Saturday, September 13, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Friday PoV into Saturday - September 13

Sad Frankie in the tub

Okay ... I know I didn't post last night. I have a few reasons. First off, the whole 50 grand bonus controversy was taking me to task. I didn't want to post on that until I had a personal grasp on whether it was an actuality or something made up by a hamster as gameplay. Oh? The second thing? I fell asleep before the veto comp? I really didn't mean to! I've been running on empty between BB and my real job (which pays the bills).

Let's first look at that big BB bonus controversy --
  1. Supposedly, BB offered $50,000 as a bonus to the winner if both of the Team America mates are in the final two.
  2. This all came up because Frankie came out of the Diary Room crying and told Derrick that he had to wake up and go in there.
  3. When Derrick came out, he talked to Frankie about the "bonus."
  4. Hmm. Something is fishy here. I don't think it's a real offer by BB.
  5. First reason why -- BB is cheap. Had they made an offer, it would have been more along the lines of maybe 10 grand.
  6. Second reason why -- This would be a Team America thing. We (America) vote on Team America things. BB KNOWS that Frankie is pretty hated by the Internet crowd, if not by the show crowd. They KNOW that had a decision like this been put up for the vote, it would have gotten a huge NO. They KNOW that if Frankie were to get to the final two and win the supposed bonus, the show fans would be steaming that he'd be getting extra money they didn't vote to give him. Heck, I think BB KNOWS that if Frankie wins, there will be a big fan hot mess going on. They know he's hated. While they cannot control who wins, they're not going to offer extra money to have a hated by the fans person win.
  7. Third reason -- BB didn't cut in telling them not to talk about production. Had it really been a secret move by them, the feeds would have been blocked or they would have been hushed by a BB voice reprimand. However, if it's all fictional, they'd be allowed to talk on and air over the feeds. 
  8. Therefore, the whole bonus offer makes no sense whatsoever.
  9. I think it's probably yet another Derrick scheme covering his bases, making Frankie think he's on his side. Or, he's possibly setting things up for, in the case Frankie remains on the block, he might vote to keep Frankie and force Caleb to send Frankie home in a tiebreaker. That way, he'd have Frankie's jury vote -- "Well, I tried to save ya, buddy!"
  10. There is nothing about it on the CBS website, nor have they given us any teasers for it during the show or commercials.
  11. Everything considered, I doubt the offer was legit. Yet, it sure gives the grassy knoll folks something new and exciting to be up in arms about!
 Onto the other happenings of the day in that Big Brother Spool of Lies:
  • Although boring on the whole, some of their study habits for the comp were funny -- looking through fingers, boxes, blocking noses apart, long discussions on noses, crows-feet, etc.
  • When the veto comp came down, it was a CODY win with Derrick right behind him.
  • Victoria did a lot better than before, but still was apparently way behind the others. But she beat Frankie! He apparently froze during the comp! Woot! Woot!
  • Huh. Victoria also did better than Caleb. Good for her. Give her a cookie.
  • Caleb and Cody solidified the final three plan with Derrick as their third.
  • Caleb told Derrick and Victoria that he wants it to be a tie vote so he can send Frankie home.
  • Cody's not on board with that plan at all.
  • Nor is Derrick.
  • Cody and Derrick told Caleb they would both be voting out Frankie.
  • Victoria danced with the headphones on in the HoH room. It must be akin to a deaf person watching someone dance -- I couldn't hear the music, but I definitely had a good sense of the beat. Of course, that wouldn't work if I was the one dancing. At least Victoria CAN dance!
  • Of course, there will be no suspense awaiting the veto meeting. We know Cody won't use it as it would force Caleb to put Derrick up. 
  • That just ain't happening.
  • Unless Victoria goes totally whacko and scares them all, Frankie will go home.
  • Victoria will probably follow him next.
  • Then Caleb.
  • At least, that's Derrick's plan. Well, he might flip it and go for Victoria in the final two.

The big controversial talk

Keep smiling, girl!


My kneecaps are sweating

Yay for Cody, veto winner!

Dancing by myself ...

The writing is on the wall


Witt said...

I have one word to say: SWEEEEEEEEET!

I hope Derrick doesn't fall for it, no one falls for it, and Frankie goes home. I'm tired of seeing him on my television.

tricia said...

Victoria does not belong in top four. She is more concerned with Derricks game than her own, and now I read Derrick has talked Cody into getting rid of Calab next so that warrior princess (ugh) will be in top 3. Just wrong!! Want Calab in top three so sure hope he can win veto since he can't play for hoh.

Witt said...

If Cody falls for Derrick's suggestion, he will only have himself to blame!

Delee said...

Had a sweet sleep last night. Turned to BBAD around 1230am and saw F did not win Veto. Thrilled and hope they do not fall for Caleb wanting a 1-1 vote and he breaks the tie. That could be a save for F. I too wonder about the extra $ if TA in top 2. Scam ???

