Friday, August 22, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Thursday evening into Friday - HoH Winner - August 22

Who wants to see my HoH room?

It was a mental comp. Cody won. Who woulda thunk it? Here's what's been happening inside that Big Brother House of Really Noisy Hamsters:
  • Why must they always shout so much? I have to keep turning my volume down. Indoor voices please.
  • But don't whisper. It irks me when I have to turn the volume way up for whispers, then Frankie or Christine come along and squeal.
  • When the feeds returned, Nicole spoke of the joys of the jury house -- they could make lists of foods, beverages, candy, etc. and get it delivered to them, BB set them up with Pandora so they could listen to any kind of music they wanted. They could sleep wherever they wanted without BB yelling at them.
  • Donny is elated to have a friend in the house once again. He told Nicole he's been so lonely. "It will be nice to have someone to set with."
  • Donny pointed out to Nicole that going two against six will probably not have good results.
  • "Game on," said Nicole.
  • They're sure that they will be nominated together.
  • Alas, so am I.
  • Derrick is glad it was Nicole coming back and not Hayden.
  • I bet he is!
  • Christine has latched onto the guys.
  • Safety in numbers, after all. Now there are suddenly two bigger targets than her and she can float along for a few more weeks hanging onto coattails.
  • I'm mad at Nicole. Yes, I am. She was foolish enough to tell Frankie that his sister was in the audience at the double eviction. That set him off into over the top ridiculous ear-piercing squealing. Grr.
  • Frankie and Derrick assured Donny that Team America is still a go for missions. Hey, they want him out (and he knows it), but why not go for as much money as they can?
  • Then came the comp. From what they said, Nicole was the first gone. It was questions on what day what happened.
  • Both Derrick and Nicole said they weren't even sure what number day today was!
  • I'm with them there. It seems like eons ago the season started.
  • Nicole told Donny that Hayden should have come back instead of her because he would have "crushed" the comp.
  • Frankie thinks there might be a Pandora's Box this week.
  • They haven't been able to have one all summer as the room has been used weekly for the second HoH.
  • Huh. Christine thinks Donny's fans are going to be pissed. Then Frankie said he doesn't think Donny has any fans!
  • Hey! Donny has more fans and fewer haters than both Christine and Frankie combined!
  • Aww ... Nicole says that Hayden gave her a rose and wrote her love notes in the jury house. Ain't that sweet? She says he's the most kind and thoughtful guy she's ever met.
  • Everybody acted happy at Cody's HoH reveal.
  • We know some weren't all that thrilled, but played along.
  • Cody's mother wrote him a letter addressed to "CodyBear."
  • Donny's starting to get a bit edgy. He told Cody he's thought all along that he was some dumb kid and he's really smart.
  • Cody: "I'm a college graduate."
  • "Huh. Who? What? Where?"
  • While Cody wants to concentrate on getting Donny out, Derrick is thinking it might be best to target Nicole (as he says she's more deceitful than Donny).
  • I think Derrick's thinking of missions for Team America -- since both would have to go, might as well keep Donny the extra week.
  • It's all about the Benjamins.
  • Nicole isn't ready to give her return to the game up. She plans to plead with Cody that she was HoH three times and never put him up, she's out of sync with the game and weak, etc.
  • We'll see.
  • But, if Derrick has his way, which he usually does, his flying monkey Cody will target Nicole while Derrick cackles looking at the crystal ball.

Goody! Now there are two to go before me!

Oh my.

Just passing through ...

A week ahead with a friend! Yay!

Gag me now


Anonymous said...

Firm believer that the returning HG should be safe for their first week back but isn't allowed to play in that weeks veto competition either.

Cheryl in NC said...

Donnie just can't catch a break.....but if Cody really was smart he would see the bigger 2 threats to get out of there. He's got to know that noway can he go to the final with Derrick or Frankie...they would win for sure.

jennifer said...

I think the returning houseguest should be HOH for the week. Could have really shaken things uo.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Cody is bright enough to figure that out. He will do exactly what Derrick and Frankie tell him to do. I like Nicole but I would rather see her go than Donny.

Anonymous said...

Prove me wrong.....Cody did want a HOH again..... said he never would after almost having a heart failure with his last HOH and miserable with it.....but we all know who the REAL HOH is...Derrick. If Cody puts up Nicole vs Donny it will show, for Derrick has already said he should put up Nicole, because he wants to keep Donny for more Team America $$$ missions. Lets see what Cody does, because he said he thought Nicole?

