Thursday, September 18, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Thursday - September 18

Cody celebrates his HoH Part 1 win

Not too much to report today (unless you missed my endurance comp post from last night). But, here ya go:
  • Yeah, Cody won the comp. He would have liked to see how long he could actually have lasted up there but no one (Derrick, Victoria) would play along.
  • Derrick smoothed over the Hitmen announcement with Victoria.
  • Victoria (unofficially) has offered Derrick part of her winnings if she makes it to the final two and not him.
  • Shh. That's a secret and it's not allowed.
  • According to the Derrick/Victoria plan, she was supposed to win this part of the three part comp as he's stronger on the mental challenges.
  • Instead, surprise of all surprises, she went out first.
  • Who woulda thunk that would happen?
  • Okay, yeah. All of us.
  • Derrick was ticked a while at Victoria because she hinted that he threw the comp.
  • I personally think he probably did. He knew he couldn't win it against Cody and basically just wanted to stay up there a "respectable" time.
  • The feeds blocked as he went down and even Victoria missed his fall/jump as her head was down. 
  • He claims he slipped.
  • We'll see about that.
  • Now Derrick and Victoria will have to go against each other in the second part of the comp.
  • Derrick tells her he can't tell her what to do, BUT he needs to win because she wouldn't do well in the third part against Cody.
  • Then he tells her she has to do what she wants.
  • But he needs to win.
  • Heh. The puppetmaster strikes again.
  • Who wants to bet right now that the final part of the comp is between Cody and Derrick?
  • What? No one?
  • Good. There's no wagering on this blog!
  • Lots of talk about the alliances of the summer.
  • Cody and Derrick keep telling Victoria that she's the Hitmen's little sister and they kept her safe all summer albeit not telling her outright about them.
  • Both Victoria and Cody think they will be in the final two with Derrick.
  • Only one of them can be.
  • Either of them would pick him.
  • It's hard to tell which one he'd pick as he has such a convincing scenario presented to each of them and he hasn't confided in us.
  • Of course, with Cody, his story is Hitmen, Day 2, etc.
  • With Victoria, it's special relationship, little sister, will remain good friends forever.
  • Today they should have the reminisce breakfast for taping.
  • I'm not sure when Part Two of the HoH comp will be. It might be live on Friday's show. I just don't know.
  • We all know Part Three will be on finale night.
  • Lots of time between now and then.


Becky said...

I have a sneaky feeling that Cody does not plan to take Derrick with him to the end. I formed that opinion when I read that Derrick kept offering to drop and Cody kept telling him he wanted to finish it. I think he wanted a clear conscious when he takes Victoria. I wondered about him last night as he literally threw Derrick under the bus when he told Caleb about the final two agreement that went back to day two and about how Derrick was with him in every decision made.

He knows Caleb will tell everyone in the jury house. If Cody wins the final match I bet he takes Victoria.... which he should if he plans on winning big.

Anonymous said...

I would really hate to see Derrick lose it all in the end by Cody taking Victoria. Derrick has worked so hard all summer at orchestrating everything while still playing a great social game. He deserves the win.

Chacha said...

I was thinking the same thing.
Two things that cody said last night piques my interest.
1. he said to Victoria:

I wanted to talk to you but Derrick told me not to. I really wanted to talk to you about some stuff, but he wouldn't let me

Victoria you don't understand. If you were still mad at Derrick.Victoria said, I was NEVER mad at him! Cody: Good! I was going to talk to you about that.

2. Later in the night Caody to Derrick said that the Jury would vote Victoria if she made it to final two
and they would also look like schmucks if anyone took her.
I am hoping for a Derrick win on part two. It really shouldn't be that hard.
I really want Derrick to win the third part. I think Derrick is aware enough to feel out it cody would be leaning towards taking Victoria to the finals and not throw this comp

Witt said...

No one, repeat -- NO ONE -- who reaches the final three should be throwing ANYTHING. Madness!! Come on, you guys...depend on yourselves for once!!

Anonymous said...

I doubt we'll see D throw any more comps. At this point, he can't trust either C or V 100% to carry him, and he has no reason to risk it. Knowing that he'll be going against V in the next comp, he could still afford to throw the endurance comp and keep his strength.

D should also take V to F2. C poses somewhat more risk there, and (especially for someone as wise as D is) it makes little or no sense to take that risk with so much riding on it.

lynn1 said...

Don't forget to vote for AFP. I personally am voting for Donny 20X a day. Here is the link:

Anonymous said...

I haveing trouble getting to vote is anyone else have trouble?

Chacha said...


No problems voting for me this morning.

I would also hope that Derrick wouldn't throw part two or three.

He has studied Dan's game. He should know the flaw Dan had the second time around was that he didn't win the third part of the final HOH. In my opinion that one is a crap shoot but Derrick should and must win parts two and three

~~Silk said...

