Monday, September 08, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Monday into the evening - September 8

At least she's not moping

Geez. You can pretty much read my previous report and find out what's happened since. Same as it ever was ...
  • Speculation on the powers of the pushed button
  • A message on the TV screen said "The next live show is in 48 hours."
  • It went unnoticed for a long time.
  • Curiosity about why there's a Wednesday live show when they don't realize there isn't a Thursday live show. They're thinking the finale might have been moved up and Sunday is the finale.
  • Final two and final three "what if" speculation.
  • Get rid of Frankie talk.
  • New is Derrick's wounded finger. He's worried that there's something in the cut or it might be getting infected. The medic will look at it.
  • Oh, don't worry. He'll ignore his finger to try to actually win a comp.
  • Derrick told Cody how important the final veto winner is, more than the HoH even as that winner is the sole vote.
  • Thankfully someone in the house realizes this stuff!
  • Frankie snored.
  • Make him stop.
  • Frankie fussed and whined about dry skin on his face half the day.
  • That is, when he was awake, anyway.
  • Lots of napping.
  • Playing pool.
  • Being in the pool at times.
  • Caleb is still sure that the pressing of the button will bring them riches beyond imagination.
  • Or, something like that.
  • They recorded goodbye messages for Cody and Victoria today.
  • Might not need them this week.
  • I really don't have much more for you.
  • Make Frankie go away.
  • Thank you.

Too much excitement to handle

Something new! Only one cam with BRB!

More excitement!

Derrick wants a medic to look at his finger


Laurie said...

Can't blame them for staying in the pool. It's really hot in SoCal right now and it's going to get hotter by the weekend. Where they are should be over 100 for several days!

monty924 said...

The dog for a day won and they will have it all day tomorrow (well today now). Frankie will be over the top obnoxious on the feeds today. I'm hoping the pooch isn't a fan of Frankie!

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

The choice for feeders was a bunny for a day or a dog for a day. Poor dog!!!

Nick said...

First Jeff and Jordan, now a dog?!? CBS clearly knows we are done with this season, so they are involving things that almost everyone likes to keep us entertained...cute, sweet couples in love and puppies lol! I am still stunned by the timing of the BB Rewind twist. Why now I wonder. What can really happen that will totally shake things up?? Other than Frankie somehow winning neither the new HOH or POV and actually being evicted. We can hope...but would they actually go through with it if the situation presented itself?