As much as I have wanted Derrick to win, I sure did want Nicole or Donny to win HOH and make it a real challenge for Derrick to have to survive being on the block and earn his $500k, not that I don't think he has played a great game, but with this group, you have to admit it has been easier than most. Since it appears they still haven't had a wake up punch yet, but they will when the numbers dwindle and they see who the Master of the Game truly. Then they may POSSIBLY feel how feel under HIS spell they have been. Well, maybe........ but, no Victoria still looking like a deer in headlights...........


Petals said...

One thing you didn't mention, Jackie - (and that is prolly because you don't loathe Caleb as much as I)
At the HOH reveal, everyone raced to his food basket & fridge. Caleb? He bee-lined to the photos. He is enamored of Cody's sister. As the others mmmd & hmmmd after the letter reading, Caleb demanded the pic of Cody's sister, and sat staring at it for several minutes. @@
Alert the police in Bergen County New Jersey {hey, I lived there!} had better be put on alert - Stalk Mode Cowpoke has a new love interest.

Petals said...

I will say, Cody does have good manners. I reminds me SO MUCH of my ex-husband (but still BFF), who was raised 10 minutes from Cody, by Italian parents, super-strict.
I really appreciate that he doesn't insult people to their face, only talks about it behind their back. He isn't a sh*t-stirrer.
I won't watch Sunday night, but I will be here. I can't handle that kind of stress now. LOL

Anonymous said...

I can't help myself wanting to know what is happening but I have not watched the show or BBAD for the last couple of weeks. I just can't take Frankie and Christine. I am wondering why I find so many of the HG just so irritating. Quite frankly, Derrick really gets to me too. I just won't watch.
I wish Hayden would have come back because I know he would have won....he and Donny used to go over the days every morning. Darn.
Nicole won't stay. She doesn't stand a chance UNLESS BB makes a real game out of this and there is SOMETHING UNEXPECTED> How silly of me to think that though, what has really been unexpected this season, NOT MUCH. TA is a joke and not amusing at all.

lynn1 said...

I think it is fairly predictable that Nicole and Donny will go on the block. The only thing that could possibly make thi interesting is if Nicole won POV and Derrick and Frankie decided that they had to save Donny because of Team America.
I don't think Cody has the cojones to put up Frankie or Derrick but he would defer to them as to who should go up which would be Caleb or Christine.
Actually I think Nicole will not mind going back to Jury House and Hayden.
I really should write CBS and tell them that the most exciting thing that has been shown on BB this summer is Julie getting the bucket of ice water.
I think for now on I say BB = Boring Bozos

Anonymous said...

It seems unfair to have this week's HOH competition deal with when things happened IN the house, when the returning houseguest could have been one who'd been OUT of the house for a few weeks. Seems unfair for Nicole, would have been more so for Hayden or Jocasta.

Anonymous said...

Golden Power of Veto, Coup 'd etat, Pandora's Box PRODUCTION'S RIGGING (save Nicole and Donny instead of Frankie).

Chacha said...

Every season I get to a point where I have a week and say I am over it for the summer.
I feel this week will be it.
Noms are set, Nicole will go if she doesn't win POV.

Frankie and Derrick don't want to get rid of Donny yet as evident last night when Derrick already made the shift to get Nicole out over Donny to Cody.

I agree the only interesting thing will be is if Nicole wins POV. If that happens then I feel that Derrick will push for Caleb to be the renom and Frankie will push for Victoria to be renom.

Sharon N said...

If Nicole wins POV, it would be nice to have Christine take her spot and get that slug out of there. Although, I'd be sorry to have her inflicted on Hayden and Jacosta.
Doubt Cody would have the cajones to put Crusty on the block though.

Lili said...

Jackie...Derrick's Flying Monkey Cody....too funny!

Where does it say if one TA member goes home TA is over? If that was the case I don't think Derrick would have said lets get Donny out next like a thousand times over the last 4 weeks. So I don't think Derrick wants to keep Donny because of TA. I just think that he currently wants Nicole out more because she is almost as astute as Donny, but has a much better social game.

I am glad Donny will be leaving with lots of cash for his troubles this summer, maybe he will win the POV and or more cash in a POV game, he deserves it.

