Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Tuesday into Wednesday - August 27

Caleb and Nicole take a tumble

Yep, yep. I'm still here watching the grass grow. Too bad it's artificial turf!  Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Boredom:
  • The screen cap above is the most entertaining thing that happened all day yesterday. Caleb and Nicole were sitting next to each other. He was leaning back on his chair and leaned back too far. He grabbed Nicole's chair as he went, thus dragging her over, too. He claims it was an accident. But, since he had grabbed on and rocked her chair before, it was probably on purpose -- he might have just thought he wouldn't be really able to pull her over.
  • After she got up, she threw the water from her glass at him and he managed to perfectly escape getting hit by any.
  • How boring was it for them? It was so boring that all were in bed before 2am their time -- a first for this season.
  • Let's see ... what happened ... what happened. 
  • Um. Cody got his HoH camera.
  • Nicole told Christine that she'd like to meet Ian and Dan at their after party. I can totally see that.
  • Victoria and Nicole bonded more. Victoria is still on her jealousy kick about Christine while we all know Christine betrayed Nicole. So, they have some common ground going there.
  • The BB voice yelled at Cody for jumping into the pool.
  • I've decided I'd personally like to have that backyard for myself. Get rid of the cameras and mirrors, though. Oh. I'd like the kitchen and storage room, too. I'd have to redecorate the whole place, but I could live there. Without hamsters and cameras, of course.
  • The live feeds were blocked as the hamsters did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.
  • Victoria told Nicole that her whole view of Christine changed when she saw what Christine did to her (Nicole). She vowed to never put Nicole on the block if she wins HoH.
  • That's a big IF, but the sentiment is good.
  • Derrick and Nicole have bonded a bit due to Victoria and Nicole bonding. He told Nicole that he's said all along that Victoria was a good person.
  • Nicole is really struggling as a Have Not.
  • Donny seems to be taking it in stride. He's taken a lot in stride this summer.
  • Derrick and Cody compared notes on Christine, deciding she's a pathological liar.
  • Too bad they didn't think of that before Cody didn't use the veto!
  • Cody said he'd rather Frankie and Christine go away before Nicole.
  • I say, "Yay, Cody! You da man!"
  • Unfortunately, Derrick inputted with what a huge competition threat Nicole is. Grr, Derrick.
  • Caleb is disgusted with the Cody/Christine physical petting and cuddling.
  • So am I.
  • Of course, she also pets Derrick. 
  • She pets the girls, too.
  • If she touched me, I'd give her a look that would KILL.
  • Nicole has bought Derrick's tale hook, line and sinker. She told Victoria she'd trust him with her life.
  • While I bet Derrick could be trusted with her life outside the house, inside not so much. (As we all know.)
  • Christine told Cody that Frankie and Nicole offered her final two deals.
  • Oh, well. Hamsters spinning their wheels in a hold position for now.
  • And, they're all still asleep.

You two can leave anytime. Please.

Hot tub gathering

Has Donny finally gone bonkers?

More thinking about exercising than actual exercising

24 hour darts are back


Laurie said...

If she touched me it would be way more than a look from me. I would have to show her my Miss Piggy moves!

I was just thinking they should do a fast-track BB when the numbers get this low. Too much time on their hands and boring for everyone, especially for you!!

David said...

I would warn Production ahead of time that if either Christine or Frankie didn't keep their hands away from me I would be decking them. Then sue them for allowing sexual harassment to run rampant in the house and doing nothing about it. Frankie does seem to know to keep hands off Donny and Derrick though.

What about the facinating hour they spent staring at a spider. The fun is just non-stop in that house.

Stormy said...

Heard Cabel on BBAD last night talking to Derrick that the way he had played the game and with his integrity he was sure he had a good chance to be voted as America's favorite player. WHAT???????? Will he not be surprised when he gets out and reads all the sites about his popularity?

Chacha said...

Cody needs to relay the info from Christine(final 2) to Derrick. This may change his mind and want Nicole out.

As far as Nicole, I am not buying what she is selling to Derrick. The final words from Hayden to her were to get out Cody and Derrick. I am also sure Donny will tell her the same thing on the way out as he said he would tell her who to go after as he is walking out the door.

