Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Wednesday into the afternoon - August 20

Bonding with Donny over Jenga?

I know. I know. I didn't post this morning. But, it's been mainly the same-old same-old in that Big Brother House of Zach Pleading, Donny Grasping Straws:
  • Zach keeps trying to tell everyone that keeping him in the house over Cody is in their best interest.
  • He understands he has a big mouth.
  • He understands that he repeats things to the wrong people.
  • He understands he can be annoying.
  • But, all that aside ... keep him because he's so good for their games!
  • @@
  • Sorry, Zach. I think the bridges are burnt, the die is cast.
  • Meanwhile, Donny has tried working his angles.
  • You know he's at wit's end if he's trying to get Christine to work with him.
  • She sits around talking how much she wants him gone from the house.
  • Hours before their talk, she went on to both Frankie and Derrick about how much she hates Donny.
  • But he makes some rather valid points that she's the bottom of the pecking order.
  • He kept pointing out that "some" people have never been on the block. Hmm. Who could he be talking about?
  • Derrick has never ever been on the block.
  • Both Christine and Frankie were initially on the block, but not in the final nominations after BOB. Victoria has also never been in the final noms due to BOB and Veto.
  • Donny kept mentioning "someone" in the house that everybody likes.
  • Oh my. I believe he's talking DERRICK!
  • He told her that there's one very impressive person. (Derrick)
  • He also said that he thinks they'd be doing the viewers a disservice if the final three were Cody, Derrick and Victoria.
  • Now, I don't think he really thinks that. He's just about the only one inside the house who sees how strong Derrick's game actually is. You don't need to be nominated a gazillion times to play an excellent game!
  • He asked if Frankie has noticed how close Derrick, Victoria and Cody actually are and hinted they'd knock them (Christine, Frankie, Caleb) to be the final three.
  • Frankie has all but dismissed his ex-BFF. He shoots down practically every plea Zach makes.
  • At least Derrick was much more kind to him although not giving him any hope at all for staying.
  • Oh. And then Christine went and reported to Cody about the talk with Donny.
  • Sigh.
  • Not that I wanted Donny to team up with Christine.
  • She skeeves me out too much.
  • I only hope he can team up with whoever comes back tomorrow and wins HoH.
  • I personally would like to see both Derrick and Donny in the final two.

Odd bedfellows

Talking Zach

Please! I could be good for your game!

The only one who ever exercises

Maybe he can move in with them!


Anonymous said...

OMG, I swear she looks more like Freddy Kruger every day.

Gag me with a spoon.

We need pictures of Zach because soon there will only be about 2 that won't make want to gag.

All I can say is coup 'd etat
Diamond Power of Veto
Pandora's Box


monty924 said...

I think Crusty just might go with Donny, but it won't be this week. It would only be if he or the returning hamster pull off an HOH win on Thursday. She'd be an idiot not to at that point. She knows what Donny was saying was the absolute truth. Way to go Donny. Can't win if you don't even try.

uncartie said...

Perfect example of bad these HG's are at the game. Crusty could have just kept their discussion to herself.
Donnie is out on a limb by himself and no one would have found out about their conversation.
The only thing it accomplished was an excuse for her to crawl into bed with Cody and feel each other up.
Please either let Donnie or Hayden, if he can get back in,win HOH this week.

Anonymous said...

I am screaming my head off right now. I just read on Jokers something Frankie wrote. I guess its his HOH Blog. I can't really believe I even clicked on it but he is such a liar.
He is telling everyone how sad he was in the house and he did his "coming out" on the show and he feels thats why he is getting haters! REALLY FRANKIE He did not "come out" on the show. He was gay the day he arrived and everyone knew it. He wants sympathy. Being gay has NOTHING TO DO WITH PEOPLE NOT LIKING HIM.
I think I need to scream again. He is so pathetic. Get a grip Frankie...we all dispise you because of the way you act and disrespect everyone else! ewwww

David said...

I agree Monty, the only hope Donny has is if the returning player also wins HOH. As much as they are blasting him right now I am sure that they know he is telling them the truth and trying to cover it up. I like to see Derrick finally sweat a little. He is hearing his master plan told to him by others and that has to make him nervous.
I think it will be an endurance comp like last year Thursday so we may not know the outcome until early in the morning.

monty924 said...

Anon, I think he was talking about "coming out as to his sister"... everyone including his family/grandfather already knew he was gay.

lynn1 said...

Letter to Frankie. The reasons I don't like you have nothing to do with your sister or you being Gay.
I don't like you because you are coarse, vulgar, arrogant, conceited, narcissistic, vain, self-centered , shallow, noisy, and just generally an ass. Your sexual preference and your one hit wonder of a sister don't have anything to do with my dislike for you.

Anonymous said...

Oh...sorry. Thank you Monte, That makes total sense. I am a dork and just didn't get it. What else is new???

Yes, he did make a mistake coming out but he had that in his plan way before he did it.

I am going to pay closer attention to what I read. Thanks for setting me straight.

Anonymous said...

No one wants to put Derrick on the block because there is no way he would go home, and, afterward, he would take them out. He already controls too many votes, and has the persuasive ability to control even more. Putting him OTB would be the surest way to get oneself evicted.

I pretty much forget all the HGs as soon as the season is over, but I can't think of any that were less of a player than Cody. I'd rather see Frankie and Christine out, but Cody seems to deserve eviction the most.

Anonymous said...

Crustine is supposed to be a super fan? Shes Being brtney 2.0. She cant see shes on the bottom? Super fan phhht! Last night she wondered if people didnt like her. Oh what a surprise she has coming when she gets out.