But at this point, when it is truly hopeless for Nicole and Donny I have little interest and no one to root for.
Jackie's blog is more entertaining than the show, although I did enjoy seeing Julie Chen standing in a wading pool in high heels, and an expensive dress get soaked.


Petals said...

Sorry, guys. Cody will do exactly what his master instructs, which is to nom Donny & Nic. If either win POV, regardless of who is replacement nom, the other is going home.
I feel production DID hand-pick the HOH to favor Donny. They didn't realize Cody, too, had been studying numbers/dates. Damn!

Sharon N said...

Have to agree with the HG's that the challenges have been pretty boring this season.
So far they've been mostly mental.
I'd like to see interchanges with some physical, like the hanging challenges.
Although slighter-built girls tend to be better on those, Freakie has a leaner build too... with our luck, he'd win on that type.

Anonymous said...

What a boring season. It's also so sad to see truly nice people being treated so poorly & talked about in such degrading ways. Is this a microcosm of society? Sadly, probably yes. The bullies often win with lies & intimi

Anonymous said...

Also, it is so much like BB6 where we all had to sit and watch Maggie send her sheep to slaughter. Same game, different name. Derrick is just so much less obvious about it. He is playing a phenomenal game & deserves the win, but his fellow contestants just made it way, way too easy on him. He hasn't struggled for even a moment. Like most of America, my heart loves Donny and Nicole! Sad to watch how they are treated. The rest if the guests are going to feel like fools when they see how easily Derrick played them all.

Anonymous said...

pleasem please, please CCcody! Use your brains and put up Frankie and Christine and then backdoor Derrick. You can't possible win if you don't make a big move NOW. Go for it

Sharon N said...

Cody may have gone to college, but he's what I call book-smart & social stupid.
He will never do anything smart because he's a follower who needs an instruction manual.

Anonymous said...

Why do you torture us with creepy pictures of Christine in FRANKIES HOH bed? Smile*

Is it my imagination or is this the worst season of BB ever? I find myself dispising almost all of them. Sad. I hope Donny and Nicole can have Jocosta pray for something to happen to save them.
Isn't it about time for someone to shake up this show? Producers?

Anonymous said...

Frankie a leaner build? To say the least. Isn't he about 4ft 11 and weighs about 98lbs. His personality fits a man with a slight build.

BB Please advise FJG, 31 years old to PULL UP HIS PANTS.

Sharon N said...

Anon 4:36
Yes, Frankie is short and a light-weight, however he does fit the description as lean and physically athletic. Much more so than most of us assumed he'd be. All you have to do is watch that video clip he made (his "bid" to be on Survivor) to realize he'd be no patsy in physical comps. dang it.

LynnE said...

I am almost sad reading the live feeds on Jokers. Donny is doing nothing but telling everyone the truth, who is running the show and that someone needs to make a move and all they do is mock him and say how much they hate him. I'm sorry, but if you've been saying since week 3 Derrick is a shoe in to win, then Derrick should be your number 1 target period. They're all just annoying at this point.

Anonymous said...

BB seems to be on some celebrity kick since bringing FJG on and rigging the show for him.
I am going to write a letter to Kelli Pickler (super sweet) and mention all the horrible things they are doing to Donny who is from her home town and school.
I would much rather look at and listen to Kelli Pickler than Frankie's sister any day. I think people from small towns stick together. There, now I am done complaining for the day.

monty924 said...

Jeff highlights for almost four hours now. Hmmm

David said...

Anon 6:26 If you think BB is bad for putting celebrity's in the house you should see how bad BB UK is right now. They just started an all celebrity BB a few days ago and after watching a few episodes it is the worst thing I have ever seen. Won't be watching any more of it.

Well the predictable happened, Donny and Nichole on the block. Yawn. It is hard to watch these people that have zero brain power of their own. Derrick is the only one who can see past this week. They deserve to be the losers they will be. They know who controls everything but no one is willing to do anything about it is just so irritating.

Anonymous said...

Why does Frankie feel he has to be naked on camera as much as possible. he does it all the time. No other guy keeps changing in front of the camera.
Thats just typical for the little creep he is. Any camera time is good camera time.

There has to be a twist coming otherwise this season was a complete lie about the unexpected

monty924 said...

Jackie has a new post up. Cody is not only the HOH, but he's a jerk. Nominated and Have Nots all in one day. UGH

Sharon N said...
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