Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds or lack thereof - September 15-16

The live feeds have been off since they received tie-dye shirt kits yesterday morning and recorded that for last night's BBAD show.

Hopefully Frankie is out the door now with last night being the eviction. Tonight's show was taped last night.

About the only thing of note which I didn't mention on yesterday morning's live feeds report is Derrick's talk with us (feedsters) in the wee hours. He definitely wants a final three with himself, Cody and Victoria. He understands that we might not think Victoria is "worthy" of being in the finals, but claims she's a good person and thinks she keeps a lot of herself private. He also thinks a lot of Cody. From the talk, it does sound like he wouldn't mind at all being in the final two with Victoria, but will try to honor BB. Hmm.

The live feeds should return after tonight's show. Remember (Becky!), the show airs at 8pm ET/PT! 

Jeff highlights

Derrick talked to us


Laurie said...

Good morning, Jackie! Hope you have a good day and that it gets even better at 8 pm your time!

Anonymous said...

I think we should all play this tonight during the eviction.


JimmyB said...

I want Derrick to win, and he deserves it...but he's BS-ing us regarding the reasons he wants Victoria & Cody in the F3.

He wants them there for one reason: It's his best chance to win. Caleb is a bigger threat on a physical competition--but more importantly--Caleb is more likely to get jury votes than Cody or...laughably; Victoria.

Sasha said...

I, like many, want Derrick for the win and thinks he's been playing a great game all along. I am in the minority about Victoria, though. I understand that many (if not most) fans judge winning comps as very important but I think that by the very fact that Victoria is still there, she is doing something "right", even if it is that she chose the right people or person or they chose her. She is not my favorite by any means but I applaud her for making it this far. I feel similarly about Cody, he aligned well. I think his alignment was more "active" than Vic's but either way it works. And Caleb, well, I'm not a fan but I have to apply the same logic to him (and he wins a lot of comps). Other than Derrick, my favorites are all in the jury house or gone before jury so that's a clue as to how much I know! LOL. Can't wait to see Frankie GONE!

Becky said...

If Frankie is not voted out tonight I am going to get a knife and stab my float until it sinks. Then I am going to hold his head under water until he stops kicking. Hummmm, can you tell I want Frankie G-O-N-E?

David said...

Sasha, I would not mind seeing Victoria win it all. It would serve them right for taking her to the final 2. Also, it would be the first unexpected thing to happen all season. I think it would be funny to see her try to do interviews when she has had no clue what has been going on in the house.
I am not a fan of Derrick and hope someone wakes up and sends him home. I know he has played a great game and deserves the win but he really irks me when he lies to the viewer. He has no reason to do that. It might just be the edit he is getting from DR sessions but it still irritates me.
As big as Calebs ego is already, I could immagine how big it would be if he won. His head just might explode. He has been better since Amber left but that stalker is sitting just below the surface and shows up every now and then when he is talking.
Cody I am indifferent to. I wish he had grown a pair ealier in the game when HOH but him winning would not be a bad thing. If he gets rid of Derrick then he would deserve it.

PLEASE be Frankie gone tonight. =))

Chacha said...

Frankie will definetly be gone.
I see no other outcome.

Derrick has played a flawless game.

Cody has played a great game by wining comps. I do feel though Derrick has thrown many comps.

Victoria aligned herself well even if it was Derrick who saw that she would be the perfect person to get to the end with.
Derrick has got to try and get Caleb out in fourth place.
Its best for all of the remaining houseguests game.

Chacha said...

I am more shocked that there have been no credible leaks on the ouster last night.

Sasha said...

David -- you are so right that a Victoria win would be the first unexpected thing to happen all season. That is so true and funny it made me LOL!

Anonymous said...

Its so sad that BB has rigged this so that Frankie will NEVER hear any boo's. Even at the finale with mostly family and CBS people, they will be told that they are not to boo anyone. If they could Frankie would get the loudest of anyone. I am so bummed that we can't hear and see him when he gets the drift that no one likes him.

Anonymous said...

Victoria for the win. That was be so fitting for his miserable season. Besides, I have grown to like Victoria.

Sharon N said...

I must be the minority because Victoria's whining and sobbing gets to me now. She has started wearing cob-web thin!

Anonymous said...

Frankie may not hear boos, but, sooner or later, he will learn that the room into which he emerged was specially assembled—and the event pre-recorded—in fear of resounding choruses of "negative feedback".