I wouldn't want Christine touching me at all, but with that said..... I would never put myself in that house.

Caleb is going to be a bitter banana when he finally is out of this house.

I am probably in the minority but I miss the days of the old houseguests...Pre BB12

Anonymous said...

I stopped watching because I can't stand the people who are left in the house and I know that Donny will be leaving. I am rooting for Nicole; although, I know there is a slim chance that she could win. I just come here for the updates and hoping for Nicole to pull off a miracle.

Zoe in California

Nina said...

I don't remember any other season where it has been this slow and unchallenging so early on.

On another note, I also miss the days of the older house guests, you now the ones, the type that look like our next door neighbor. Looks and youth aren't everything, as you can see by the people cast on BB 16.

Dotty said...

CONGRADS to all the cast of BB16. They have done something that I thought would be impossible. They are worse than BB15.

monty924 said...

Lol @ Dotty ^5

monty924 said...

This cast would have been more enjoyable if it hadn't been for the stupid Bomb Squad in the beginning of the game. The house would have divided as it always does and there would have been more battle between the two camps. That's what BB6 and BB10 so great. At least for me.

monty924 said...

*made BB6 and BB 10 so great.

Chacha said...


Even BB11 when Jesse was running everything

uncartie said...

The main problem this year that enabled the bomb squad to get this far and manipulate the evictions were the dual HOH's. The winners of the BOB were declared safe and untouchable,thus taking an extra 2 people out of consideration for back dooring.

If I were running production I would have made a rule that those 2 people could not participate in the POV since they were already safe. The winner of the POV would then have the choice of who to replace the HG that they used the POV on.


monty924 said...

Yes, Chacha... I would agree with that. BB11 was also great but it was also because of a divided house. Remember how exciting it was when Jeff changed Chima's noms and she went ballistic, LOL!!!

monty924 said...

I wouldn't like that at all, Uncartie. If the POV winner had the choice then that takes the power away from the HOH. I wouldn't like that. Say someone you really liked and was pulling for was HOH, but someone you despised, like Crustie won POV. I wouldn't want her to have the power of naming the replacement.

Sharon N said...

uncartie, that would have been a good solution to a very bad BOB sissy "twist."
It was much too easy for the BS to protect themselves the way Production set up the HOH/BOB.

But it's painfully obvious that FJG was supposed to be a "Big Star" for BB this year.

Considering all the publicity CBS has given FJG with over the top camera time (and his sister), it makes sense that they both had a 'special contract arrangement.'

But I got sucked into it again and kept hoping it would improve, but there's no hope for that now.
With BB15, it was nauseating and extremely offensive.
With BB16, it's been nauseating and boring.
Next summer, I'll probably watch a couple of shows, but if I see it heading down the same kind of road as the last 2 years, I won't want to continue to watch.

Forget the idiot plan of bringing in a bevy of insipid bathing 'beauties' (male and female), or people considered stars/related to so-called stars (ala FJG)!!!!!

uncartie said...

Monty,Yes,maybe letting the POV winner decide the replacement nom is a bit too much. It's sad that this season is so boring that I'm reduced to desperately fantasizing on how maybe things could have put a spark in this trainwreck.

Sharon,I haven't completely ruled out watching next year but I'm going to really study next year's contestants before I commit to watching. Any entertainment connected guests like FJG,and I won't be watching.

monty924 said...

But Derrick is REAL people with brains on this season. Derrick is a contrast to many of them in there, but the BS was made up of a lot of folks who didn't know how to play the game and Derrick has benefitted from that. Casting could put an entire cast of BB fans in there, and this same situation could occur with them especially now that this strategy has been proven effective... so far :)))

Sharon N said...

Monty... it's true. I can't argue the point that a few have brains, like Derrick and Donny. It's just that most prefer to 'look good for the cameras' instead of using their brains for something other than a hat rack!

The majority only qualify as bathing brawn/beauties (sans Crusty) and never watched BB until they were recruited. Then CBS gave them a few episodes to watch and become instant experts. @@

It's discouraging...