Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Leak BULLETIN - September 16

No Frankie!

Welp, we had a teaser of about ten minutes on the live feeds. Intentional leak? I dunno. But it was revealing indeed.
  • Frankie is not in the house.
  • Derrick is HoH.
  • Not only is he in the HoH room, but a thingee next to the "dream" one says "No.1 Dad."
  • They're wearing veto shirts and ready for the veto comp.
  • Victoria is worried, Derrick is consoling her.
  • Did I say it loud enough?

Also ... CBS.com has the voting for fan favorite up at this link.

No. 1 Dad by HoH basket!


Margo said...



monty924 said...

Love your write-up on it. :)))


Delee said...

The show tonight will be the best of the season.....YIPPEE the F is gone!

Thank you for the marvelous news!

Anonymous said...

So happy Frankie is gone!!
I don't know why people think Zack needs the money. He has a college degree & lives with its parents. Doesn't even try to get a job. Donny has said he would like to go back to college & 15,000 isn't going to help him that much & that would mean Zack would end up with more money then Donny! My votes are going to Donny!

Ed in Ohio said...

Bye bye ♫♪

So long ♫♪

Farewell ♫♪

Chacha said...


Zach has plans and aspirations. He may bput this money to good use.
I also love Donny but with TA and also his spot on Bold and the Beautiful he will be fine.

Zach was used and abused by Team America I feel he deserves something.
Besides he was very entertaining.

Laurie said...

Whoo hoo!

Becky said...

Anon 5:51, I am so glad you posted this comment. $15,000 will not cover a year in most universities and colleges, even state ones.

Zack is cute and funny, but a college education gives him the ability to get a good job and make a decent living. If he is still living with his parents,it sounds like he has to do some growing up. If he wins the money then it will be spent on one heck of a good time, I guarantee it.

monty924 said...


I'm throwing all 20 to Donny every day until Monday. Love Zach too and won't be upset if he wins it but I'm voting Donny because he was cheated and screwed by TA. :)))

Petals said...

I think all of this talk of who deserves the America Fave money is moot. Why? Because a million teenagers are voting for Frankie, on the instruction of their idols, Ariana & Justin.

Is it fair? Oh HELL no, but at least Frankie will walk away with a "title" from this show, and that is all he wanted. He didn't want money, he wanted fame.

For the record, though - I'd LOVE to see Donny win a fair America Fave vote. He was truly our favorite guy, even more in jury. Plus, he's a FAN! I hope BB can finagle it somehow to give Donny a chunk of cash.

meb said...

I guess you're going to vote for the person you enjoyed the most. Zack to me was silly, and sometimes hurtful to others, i.e. Nicole and the Dingus comment and others. Donny will get all my 20 votes each day. It would be sad for Frankie to win it... I couldn't stand him at the end...and to have to watch his antics if he wins this AF would be more than I could handle.


Anonymous said...


David said...

So far Ariana, their mother, and Bieber have not tweeted out anything about AF vote. Will have to check late tonight to see if they do.

Goooo Donny. =))

lynn1 said...

I have already given Donny my 20 votes for today and plan to continue to do so. He is my fan favorite. He is and has been for years a fan of BB. He literally quit his job to come out and do the show. BB made him grow that ridiculous beard which only made him more of an outsider with the other hamsters. I hope he wins the fan fav, gets lots of money from TA, gets well paid for being on B&B and gets more opportunities to earn big bucks. He is a decent guy and was treated badly by some of the hamsters. I bet he will cry when he finds out how much other BB fans love him.

SueGee said...

Yippy Skippy!! Can't wait for the show here tonight! (of course I will be in the chat 3 hours earlier because I can't wait LOL)

I gave my 20 votes to Donny, and will continue to every day until they turn it off! Just say NO to Frankie!!

SueGee on the LeftCoast

Sharon N said...

Ok, y'all have convinced me.
I had originally planned on giving all my votes to Donny, but started thinking about the fact that he's already won from BB, so I ended up giving all 20 to Zack today. I rationalized that Zack did win the trip, but that will be prize-taxed with no cash-in-hand.

Zack has said that if he won the 500k, he would like to pay off all his/family student loans. However, winning 25k AFP wouldn't go far to pay off much of anything that direction, and since he IS so immature, it's more likely that he'd end up partying and blowing the smaller 25k within a week.

On the other hand, Donny IS mature and wants to further his education, so I'll be throwing the rest of my daily allowable votes to him from now on.

monty924 said...


We can do this!!!

Ed in Ohio said...

AFP....I'm All In for Donny!

Nickelpeed said...

GOOD BYE - Frankie - don't let the the door hit you on the way out!!!

I still wish it had been live. I really, really want him to be booed.

My vote will go to Donnie for fan favorite.

Nickelpeed said...

I really, really do not want Frankie to win Fan Favorite. I hate the fact that his sister is using her fans and Beiver's to get her brother 25,000. Most of them do not even watch the show. It is so unfair. Doesn't seem right. Wish I knew how we could counteract this.

I'm putting in my vote to Donny.


Sharon S said...

I put in my 20 votes for the day for Donny. Hopefully I will remember tomorrow and the next day and so on.

Sharon N said...

Just a suggestion:
Save the CBS AFP link as a special tab... so it automatically comes up with the internet.
I've already done that so I see it first thing... along with the rest of my favorite every-day things (like Jackie's site).

Sharon N said...

Just a suggestion:
Save the CBS AFP link as a special tab... so it automatically comes up with the internet.
I've already done that so I see it first thing... along with the rest of my favorite every-day things (like Jackie's site).

Anonymous said...

woo team zack attack! the stipend and ta money 28 grand for Donny is good! Zach did all the work for team America more than once! he gets my votes!

Anonymous said...

I never voted for AFP in the past because I really didn't care. Even on the addicting Jeff and Jordan season, but this year I have voted for Zach. Yes, I love Donny, Hate Frankie, but Zach has somehow become like a friend.

And I'll never forget in the competition when he yelled at OTEV "hey, my little brother watches this show!" He's a good guy.

-Stephanie in Tampa

Anonymous said...

thank god cant want for him to see what an ass he was
all season

Anonymous said...

I just watched the finale, Frankie was different, likeable even. I liked him in the beginning-he was funny....but by the end I couldn't stand him, but he was a class act leaving the house and that....THAT was the Frankie I liked at the beginning of the game. And I'm glad he's not winning for charity over one of the people who played the game to better their life.

-Stephanie in Tampa