Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Nominations, PoV Winner Bulletin - September 16/17

The HoH gets no blood on his hands

Derrick pretty much has it made in the shade. Here's a quick rundown --
  • As expected, he nominated Victoria and Caleb for eviction.
  • Cody won the Power of Veto again.
  • The Hitmen's next target was Caleb unless something changed drastically during the two feedless days.
  • Cody can't save anyone with the veto as he and Derrick cannot go on the block.
  • Cody is the sole vote.
  • Caleb is sure that Cody will vote out Victoria.
  • Victoria and Derrick are still acting on the outs.
  • Cody should vote out Caleb, the largest threat (other than Derrick) for the win.
  • Derrick once again won't have the "blood on his hands."
  • The final three should be Victoria, Cody and Derrick. 

Caleb will get bloody if he keeps picking his arms


monty924 said...

Unless Cody backstabs Derrick, he's won the game! :)))

He should

David said...

I just went back and watched the last of the BB episode from last night. Julie said that Fridays episode will have the START of the final HOH competition, not the conclusion of it. I wonder if she just means the endurance part and will show the whole thing. So I guess they will not be starting it at the end of tomorrows episode even though the HG's are saying they are building in the BY now.

Nick said...

The only drama left now would be if Derrick wins part 3 of the final HOH and takes Vic over Cody...or if Cody wins and totally shocks everyone by taking Vic over Derrick. So basically, looks like Derrick is the winner of BB16!

He certainly does deserve it, as he was one of the few actually playing the game from the start...or at all really!! My only knocks on him would be: 1. he BSed us in his DR sessions for about the first two months, which isn't game related but just annoying and 2. he was part of a majority alliance from the start with much bigger targets than him, which he certainly controlled all the way through, but it is much easier to control and manipulate those you are working with.

David said...

You can vote again now for AF vote. I just threw more votes at Donny myself.

Just checked Ariana and their moms twitter and no mention of AF vote. Just a bunch of praises for him and how he left. Hope they forget or was asked not to do it by CBS.

Sharon N said...

David, I kind of wondered the same thing when there was no more mention of mom, Ariana or Bieber requesting their ollowers to vote AFP for FJG.

I tend to be suspicious by nature, so it's quite easy to drum up some Grassy Knoll theories!! :)
So here's a few totally wild Grassy Knoll submissions....
1) CBS tells them their Dearly Beloved is anything but America's Fav... their "plan" is already well known and all over the internet.
2) Tell them to cool it because Victoria's family already so upset with FJG and ready to take them to task publicly... which could ultimately stumble Ariana's growing career.
3) CBS privately paid them off.

Dang, I have a good imagination!! LMAO

Sasha said...

I don't usually vote for AFP but all of my votes -and I am voting this time- go to Donny. I know there are Zach fans here but I just don't forget that he was often mean spirited in his "humor" so with minor exception, I just didn't find him to be that funny or entertaining-- more like a frat boy buffoon. JMHO. Donny took a lot of cr** and just seems to me to be a straight up good guy. I'd rather Donny win AFP but the only one that would actually upset me would be if Frankie won it. Happy he is gone!

lynn1 said...

Here is the link for voting AFP:

monty924 said...


Jean said...

Thank you for the link Lynn1

Cheryl in NC said...

Please everyone vote for AFP.... I personally will be giving all my votes to long as Frankie don't win it..I'll be ok though....
Derrick should throw his extra 50k that he wins Donny's way he was prolly the 4th person voted to the team anyway

Jean said...

I just watched Jeff's live chat with Frankie:
I enjoyed it, but Frankie starts touchie feelie Jeff at the end big time.

Anonymous said...

I hope Frankie uses the money he won with TA to buy some clothes that actually fit. He really needs to stop shopping in the little boys department.

~~Silk said...

Petals, you wondered about Cody being too pretty to go "back to cars". Cody is under contract to a sportswear company, as an underwear model. I suspect the sales exec bit was just a cover so he wouldn't have to take guff in the house. See
Many very interesting photos. The video at the end focuses on the underwear, doesn't much show his face, so if by then you can't recognize the package you wouldn't know it's him.

uncartie said...

Monty,With all due respect,please don't compare Derrick with Dan Gheesling. Dan was playing with people that knew the game and were playing it. Derrick was playing with sheep who never made moves and just meekly went along with the house.

I'd like to see Derrick compete in an All-stars game. He'd be gone halfway through.

