now on who the next HOH's will be.
Best laid plans and all that....

Make it interesting if 2 of Derrick's crew end up OTB and out instead...maybe even his own little self!

Nic and Hayden should be targeting Derrick, but so far, they can't get beyond thinking Frankie and Crusty.
Derrick really is brilliant, but he could still end up all tangled in his own underwear!

David said...

Derrick is over thinking everything. He thinks everyone must be at least as smart as him and have plans within plans within plans because he does. Paranoia is going to eat him up. He might change his mind again before tonights eviction. Lets hope so.
I think there is still 3 votes to get out Zach. Donny, Hayden, and probably Christine. They only need 1 more and Victoria is probably confused at this point about who to vote for and wants Zach out.

Anonymous said...

golf is still on here on the east coast 7:38pm so who knows when big brother will start-still need to show 60 minutes---UGH