Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Big Brother 16: Last Live Feeds Update of the Season - September 24

The Memory Wall

Welp, this is it! My last live feeds report on the BB16 happenings inside the house. Granted, there has been little to report on the last few days. But, here goes Hamsters in the Hole:
  • BB has been kind enough to bring in food for their lunches the last several days.
  • Victoria has given up begging Derrick for the final two.
  • They lamented the loss of the pool table and yard when lockdown came yesterday.
  • Every time they're somewhere, it's like, "I/we am/are the last one(s) here to be in this room, play pool, be in the yard, etc."
  • Lots of reminiscing.
  • It's Derrick and Cody vying for the final HoH comp win tonight. 
  • It doesn't matter which one wins.
  • Derrick will take Cody to the final two. Cody will take Derrick to the final two. Victoria will just go out the door.
  • There was an interesting talk between Derrick and Victoria in the wee hours of the morning today.
  • He all but came out and told her that he will go with Cody to the final two.
  • He said that he brought her along this far to show that she deserves to be there and to give her the chance to win comps and go on on her own.
  • He just thinks, due to things said by others, that he'd have no chance to win against her in the final two.
  • He has to think of why he's there -- to better his family's finances for the future.
  • And, he can't do that if he makes the wrong decision now.
  • He told her he thinks he has a much better chance to win against Cody in the final two.
  • She, in his mist, agrees and says she'll totally support him. She said she just didn't want to hear that he liked and worked with Cody more than he liked and worked with her.
  • He's no dummy. He ain't gonna say that! He said the perfect thing to her, as he has said to so many so many times this season.
  • Hopefully, he can mist the jury, too.
  • They had a final bit for BBAD last night and for the live feeders this morning.
  • Bring on the finale!

Now he snuggles with Victoria

Yesterday's lunch

Saying goodbye to the live feeders

Derrick telling Victoria his reasoning


Chacha said...

This mornings goodbye was great.
I really don't remember that from previous seasons.
I know we had the fall equinox earlier this week but today is my last day of summer. Summer ends at 10:00 central time when hopefully Derrick is the winner.

Jackie thank you again for all you do.
I will be still checking in every sunday for the weekly updates on you and Vincent...

Linda said...

Lets us all donate to Jackie for all her hard work on this blog!

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you for another year of great reporting Jackie! I know it is hard with your job and how boring things must get on the feeds, especially this year. It's now time for everyone to consider sending Jackie a donation as a thank you. Cali Girl

lynn1 said...

Poor victoria is completely clueless to what has been going on the past 3 months. I really don't know if I have ever seen a more naive person.

Chacha said...

watched a short clip of the jury. Seems like Donny was pushing Cody who did Derricks work.

also just read BB is renewed for two more seasons.

Jean said...

After tonight's finale, in the next few days, will people come back on this blog and post links of interviews, etc?

Jackie said...

I'll post some and I'm sure some of the commenters will, too.

monty924 said...

Have fun everyone at the Survivor pool. I'll be late!

Jean said...

Thank you, Jackie. I need all the help I can get. I just found out yesterday that Wil is still involved with BB by hosting the Round Table.