Petals said...

Sorry, Jackie - I know you hate the Grassy Knollists, but:
I have a very hard time believing that Frankie "froze" on this comp. I don't buy it. Like him or not, he IS a beast at competitions, and this one was right up his alley.
I think something is up. Doesn't smell right.

Happy New Refrigerator Day!

Witt said...

Petals, you know I'd not be in favor of any game move that would KEEP Frankie, but do you truly think he'd throw the comp, when he's on the block? Does he really think his "Frankie Mist" is going to convince Cody to take him off the block?
Big roll of the dice, I'd say. (Or huge ego. Take your pick)

Witt :) Happy Fridge Day!

Rebecca Davis said...

my thought on Victoria being one of the final three is not that she doesn't reserve to be there but how Derrick has worked it so she is. If Derrick doesn't take her to final two he is crazy. Ex Cody on Survivor. Derricks game is to win the money, not entertain us. I give Derrick props for making his game look so easy and the other hamsters look dumber than they are.

Sharon N said...

So nice to wake up to a picture of FJG without that SMUG look constantly pasted on his face!!

Jackie said...

Petals - One word about last season - "Amanda"

Anonymous said...

I always seem to forget how things go at the end. Once they block the feeds Monday to tape the eviction for Tuesday, are they blocked til the end of the season or just until Tuesday's episode airs?

Anonymous said...

Something IS up as usual. This whole BB season there has been "something up". Ewwwwww

The best ending would be for Victoria to win. It just puts the frosting on the cake of this horrible entire season of BB.

David said...

Anon. I was thinking about this because there is also an eviction Wednesday. They need time to do the HOH, Meeting, Veto, meeting, to be ready for Wednesday night. Which can be done fast with the right comps. It all depends on the comps and when they start filming how long the feeds will be blocked. They will not be blocked until Finale night. We always know who the winner of the final endurance comp is and they would also have to block BBAD for the whole week which they won't do.

Becky said...

Doing the Happy Beagle Dance because Frankie is poop out of luck. Cody has known that Frankie was gunning for him. Surely he and Derrick will not fall for Caleb "wanting to break the tie". If they do, then write Frankie a check now and let's move on.

uncartie said...

On last night's thread Silk said...

"Ah, yes, it's the difference between talking about a crime, and actually committing the crime. You can't be punished for just talking about it.

Derrick should know all about that."

Yes Silk,you can get punished and go to jail for conspiracy without ever actually committing the crime. All you need to do is prove intent.

Sharon N said...

Soon after the POV comp finished, Caleb already tried to get Cody and Derrick to split the vote so HE could be the one to vote out Frankie.
But Cody shut that plan down post-haste! Both Cody/Derrick know Frankie could get in Caleb's ear and change his mind, so they won't to take that chance.

It's weird how they are playing for MONEY and yet [just like Caleb] Cody leans towards that simple-minded BS loyalty thing. @@
Derrick had to shut that down fast, and we all know that he will eliminate both Caleb and Cody... if he gets that chance!

uncartie said...

"Utopia" death march continues with even lower numbers on it's Friday premiere than Tuesday's mad rush to the exits. Fox spent 50 million on this. They got 1.98 million viewers last night and got beat by a rerun of "Last Man Standing". Ouch!

Sharon N said...

uncartie, love your death march watch!
At this rate, Utopia might have 1000 people watching the next show.
Can't fathom that Fox will continue to spend $$$ on this loser.

~~Silk said...

It is next to impossible to prove intent. Even advertising for a contract killer won't get you arrested (unless your intended victim wants to try for menacing). You have to actually hand over money. As an undercover cop, Derrick knows that.

With the BB issue, it's a contract violation, which is different. It depends on whether the rules prohibit even the discussion of bribery.

Anonymous said...

I will be so happy not to see pictures of Frankie. That gets me off to a very bad start or end of the day. Not sure who would bring a smile, but enough if FHJ

uncartie said...

Silk,It's not impossible nor even that difficult to prove intent on a conspiracy charge. Just ask former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich who is serving a 14 year prison sentence .
He was convicted on 4 different conspiracy charges despite no money ever changing hands.
Google 'terrorists convicted of conspiracy charges' and you'll find dozens of other examples.

monty924 said...

How did Frankie offering to split the money with Derrick turn into a discussion about crimes and conspiracy? It's a BB strategy that has been used over and over again (yes, against the rules of the game) that is NOT a crime. Chilltown and Janelle all did it during All-Stars with the entire banana bread thing.

BB doesn't take it serious so I'm not sure why folks out here do.

The good news is Frankie is gone on Tuesday. CHEERS

Ed in Ohio said...

Looks like Frankie is gone...Finally! But I'll feel better when I see him walk out the door.

