Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Tuesday into the evening - August 19

Da boyz chillaxin'

Here's the happenings from today (so far) inside that Big Brother House of Patrol is Over:
  • Derrick called an end to the neighborhood watch last night. No explanation to his fellow hamsters. No questions asked. Mission accomplished.
  • In the morning, Donny had a long talk with Cody. He tried to convince him that Frankie would take all or any of the others before him and that Derrick can't be trusted. He blames Derrick for masterminding Hayden's exit. He said that Frankie had Caleb to do his dirty work, but probably wouldn't take him to the final two. He likened Cody to Derrick's Caleb.
  • Cody was rather noncommittal, defending Derrick a few times, but without real enthusiasm.
  • However, later in the day, he reported back to Derrick about the conversation.
  • I think Donny was going on Zach's advice and perhaps his own gut feeling that Cody was the weak link of the bunch.
  • But it doesn't seem like he's weak enough or he just trusts his Hitman buddy Derrick too much.
  • In the Pink Capgate drama, Victoria has cut up her pink cap (which is the one Zach's been wearing all season and is pining for now in his time of personal crisis), wrapped it in foil with just a bit showing to let on it's the pink cap. She put it in the bottom of the laundry basket.
  • In a Team America meet-up, both Donny and Frankie mentioned that they might be able to use Zach (as they have for most of their missions) for future missions.
  • But I doubt they'll keep him.
  • It's kind of set in stone now.
  • The feeds never picked up what was shouted over the fence at them last night causing the lockdown. Every time they mention it, we get fish. Other sites claim it was nasty things about Caleb and Frankie, love for Zach. However, as it wasn't discenible on the feeds and BB shuts the conversation down if they mention it, I can't really say.
  • Zach claims that they called BMC the man, love you Zach and Frankie's the best.
  • Caleb thinks they may have said Beast Mode Cowboy, we hate you.
  • Zach insists his version is right.
  • We couldn't hear it.
  • But, both Caleb and Frankie were a bit subdued after it.
  • And, Caleb seems to be quieter today. Both Frankie and Derrick picked up on that. They think it might be from the missing stuff.
  • I'd say he's deep thinking, but I've heard of no forest fires in that area, so nothing's burning.
  • BB gave them a dartboard to cheer them up.
  • No pointy weapon type darts, though. They get the magnets.
  • Weird instructions with it: They must turn in the darts at 24 hours, the dartboard remains and must stay in place. Next week they get the darts for another 24 hours. This will go on until the end of the season.
  • Um. Okay.
  • Frankie, Caleb and Derrick talked about how stupid (and disgusting) it is that Christine hasn't stopped caressing and hanging all over Cody. She was so upset with the zing that they thought she'd stop.
  • She hasn't.
  • And, with that particular thing ... I totally agree with Frankie, Derrick and Caleb!
  • Tonight is rather ho-hum.
  • So, there ya go.
Cody, you're Derrick's Caleb

Death of the pink cap

The HoH camera in action

Ohh! Darts! Not the pointy weapon ones.

Explaining golf


Sharon N said...

I have hoping there's some 'substance' under all Victoria's extensions, but then she continues to show that there's nothing going on "upstairs." I'm now convinced she really is as dumb as she acts.

It must be very disappointing that Zack hasn't gone completely berserk over the pink hat yet.
He's been hunting when nobody is looking, but I'd be much happier if he doesn't say anything further to her (or anyone else) about it now. She was hoping he'd ruin/break something of her's in retaliation... so he could be evicted immediately. @@

monty924 said...

Fish on feeds and BBAD

Stormy said...

Congrats to BB16. Thought it was impossible to dislike the house guest more than last years guest. WRONG. After Zack and Donny leave it will be very difficult to watch. No way BBAD. To hard to watch that even now. Wow.

Anonymous said...

This season is extremely boring! Derrick and Donny seems to be the only ones playing to win. And nobody will talk to Donny. The others seem to think we're just here to see a day in the life of a frat house. Do they even realize they're in a game?

patricia said...

I could not take watching BB afterdark yesterday -Christine and Cody both so sickening!! she keeps stroking his arm, hand with those long fingers yuk!!! and cody wth - puts lotion on his hands and then puts his hands down his pants!!& keeps making these snorting noises! lol He definitely is no longer attractive to me.

Sharon N said...

The thing about Cody's snorting...
What's really gross is that he's snorting loogies and he's doing it constantly! Get a flippin' kleenex!!!

It's almost as bad as seeing a guy 'blowing' loogies out his nose directly on to the ground (in public). Ick ick ick

Anonymous said...

I was glad to hear that Frankie and Caleb indeed do know what was said over the fence. Zach was being nice and not telling them the truth! Luckily the truth hurts the right ones. Yipppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Petals said...

Yeah - they heard exactly what was said. I heard exactly what they said. Then a friend of mine sent me a vid clip that he had - in surround sound - at was very clear. And they all know it. HAHAHAAHA

I feel so sad for Donny. He was a fan, and he is treated like a pariah. Breaks my heart.

Sharon - I agree about Hat-gate: Zach didn't go ballistic, and GOOD FOR HIM! Victoria sure has gotten pretty saucy lately! Cursing & bitching & acting like a guttersnipe. Apparently Chrustacean is rubbing-off on her. So sad.
See you guys tonight! xoxox

~~Silk said...

Victoria has learned; look where the good, nice people end up.

Sharon N said...

Donny spilling ALL the beans to Crusty.
Seems to be making her a believer, but you never know with Crusty.
Probably Donny's only choice now, and she's not a dumb ditz like Victoria.
All along, Crusty has believed the wrong people... has to make her feel totally stupid.
It would be funny if she goes with Donny now, but I wish he could have found someone nice.

Sharon N said...

Well, so much for that plan.
Crusty ran right to Cody after DR.
DR must have given her some "hints" as we are aware they do.

uncartie said...

Sharon,Perfect example of bad these HG's are at the game. Crusty could have just kept their discussion to herself.
Donnie is out on a limb by himself and no one would have found out about their conversation.
The only thing it accomplished was an excuse for her to crawl into bed with Cody and feel each other up.
Please either let Donnie or Hayden, if he can get back in,win HOH this week.

Jackie said...

Please don't believe everything you read on Joker's.

That's all I have to say.