Chacha said...

So there was a feeds leek.

apparently Derrick is HOH. They are wearing shirts that say VETO on them on the upper portion of the shirt.
the leak occured Big Brother time 11:54-11:57

Chacha said...

Americas Favorite Player is open on the cbs website.
you can vote 20 times a day.


Becky said...

I voted for Donny 20 times.

Chacha said...

I did Zach today.
I will do Donny tomorrow although He did receive Team America money.
I thought Zach was so funny and they used him so much for team America tasks.

Ed in Ohio said...

I hope Donny & Zach's votes for AFP don't cancel each other out and allow Ariana's army of fans to vote Frankie AFP.

Chacha said...

I didn't really think of that until you just said it.
So I will put all my eggs in one basket and just vote for Zach.
Like I said, Donny got Team America money plus he is doing a guest spot on Bold and the Beautiful

David said...

Thanks. I threw all 20 at Donny. I also read the rules and it will be an online voting only. No text to vote. A smart phone or tablet with web access can be used but no text vote. I wonder if this will help keep the teeny bopper Ariana fans from voting or at least slow them down.

I noticed they said during the feed leak that Victoria was there talking to Derrick. So no Frankie. =))

Chacha said...


Yes Victoria was talking to Derrick in the bathroom about being nervous for the POV.
He said she doesn't need to be nervous, she just needs to go out there and have fun. Its the last POV and this could be her turn to win.

monty924 said...

Just watched in on Flashback and Frankie is definitely gone. Just Caleb, Cody and Vic downstairs and Derrick in the HOH. Derrick came downstairs and he and Vic were talking in the BR. Looks like he nominated Vic and probably nominated Caleb.

The big spoiler going around on Twitter last night was that Victoria beat Derrick in a tie breaker for HOH. Just goes to show you can't trust unconfirmed spoilers.

Chacha said...

I, like you only trust Jackie/dingo/jokers.
If I am unsure of something on jokers I flashback it.

I went back and watch the flashbacks also.
I am just hoping in the end that Derrick wins POV. I am not sure he would throw something like this. I think he wants to make the decisions(IMO). although I think he would like Cody to be able to make the eviction announcememnt.

Sharon N said...

Glad BB took text voting out of the arena!! Maybe that will stave off the pre-teen bunch.

I was going to vote for Donny, but then rationalized that Zack was just as popular and he hadn't won any money, So I threw all my 20 his direction today. Although Zack did win a trip, that's not $$ "in hand," and the trip "value" will be prize-taxed.

Chacha said...


like I said I was thinking of throwing 20 tomorrow to Donny. but splitting the votes will just give Frankie minions a chance to get him the win.

Also Donny was TA and also has a walk on spot on Bold and the Beautiful.
Zach was so used by Team America he deserves something besides the trip

Anonymous said...

I don't know why people think Zack needs the money. He has a college degree & lives with its parents. Doesn't even try to get a job. Donny has said he would like to go back to college & 15,000 isn't going to help him much & that would mean Zack would end up with more money then Donny! My votes are going to Donny!

Nick said...

I think if Ariana/Bieber/whoever else they can reel in tweets out the link to vote for AFP, then it is already over with honestly. It sounds like Donny and Zach will kind of cancel each other out, but even if everyone did vote for one of them, it still is going to be an uphill battle. I hope I'm wrong, but that's how it appears.

Interesting that Derrick won HOH. I wonder what the comp was. I was thinking they might throw it to Victoria. Although it would be risky, since if Caleb won POV then Cody would most likely be evicted, but it would make getting rid of Caleb that much easier in the fact that nobody would have to evict him over Victoria. Oh well, should be an intense POV comp at least!

Chacha said...


From what I have read at other sites/sources, Beiber doesn't really know Frankie.
I believe that his sister may just throw votes to Zach as well.

I can't believe I am even typing the names Ariana and Beiber.. shoot my now.

Sharon N said...

ChaCha, am I understanding correctly that you think Frankie's sister would throw votes to Zack? If so, I have to say that I really don't see that happening... especially with mom, Ariana and Bieber requesting that their Twitter people go vote for Frankie.

However, pre-teens are notoriously flakey, and Frankie isn't their idol, so they might lose interest after 1 or 2 days. If we all keep voting EVERY DAY (that's allowed), we might be able to out-vote the Ariana/Bieber throngs.