Hate to even bring this up, it's probably too late in the season for it anyway, but BeastModeCaleb would be a very likely candidate to open Pandora's Box.

Still don't understand that whole 50K bonus thing. Real or not it just doesn't seem to make sense.

~~Silk said...

Blagojevich was convicted of conspiracy and extortion. Conspiracy requires the commission of an overt act (actus reus) by any one of the conspirators to prove intent. Extortion requires only the fear of the victim.

Terrorists are mostly convicted of inducement, or of aiding and abetting in the commission of a previous crime.

The BB thing is a contractual thing, so it depends entirely on what the contract says.

I'll shut up now.

monty924 said...

Silk, you're fine! :))

Sharon N said...

I wonder if there will even be a Pandora. It's so close to the end of the game now, could it be the infamous 'Button' was kind of a replacement for Pandora?

They all think next week will be the final.
Wait till they find out they're having one more week!! lol

~~Silk said...

Sheesh! If I were trapped in there, and they suddenly sprung another week on me, I'd be tempted to self-evict. Which reminds me --- has there been any more mention of Victoria's conflict with the religious holiday?

monty924 said...

Finally, we have walking talking coherent hamsters on the feeds. Cody just said something interesting. They're talking about Caleb and AFP. Cody said, "Dude, Zach or Donny is smoking AFP"! Yes Cody, you are correct. No way Frankie or Caleb wins it. imo

Ed in Ohio said...

Sharon N, I'm sure you're right it's too late for a PB. It's just that I want Frankie gone and was just thinking what's left that could throw him a lifeline.

There was some talk of having a tie vote (which doesn't seem likely) and other than that PB seemed to be all that was left.

Just want Fakie GONE!!

monty924 said...

Ed, there was a mention of a tie vote but that came from Caleb because he wants to be the one to send Frankie packing. Thing is, both Cody and Derrick are not going to let that happen. They both know how malleable Caleb is. He's shown it time in and out during this summer. They will not take that chance. Frankie is gone.

Sharon N said...

GAWD Ed, don't even HINT at a 'life line' for He Who Must Be Removed!!!

If Caleb had won POV, I think there was a chance FJG "might" have been able to turn him because Caleb is so mentally weak.

Once FJG is gone, then Cody's weakness for wanting "to be fair" to Caleb might present a problem. One again, Derrick had to carefully explain how to get to the F2. Of course, most of his explanation is for Derrick's own purposes, but whatever. Cody seemed to accept the explanation, but he's basically too honest/nice and I feel like he would still like to take Caleb to F3. When it comes to winning $$ in BB, NObody has to flippin' keep someone "just to be fair." @@

Ed in Ohio said...

LOL! Monty & Sharon, I know Frankie is gone.

It's just a little paranoia seeping in. Thing is I just don't trust BB. I'll feel better when I see him sitting next to Julie in his exit interview.

Once he's gone I really don't care who wins. I'll just enjoy the finish!

PS; You both seem to hold BeastMode in the same light! ;)

~~Silk said...

People laugh at Victoria's assertion that she has played a good game. I have to agree that the evidence of any game whatsoever is not apparent, and if she makes it to final two I can't imagine that she could say anything that could convince the jury otherwise.

However, consider if you will this scenario:
She appears standing tall, with no smile and no hair extensions. She is, in manner and appearance, almost unrecognizable. In a firm and deeper voice, she says, "When I arrived at the house, I was immediately convinced there was no way I would win on the basis of competitions. I'd need a different route to the end. In the first few weeks, I noticed that threatening and annoying people were eliminated. Therefore, I would last longer by being the least threatening and annoying. I was aware that there was a large male alliance, so step two was avoiding any appearance of aligning with any females. Instead, I ensured that the males did not see me as dangerous. I did not flirt. I did not talk game. Instead, I just did as I was told, like a good little girl. Step three, I considered the males, and selected those I thought most intelligent or most physical, most likely to go farthest, and cultivated them. My goal was to make them see me as the one they want to sit next to at the finale. The ultimate nothing. I became nothing. That was my game, I followed it unwaveringly, I fooled and played you all, and I succeeded. Here I am."

Oh, I wish!

Anonymous said...

Silk, Make that happen. Its so perfect, it could not be any better. Send those vibes out into the universe and make her hear you.

monty924 said...

Okay with the serious posts. Here's a dose of BB reality from people who have played the game and one who actually won it. It doesn't get any more real or sweet. :)))

Jeff's Live Chat yesterday with Jordan <3

Nickelpeed said...

I just hope they stick to their decision and send Frankie home.

They have talked like this before and have not stuck to it.

I'll believe it when I see it. If he is the one to go home, I really hope he will get booed really bad when he walks out of the house.


monty924 said...

Penny, I think he will go home because this is the end game for Derrick (the real puppet master of the house this season) and Cody by proxy.

