Friday, August 08, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Friday/Nominations - August 8

Team America doesn't think they can do it

What a day! How quickly the worm can turn in that Big Brother House of Snakes:
  • The fallout from last night's double eviction continued to spin.
  • Thank you, Caleb.
  • I never thought I'd say that.
  • But it was Caleb who brought it to (just about) everybody's attention that Nicole was telling the truth about Frankie and Christine, as was Hayden.
  • Derrick thinks it's best to get Frankie out and no more alliances because Zach tells all.
  • And, yes ... Zach did tell ALL to Nicole.
  • She, in turn, told just about all to Zach, leaving out quite a bit of intel on Derrick and Cody.
  • She told every bit about the Frankie and Christine lying.
  • Of course, Christine is the other HoH. So targeting her would be a bit hard. She'd have to be dethroned and severe backdoored.
  • Derrick and Cody have put a "need to know" criteria on anything they share with Caleb.
  • Caleb is willing to go on the block with Frankie and throw the comp, thus Frankie gets voted out.
  • Unfortunately, although he's volunteering, right now they don't want to vote out Caleb -- they want the head of Alfredo Garcia. Er, wait. That's an old movie. They want Frankie out.
  • I'd rather Frankie out than Caleb right now, too. I have to give him credit for starting the "There's truth in what Nicole's saying" movement.
  • Caleb also mended fences with Donny over the Get Rid of Frankie Plan. They decided they're even and will no longer target each other.
  • Caleb also says he owes Hayden a huge apology.
  • Oh my ... Christine told Nicole SHE doesn't trust Frankie! Covering her butt and trying to earn favor or for real?
  • I'm not sure.
  • But it will work for this week anyway.
  • Nicole doublechecked with Caleb to make sure he will throw the BOB. He said yes.
  • When the nominations came down -- Nicole put up Frankie and Caleb, Christine put up Zach and Donny.
  • Zach and Donny know that they're safe and Caleb will throw the comp.
  • Frankie doesn't know this.
  • Heehee. Donny told Zach that he and Caleb make the show -- Zach's antics and Caleb's stupidity.
  • Spot on.
  • That said, Derrick is really still angry with Zach for the way he treated Nicole after the live show last night. 
  • Derrick continues to amaze me with his talks with everyone. He makes each person feel special. Plus, he does seem like a genuinely NICE guy who's playing a wickedly cool game of Big Brother.
  • Nicole continued to throw Frankie under that good ol' bus.
  • Others joined in.
  • Zach really seems to want to work with Nicole. Perhaps it's a ruse; perhaps it's because she opened his eyes to Frankie using him for the fool.
  • Frankie told Victoria that he's worried because he's on the block. He's also a bit worried about Caleb because he's been eating slop, but is sure he will go into Cowboy Beast Mode for the BOB.
  • Heh.
  • He ought to be worrying that Caleb with throw the comp completely!
  • As it stands right now, they're expecting the BOB, but don't know quite when.
  • Neither do I.
  • But I bet Donny and Zach just might win this one!

Zicole, not Zankie

I thought people were my friends

Totally under the radar

Derrick throws the cameras hand signs

United for a cause


RBennie said...

I really hope this plan works out, but you know what always happens. The one person you pray doesn't win POV does. In this case it will be Frankie.

David said...

I think if Donny and Zach win BoB and Frankie wins POV then the plan is to backdoor Christine. But if Frankie wins POV I think TA might just decide to follow through on the TA task and take out Caleb.
At least there is finally some action happening in the house.
As good a game as Derrick is playing I really do want him to get busted with all his scheming he has been doing. Just like last year with Andy, why can't the HG see what is going on or compare notes at least once. Donny does see it but can't do anything. As much as I don't like Christine, she seems to be the only one not under his spell besides Donny.

Terry is a Texan! said...

finally some real rebellion!!!
either way Frankie or Christine I am thrilled

lynn1 said...

I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch. I am hoping to see Frankie go but it seems like he lives a charmed life. I was so sure Zach would be leaving and then these fruit loop Dinguses (or would it be Dingi?) flip flopped like a just caught flounder.

uncartie said...

Another one of Derrick's police skills,that of consoling victims,becomes a huge plus for him and helps him stay off everyone's radar.

Frankie asked Caleb if "He's going to throw the competition"? Production planting seeds?

Sharon N said...

Derrick's police skills are helping him considerably.
One thing about him... he doesn't like seeing the girls 'beat up' verbally. He wants them out, but that kind of thing actually does offend him.

Anonymous said...

Derrick does not like anyone to disrespect women, but his motive is not because he is THAT upset.
He wants to be close to the girls without having to throw himself on them. I see exactly what he is doing. He is a good guy but I want the others to wise up to him. But first get rid of that creepy Frankie (with all the makeup) and Christine.
I watched Frankie put on makeup today and he wears more than Victoria. It took him awhile to do it. TWO different mascara's, one for the top lashes and one for the bottom. Oh my.


Sharon N said...

With BMC sitting down and losing "for the team" ... why is the BoB comp taking so long?
Is there some way BB could force him play?
Wouldn't seem to be much point in forced play since BMC could still 'choose' to throw-it. lol

David said...

They did say that Caleb was going to go Zach Attack on Frankie. So it is hard to say what could be going on.
I think there was a reason why they waited to do the comp so late. It was going to be physical and they didn't want them doing it in the heat of the day.

Sharon N said...

You're right David. That makes a lot of sense.
But seems like it could have started by 8pm instead of 9pm... so it wouldn't cut way into BBAD.
Yes, I'm whining.. almost like Caleb! LOL

Speaking of Caleb, he is pretty competitive, so I hope he didn't decide that he couldn't stand not to actually be playing!

Anonymous said...

So I thought Caleb was supposed to throw the BoB, but Frankie just apologized to Donny for celebrating his win.

Marybeth said...

What happened with Caleb throwing the BOB? And now he is telling them who he is because production told him to.

Marybeth said...

I think it is unfair how Big Brother manipulates this game for production value.

Sharon N said...

Well, looks like we all got the bruhaha we wanted!! LOL
And Frankie might very well be talking himself out of trouble... @@