Sunday, September 07, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Bulletin - PoV Winner - September 6-7


There is good news and there is bad news.

The bad news first: Frankie won the PoV comp -- BB Freakshow, sounds like a morphing type ordeal.

The good news: None of his HoH or PoV win matter because they all pushed the rewind button.


They need to get him out. I can see them going for the next chance (if there is one). Derrick and Cody are not happy.

Sequestered in beehive room

Sequestered in fire room

Sequestered in storage room

Sequestered in HoH room


Sharon N said...

Jackie, maybe you could put a blackout strip across "his" face. LOL
Unfortunately, we'd still know who it is, but at least we won't be exposed to his expressions.

Derrick working to cover his tracks with FJG. No clue if it's really working though. It might since he doesn't consider Derrick a threat at this point.
Derrick just might be finally understanding his huge 'error in judgement.'

monty924 said...

Jackie, I couldn't agree more with your last post/comment on the previous post.

I hope they haven't missed their chance to get him out of there but if they did, it is their own fault. Sigh!

Anonymous said...

Dang it!! I have a question about the rewind button they pushed. Does it go back to after Christine evicted? Meaning everyone can play but Derrick?

monty924 said...

Yes, Anon. Julie clarified that with Entertainment Weekly. It's as if the last week didn't happen and everyone will play in the HOH that played on Thursday. Derrick will not.

You know there is some hope. Frankie's luck might not hold out. We all know Janelle's didn't in back to back seasons. We can all hope his doesn't this one. :))

Anonymous said...

Thanks Monty! I'm crossing my fingers, toes, legs, arms and eyes that they can get Frankie out. If they can't they're going to be kicking themselves in the butt for not getting him out the few times they had the chance. Especially Caleb! This is nerve wracking!!!!!

Sharon N said...

And so, we are now going to have HOURS of listening to FJG slapping himself on the back with major praise... all while trying (not successfully) to be humble. @@

Anonymous said...

mmmmmm - JANELLE :)

Thanks for making me remember her.

Gonna go google some pics of her.

Jackie.. you gonna cover Utopia?

Long time reader

David said...

The only saving grace on this will be seeing Frankie's face when these last two wins meant nothing. It will be even better if he doesn't win the HOH. He will throw a hissy fit. Then if he doesn't win the veto he may go berserk knowing what will be coming.
We will still have to suffer through 4 more days of him gloating though until Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

When was Janelle arrested?

Anonymous said...

I really hate the fact that tonight's show and the Tuesday show will basically be all about Frankie. Seriously considering not watching and I have never missed an episode. Even Rachel didn't turn me off this bad.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if this brought up yet. But if they don't do a week in 1 night.. so someone is evicted.

Wonder if they will tell jury house or if jury house is wondering why its been 10 days and no new jury members?

I would like to hear the conspiracy talk at the jury house when no one shows on the exspectated day.

In love with Janelle again. :)

Petals said...

Janelle was arrested for DUI or something in like 2004 or 05?

Not lately. How did that come up? She is a happy mother of 2 1/3 kids in Minnesota. And she is as cool as EVER! She loved Zach & Donny, just like us.
Love my Janeygirl.

I'm a Premier Passporter on Utopia.

Jackie said...

I doubt I'll cover Utopia anywhere near the extent I do BB. I went for the two camera free passport but haven't really had time between BB and my very full-time real job. I've actually only peeked in a few times. I've got Survivor and Amazing Race coming up, too. If only I didn't have to work for a living, I could cover it!

David said...

It looks like the mouse hunt was sucessful. Having to only keep them up until 6am was too easy. They did not deserve to get such an easy $5k and the TA should have been disbanded when Donny was voted out in my opinion.

I have peeked at the Utopia feeds a few times. Just in the mornings so not much going on but a few up and doing chores.
It hasn't even been broadcast yet and they already lost 2 people and gained 2 people. That show looks like it could end up just being a revolving door of people coming and going. Might end up with a totally different cast from those that started at the end of it.
I will DVR it tonight and check it out to see if it is worth watching.