I doubt there will be an overwhelming BOOOOO from the crowd. The audience will probably be a carefully selected and controlled audience. *sigh*

SueGee said...

First of all, I am keeping my fingers crossed until Frankie is gone! No more chances/changes BB!! (And maybe his sister will disappear with him??) I really am rooting for Derrick now. Talk about Puppet Master. He has redefined it this season!

Secondly, I have watched Utopia and cannot believe the wide variety of people - from health nuts & vegans to street people & ex-cons that really like jail food. And I wonder how much has already been recorded and edited? It would be weird for them to pull the plug and send everyone home...I think their timing was way off for a premier.

SueGee on the LeftCoast

Jean said...

Monty, than you for the link to Jeff's Live Chat yesterday with Jordan.

Sharon N said...

At this point, I'm expecting FJG to use every trick in the book on Caleb and Cody to save himself.
Since he's figured Derrick out, I don't he'll bother plying him with attitude.
However, he might start explaining how Derrick has been playing the game.

Right now, FJG appears to be using 'betrayed' method on Caleb.
Next will be the 'pissed at you' tact.

It would seem to be rather useless since Caleb can't take him off the block anyway.
But if FJG could work on Cody to split the vote, then FJG might be able to get Caleb to save him @@
I'd like to think that getting Cody to flip isn't going to happen though.
Voting FJG out can't come soon enough!!!!

~~Silk said...

Derrick wouldn't take the bribe, but maybe Cody, being less confident of the win, might be more susceptible to cash. All it would take to turn Caleb is a promise of hanging out with the Bieber for a weekend. It could happen.

monty924 said...

You're welcome, Jean. And Silk, it won't happen. Frankie is GONE!

Sharon N said...

Silk, the problem is that FJG would have to get Cody to flip for the split vote... and then get Caleb to be the deciding factor and keep him.

Good luck with that because I think Cody wants to make it to the F2 with Derrick (as the Hitmen). Of course, a Glitch in Derrick's works can still happen, but unless something happens that Derrick has no control over, he'll be taking Victoria.

Watching Derrick weave his web is incredible and shows what happens when the F4 are all BB greenies.

Marybeth said...

The only thing I am worried about is Frankie outing Team America

uncartie said...

7:21 PM BBT: Frankie is frustrated, he hopes they give them a luxury competition before the end so he can make up the money that got stolen from them by the jury. @@

What's next? Will he complain when he gets voted out that they are depriving poor African children of an education?

monty924 said...

I disagree about Derrick taking Victoria. I honestly don't think he will. I think he will take Cody. It's a Dan move to take the guy with you that brought you there. Memphis was Dan's Cody. I really don't think that Derrick will take Victoria. I could be wrong, but we will see and we still don't know if NBC will pull out a win to get himself to the F2.

UGH, I threw in the towel on him early on in the season and he's still in there. He has no chance of winning and I wouldn't even brag if he did.

I'm rooting for Derrick to win it. He deserves it for the best game play.

~~Silk said...

Why would Frankie "out" TA? There's no advantage to him, and if he does, he'd probably forfeit his share of the TA winnings. Whether he would also cost the others their winnings is moot.

I think it's interesting that so many other evictees who could have loudly blown games out of the water as they walked out --- didn't take the opportunity.

Marybeth said...

Because he is just the type to throw a tantrum, and do it out of spite to hurt Derick. At that moment, he wouldn't care if BB took the money. Also, if I remember correctly when they started TA, Julie said it was up to them if they wanted to tell people.

monty924 said...

Frankie will not blow up TA and I think he will walk out with class. Yes, I said it.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it up to the team American members whether they tell the other houseguests about the team? I think I remember, way back in the beginning,Joey was telling others that she had been voted to a special team and it was up to her whether she wanted to keep it secret or tell anyone. She probably was on the block at the time, so she may have been making things up.

Marybeth said...

Wow...ok I think I am going back to doing what I have done for every season back to the AOL days, and just lurk. All I was doing was expressing my personal concern. Just like everyone else does on here. I didn't need to be disregarded or treated like only certain people's opinions count. Wow people it is only a game. I love Jackie and her blog, but relax a little bit, Frankie, or Derrick or Caleb isn't showing up at your door when they are done. Let everyone have a chance to express their feelings. Everyone has the right to an opinion.

Sharon N said...

Its quite possible FJG could stress out and have a tantrum by the time live eviction airs... he is a nasty piece of work.

However, its just as possible that he will choose to keep his mouth relatively shut.
If that turns out to be the case, it will be for no other reason than he knows the show will be live, with millions watching, including producers he would prefer to keep in his sights. He's trying to parlay this BB gig into a career opportunity. If nothing else, he might think twice about possibly burning other more profitable bridges (cough cough, Survivor).