Note that voting ends at 9:59am PT on September 22, so be sure to vote early on Monday. Get those last 20 in!

Anonymous said...

Derrick has worked with a bunch of kooks. He is just being his policeman self and has not had to do anything major at all. Feed his daughter is what I hear.

Victoria for the win. The looks on everyone's face will be priceless.

Chacha said...

here is the interview with eonline

David said...

Jeff interview with Caleb starts at top of the hour for anyone interested on

BJ said...

First let me say there is no way Cody said what he said last night without first talking to Derrick and they both decided what he would say.
Second I think you are all wrong when you said Derrick had no competition. Nicole was a player. Donny was a player. Frankie was a player. Hayden was a player. The reason they never got the support was DERRICK. He just made it look to easy. What he did was not easy. How would you like to baby Victoria for all those months. How would you have handled Frankie? Derrick did a masterful job.

monty924 said...

Agree BJ

Sharon N said...

I also agree BJ.

Got my 20 in for Donny last night.
When David mentioned he had voted last night, I went ahead and tried and learned any time-zones can give their 20 votes any time after midnight EASTERN. I gave my votes at 10:30 MST last night, so I will vote again after midnight EST again (10:00pm here).

RBennie said...

I think if Derrick stays true to the way he has played the entire game, then he will want to take Victoria to F2 over Cody. Every move he has made has been to assure himself a win. Although I think he can beat either of them, Victoria is more of a sure bet. Purely for my own entertainment, I would love for Cody to win final HOH and choose Victoria. Derrick would have to appreciate that game play! Well maybe not, LOL.

monty924 said...

I don't know. I still think he will take Cody.


Sharon N said...

I also feel that Derrick would take Cody.

However, "at the end of the day," would Cody take Derrick? Cody has been saying a few things lately that make me think he might choose Victoria... for the easier win.

Guess we'll find out in less than a week! lol

Anonymous said...

I voted 20 every day for Zack

Zach was the most entertaining guest of the season and deserves it for keeping us interested.

When he left it was horrible and Frankie was even worse if thats even possible.

uncartie said...

If Cody takes Derrick to the final 2,then he's the biggest idiot in the history of BB.

Me? I'm making the case for a Victoria win...

Nominated 8 times,including the last 4 eviction ceremonies in a row,never won an HOH or POV competition,and yet still in the game.

The only other person living or dead that can make that claim is none other than Dr Will Kirby and he was only nominated 4 times in season 2.

Production needs to put this bug in her ear for her final speech.

Witt said...

When Colby took Tina to final two in Survivor, some say that's when he gave away a million dollars.

If Cody takes Derrick, will that be giving away 500K?

Just a thought.

Angela said...

Totally agree!! Anyone who thinks Derrick isn't a brilliant game player, doesn't truly understand all he's done. His manipulations and tactics are so subtle sometimes, that if you aren't paying close attention you might miss something. Go Derrick go!

~~Silk said...

Derrick was like a magician; you never saw the card come out of the pocket.

~~Silk said...

Well, *we* saw it. *They* didn't.

Anonymous said...

Victoria for the win.

Derrick is no Will, infact Derrick is no all star. No matter how you want to slice it, he was with below par HG. He over does it with the I love everyone. It never seemed genuine. Just game. Has anyone ever ever used their hands so much. His hands are always moving. Victoria for the win.

uncartie said...

Anon 11:31,I'm with you. Derrick will go down as the most overrated winner in BB history should he win.

It's easy to look like a genius when there is no opposition whatsoever and the other players have jello for brains like the nitwit BMC.

The game went the way it did because of the "bomb squad" which was created by Frankie & Caleb! Derrick had nothing to do with it other than being a member.

monty924 said...

But he definitely took advantage of it and that was genius. He was the one in the Bomb Squad that built personal relationships with every single HG in there this season (well almost... Joey is a non entity) so the logic that he played with idiots and the BS did it not him is flawed. He was only one member of the BS yet he played the better game of any of them.

Derrick deserves to be considered a great player. We al hated Andy last year for being the little rat that went between the camps but he did it and it paid off. Many ways to play this game and I think Derrick played it almost flawlessly. Yes, I ragged on him big time over the TA and Donny thing, but he knew for his game he had to get Donny out even if it was only to get Frankie to focus on the game and stop trying to save Donny. jmo

~~Silk said...

So many people say Derrick deserves little credit because he was playing against idiots. Well, if you make it a priority to eliminate all the real competition early, the rest IS easy!

monty924 said...

^5 Silk. Exactly!

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

Once again from a player's perspective. Not us arm chair quarterbacks, out here but a player and a winner of BB. Dan on last night's Rob Has a Podcast (RHAP).

David said...
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David said...
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