This year has set a bad precedent.
Next year watch for the same type of large male alliance to be formed early in the game since it worked so well this year.

tricia said...

I know i'm in the minority here but I wanted calab in final 3, was so hoping for a pov win by him! always knew of course derrick was gonna win but would've been more of a competition. Dagnammit! lol

Becky said...

There are going to be some sick puppies kicking themselves when the jury gets home and watches the show. They will see that Derrick played them like a fiddle.

Tried to watch the Jeff/Frankie interview, but couldn't stand the over the top dramatics.

RBennie said...

I too would rather see Caleb in the F3 over Victoria. I agree that Derrick deserves to win, but still can't work up an enthusiasm for him. It really bugs me when he starts talking to "America" and tries to play us the same way he has played his fellow hamsters all season. Sorry Derrick, it doesn't work on us. That being said (LOL) kudos to him for playing them all like fiddles. Donny was the only one who had his number early on, but unfortunately he couldn't muster any support. Donny for America's Favorite!

uncartie said...

Pass the smelling salts! Utopia was up 11% from last Tues @@
Still,with only 2.5 million viewers it doesn't look good for a future.

David said...

Just watched the Frankie exit interview with Jeff. That seemed to go on forever even though it was only 30 minutes. Nothing really new in it is probably why. The RHAP was an hour and seemed to go by much faster.

Joan Grande (Frankies mother) has tweeted a link to AFP now but nothing yet from Ariana. It will probably be re-tweeted by her. So much for someone deserving AFP getting the money. =((

Sharon N said...

Well crap.
I was hoping they wouldn't think to add the AFP "link"... but no such luck.

Sharon N said...

Just got in my 20 votes for DONNY!!!
Let's hope the teeny-boppers get tired of voting for someone they don't even know!

Chacha said...

I usually agree with you on alot of comments but this one that Dan played with people who knew the game I can't.
He had Jessie, Kesha, Michelle, Ollie and Renny to name a few.
They really werent a challend for him.

As far as Frankie's farewell with Jeff..He still seems to be putting on a show. Didn't show his true felings(IMO)

ORKMommy said...

As sad as I am to announce that Aya, JOKATS, Ninboh, Tammy and Becky won't be winning our pool, I'm thrilled to say that it's because Frankie won't be winning the game!

As we head into the new week, here are the standings.

Caleb - JimmyB, SueGee on the Left Coast, Sharon S, monty924, Janice from GA
Cody - Delee, Nickelpeed, WolfpackRed, Nell the Southern Belle, Sally in Indiana
Derrick - Ed in Ohio, Jessica UNderwood, Marlo, Stormy, Erinkate
Victoria - Dr_Celine, ORKMommy, Sharon N, Faye

Frankie - Aya, JOKATS, Ninboh, Tammy, Becky
Christine - ReeseB0329, EileenH, Willie J, Ronda, Rbennie
Nicole - Jo, Witt, Celticskye, Tilda
Donny - Buzzmaam, Tami, JonMD1267, Margo, Kelsey Gronda
Zach - Brian, NikkiB, Kathy, David
Hayden - Donna in FL, Chacha, Sasha, Uncartie, Clover
Jocasta - Brenda, Kelly Davey, Cheryl in NC, Old mom, Maquinn78

Amber - Caela, Sharon, Glenn, PDX Granny, Jennifer
Brittany - Dierdre, ML, Shannon, Gaylos, Donna E
Devin - Donna in Alabama, Lili, Sparty, Merrilee, SarahT
PauPau - Jackie, Lisa Bishop, Chrob61, lynn1

Sharon N said...

In Frankie's HOH Blog: he just might have broken his arm.... slapping his own back! Talk about an entitled A$$. Even while spilling out a few 'nice' words, he manages to reveal that HE is also delusional, along with the total disdain he holds for other people.

WOW, the Twitter posts to FJG (as HOH) were very negative. I wonder if he got to read all of those to see how UNpopular he really is???

Sharon N said...

Feeds were down for a good portion of the morning/afternoon, but they are finally back up. I'd be so thoroughly ticked if I was paying for 24/7!!!

So, if what I'm reading on Jokers is true, they DID tell Frankie ahead of time that he was going home. Dang, I would have liked him getting the same treatment he enjoyed giving so many others!

monty924 said...