Petals said...

Jackie - Thank you again for all you do.
My $$ donations don't begin to express how much I really do appreciate you, your blog, and your amazing wit & patience.
(speaking of which, since Gary & I aren't working recently, my chlorine contributions are smaller, but will pick-up soon!)

Lili said...

Worst case scenario....after reset Frankie wins HOH and POV again. Gak!

Everyone is right, Derrick et al should have gotten a strong competitor like F out before now, it is their fault if he goes to the end. But we the viewers have done nothing to deserve this.

We have endured a lack luster season where one group dominated every week and every eviction, and made it all so predictable. We lost our best bud Donny, our girl next door Nicole, and our weird funny Zach.

The sole tiny tidbit of a morsel of hope we are clinging to at this point is the eviction of the smug piece of narcissism which is Mr Skankie Frankie.

I fear if we are deprived of that, if we must endure him to the end, we will all end up with PTSD or maybe just a naseuous lingering feeling of icky. Like we were all on slop for a few weeks.


ITCHY said...

Nuff said....
Is utopia really going to last a year?

Sasha said...

Lili - very well said and clever.
ITCHY - I agree. UGH!

Anonymous said...

Funny how Jackie removes ALL post that even hint at how production on BB influences the game. She must get paid by CBS for her blog.

Verbal Kint said...

Evil Dick sure hates Frankie, he is going nuts on his hatred. Must be banging pots and pans in his head.

Cheryl in NC said...

Anon 12:44'

So very not true.Petals post all the time how she thinks production influences the game...not that she needs me to speak for her but if Jackie did remove a post it was because of behavior not allowed on HER sight...after all it is her blog and it is her right to have us follow the rules she has set.

Thanks Jackie for all your hard work here. This blog is the only thing that keeps me interested in BB these days. So love your analyses of things in the house!

Becky said...

I think it will serve the guys right if Frankie makes it to the end. No one wanted "blood on their hands" and did not think the time was right for a "big move". Now it may be too late.

Nick said...

Looks like most of us feel the same...can't stand Frankie, annoyed with just about all of his actions, BUT almost feel like the rest of the house deserves to see Frankie win his way to the F2 because they were "wimps" and "playing Big Baby instead of Big Brother". Nicole tried to give them one final wake-up call, and what do they do with it?? Say she must have been talking to Christine in her speech! These people certainly never cease to amaze with their lack of strategic gameplay and logic.

Anonymous said...

Cheryl in NC: Yes but she "eyerolls" anyone who says production influences the game which is silly knowing full well they do. I work in the entertainment business and my ex-girlfriend worked with Mike Fleiss for 3 years (YES, not making that up, I've got GOOD stories but I'm not going there). I'm not says BB is Mike Fleiss but money is money and the "suits" want to see their numbers in the black cause rightfully so, that's their j-o-b.
I LOVE Jackie's blog, don't get me wrong but she's knowingly off on that point.

Petals said...

Caleb's loyalty could very well be his downfall. I can see him winning HOH & not nomming Frankie.
Sadly - I think Caleb is really convinced that Frankie is gonna "hook him up" in showbiz. LOL yeah, Right! If Frankie had any influence, he would've hooked himself up!

Anon - I don't think Ms Jackie deletes posts willy-nilly. She disagrees with some, but unless it is a troll, or has vulgarities, it stays. Cheryl is right - Jackie never deletes mine (she just sits back & lets me rant & make a fool of myself a lot of the time, LOL)
But she has no hidden agenda. As my husband would say, "she's straight up & down, like 6 o'clock".

monty924 said...

^5 and echo Cheryl and Petals

uncartie said...

Wrong Anon 12:44!! I criticize production all the time and my posts have never been censored or deleted by Jackie.

I am I'm a firm believer that while BB's outcome is not fixed,production can and does help certain players more than others.
Jackie will disagree profusely with me and others that share my views but we are always allowed to make our case on her site.