If he wins unanimous like Dan, I would say that puts him up there with the best. Comparing the two is apples and oranges because it is two totally different seasons. But just because he played with sheep doesn't negate his record this season.

ORKMommy said...

I agree with Monty. Dan played the game he needed to play with the people he was playing with and Derrick has done the same. Had Derrick played with different people I believe he would have been able to read the situation and adjust accordingly. Both were great at reading a person/situation and doing what needed to be done to win. Just because Derrick had an easy time of it with the people he was chosen to play with doesn't mean he isn't a great player.

Chacha said...

I would love for a 9-0 vote because Derrick is that good.
Everything this season has pretty much been unnanimous so I wouldn't be shocked if it is not a split vote.
I think if its Cody and Derrick that the votes would break down as follows

Zach, Victoria and Caleb

Cody- Christine

ORKMommy said...

We also have to remember that Derrick has never been nominated. This season they had 4 nominees up for 8 of the 12 weeks they've been in the house and not once has his key been pulled. Dan was nominated twice during his first season. Derrick had to have done something right to keep his picture off of the nominations wall!

Chacha said...

He has been great staying off the block.
Almost every week he had an alliance member who was HOH. He was awesome at convincing someone else to be put up.

Anonymous said...

Watching the show last night and seeing Frankie evicted was a nightmare. When I ask you has Julie EVER talked to the evictee for SO LONG. Once again, it was all about the FRANKIE SHOW. He acted like a looooonatic. Who could ever stomach watching that very poor loooooser. He is the WORST. I wish I had stayed true to myself because I have not watched the show or BBAD for many many weeks because Frankie bugs the living $#@* out of me.
Glad he is gone and I still say
VICTORIA FOR THE WIN. I would love to see Frankie's face when she wins!! I know.....I am dreaming!!

Anonymous said...

I am voting Zach for AF. He was so entertaining. Donny is a wonderful person, but he did not make a big effort to include himself. I feel very sorry he had to sit alone and feel left out. But quite honestly it took him until nearly the end to at least try to connect with others.

I must agree that comparing Derrick to anyone is a complete and total joke. This cast of goof balls were not even playing the game. I could have come on and won. Please.

monty924 said...

I know this will sound ODD out of me, just like my thought/comment that Frankie would go out with class did... but I really enjoyed his chat with Jeff. He's much more tolerable outside the house and it is pretty much a sure bet he will be voting for Derrick to win.

Frankie, good job!

Now got vote Donny!!!

uncartie said...

Relax Derrick fans...he will win with a 9-0 vote. The sheep will all want to vote "with the house". BB16 the year of the unanimous vote.

monty924 said...

Exactly! As Dingo pointed out, he ties Danielle BB3 and Jason BB3 on making it to final three without ever being nominated. If he wins, then he even beats their record because Lisa won that season.

monty924 said...

I have beef ribs on the grill for tonight's pool party. They smell amazing! Somebody bring the sides!

Anonymous said...

Dan was an elite player, and Derrick is, too. But I'd vote for Dr. Will as best ever. He may have never won a comp, and he was almost always OTB. But, like Houdini, he always had an escape hatch--part of which was even admitting to people that he was lying to them. Without his play in that season, BB might have been cancelled long ago. Ken Jennings is the only other TV contestant I've ever seen rise to that level of excellence.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:37

Loved reading your post. I agree 1000% with everything you said.
Dr Will had the kind of class and personality that has never been on BB since. Period.
Ken Jennings should take over for Alex when he retires. Alex actually made a comment recently when Ken was on. Ken said how comfortable he is on the show now and Alex said "You should be over here where I am"!! :o)

Sharon N said...

I still don't like FJG, but under the circumstances, agree he went out with as much class as he could.

The interview with Jeff wasn't bad at all either, and who wouldn't expect him to be as flamboyant as he was the entire summer? Nothing changed. I couldn't help notice he conveniently "adjusted" how a couple of things happened, but maybe he developed "The Beast Mode Effect." LOL

It doesn't change that he's NOT a nice person, and here can be ZERO doubt that he's incredibly full of himself. I almost choked when he spouted off about himself winning AFP.

Petals said...

Silk - Yes, I saw those pics. I love them *wink*. I'd like to see Cody onscreen...

Uncartie - Like Monty, I have also likened Derrick's game to Dan's. It isn't Derrick's fault that he is housed with idiots.

I am SO looking forward to seeing ButtMunch Cowboy leave tonight.