Thursday, September 11, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds overnight into Thusday - September 11

Will the new HoH do it?

Good morning, folks. We all know that today is a solemn day in our lives as we remember the terrorist attacks of 9/11/01. Here in the Greater NYC Metropolitan Area, we have reminders of the day every day in our daily lives -- things that have changed due to the attacks. But, on the actual date, it really takes us back in time. I'd rather go back in time to a day when we felt safe on our own soil. We'll never forget.

But life goes on. And, the BB house hamsters go on, as well. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of You Can Do It, Caleb!:
  • As you all know from my previous update, Caleb won HoH.
  • Heh.
  • I would have preferred Cody or Victoria, but I'll take anyone who's not named Frankie.
  • Of course, there was a lot of memory wall studying as they know they'll be facing the morph comp once again. They're sure it will be changed somehow, but it's anyone's guess what the changes will be.
  • In talking about the rewind, Frankie brought up that Jeff and Jordan will have to get engaged in the yard again. Derrick laughed and said as long as he doesn't gash his finger on a glass again.
  • Ah, so that's how he cut his finger! I didn't ever catch where the cut came from and assumed a comp.
  • They (Derrick and Frankie) haven't mentioned the Team America mission, whether it has to be redone or not.
  • Derrick told Cody that they have to convince Caleb to put Frankie on the block.
  • Meanwhile, the Victoria hates Derrick act continues. Victoria is having a ball with it. She knows she can't win the game, so she's putting her effort into securing a Derrick win. At one point she told the camera (us) that this was for Jana and Tenley.
  • She's putting great little touches on the act all by herself, too.
  • She made a point of saying goodnight to everyone but Derrick.
  • They're all falling for the act.
  • Caleb agreed with Derrick that Frankie needs to go (as he's the greatest threat for the big win), but disagreed on putting him initially on the block.
  • Derrick pointed out that if he's (Frankie's) on the block and wins veto, he saves himself. But, if Frankie is NOT on the block and Cody/Victoria or Derrick/Victoria are ... Frankie could save Victoria and either Cody or Derrick would end up going home.
  • Hmm ... pretty valid reasoning.
  • Well, until you think about it. I'm sure Frankie wouldn't save Victoria.
  • But Caleb might fall for it.
  • Caleb agreed that he will put Frankie on the block but convince him that Victoria is the target.
  • Caleb is still having delusions of grandeur.
  • He just doesn't realize that outside of the BB fan base, the cast hamsters just fade into total obscurity with the general public.
  • American Idol is about the only long time reality show to make stars of the winners and some of the better singers. Why has he never applied for that if he's such a great singer?
  • Frankie wants to have surgery on his ears because he thinks they look like bat ears. Derrick said they're more a bit elf. 
  • I think he should spend his money on a personality implant instead of his ears.
  • In his HoH reveal, Caleb got the CD from the singer who appeared in the yard for the engagement party.
  • Since BB opened up the yard, the hamsters aren't expecting the PoV comp until Saturday.
  • I'm really hoping for some changes this week ... like Frankie LOSING comps.
  • How about you?

A girl studies

A dinosaur studies

He said this one is a new costume

Going for the Emmy


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jackie! Another great post. Until it is a done deal and Caleb nominates Frankie, I won't believe it. And then there is still keeping him from getting the POV. I thought this would be a boring week again, but it does have potential.

Anonymous said...

I want Frankie GONE!!!

Jennasmom said...

Oh,great and mighty OTEV: please let Frankie lose!

RBennie said...

I am so pleasantly surprised to find out Frankie didn't win HOH! Now we just need him to lose POV comp and we can finally say adieu to Frankie.

Becky said...

Good morning, Jackie. I came here as fast as I could get my little feet moving.

I can't believe I missed the show Last night! I forgot that Wed was 7 PM (CST).

Oh, well, it's not like the radiation consulting appointment for DH that I forgot about yesterday too! Talk about apologizing when they called to ask why we missed! I explained that I have a mother on hospice and had gone out to check on and feed her. To be honest, I thought the appointment was Friday. DH put the appointment card in HIS pocket. I need to get in the shower, so will catch up later. Two dr. appointments to drive him to today.

Chacha said...

I am hoping that Frankie ends up like a lot of past players in previous seasons. There win streak comes to an end. One can only hope.

Stormy said...

I am still not convinced that Caleb will put Frankie up. All Frankie has to do is "dangle" show biz opportunity that he can help him get and Caleb will fold. You know he is BMC and need to be famous for his singing and just needs a little inside help getting there. Frankie can control him like Derrick controls Victoria.

RBennie said...

What amazes me is that they all let Derrick get away with never being on the block. Even if they have no intention of voting him off, I think he needs a taste of how it feels to be nominated.

Anonymous said...

There's no point in trying for a backdoor here. Regardless of whether he's OTB, if Frankie wins POV, he stays. So to have the best chance to evict him, they should put him up while they can, and then make sure one of the others gets POV. Derrick should have a good chance for POV in a rematch.

Caleb should be convince-able about nominating Frankie. Derrick should remind him that Frankie has won many comps, is very crafty, and could thus beat Caleb with the jury. With any of the others in F2 (especially himself, Derrick would say) Caleb's "great game" should easily carry the vote.

It's nice to see Victoria with a game plan, and making a difference. It's has been hard to believe that there isn't something more to her than meets the eye.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's so much that "they all let Derrick get away with never being on the block." It's his own doing. He ducks and covers perfectly to keep out of everyone's crosshairs.

This isn't the strongest cast ever, but he's still the best player to grace the show in a long time. It's fun to watch him work.

Chacha said...

Jury members are back in the house making a mess of the house.
Houseguests are watching it all on the hoh television.

ORKMommy said...

I guess I didn't realize the rewind week was a complete do-over. I thought we'd still get an eviction this week. Why would BB do this so late in the season and force us to watch the same boring hamsters two weeks in a row? They should do the rewind earlier in the season so it can cause more drama and there are more people eligible to play the comps. Just plain dumb!

RBennie said...

I agree with you ORKMommy, bad timing on the rewind. What's this about the jurors being in the house? What's up with that?

Chacha said...

the jurors in the house has something to do with a Luxury comp.

I agree that its terrible there was no eviction last night.
I had gone and listened to the BB announcer from Tuesday show and he never said specifically that there would be an eviction.

Anonymous said...

Another interesting thing about Derrick: When Nicole complimented him on his game, he realized that she could see through his game, and so would become a threat. After Derrick quietly maneuvered, she was gone very soon.

That's the kind of thing Derrick does to stay off the block.

uncartie said...

Anon 4:20, Derrick only looks great because he's up against a cast of morons.
It was no stroke of genius getting rid of Nicole. She was a woman who wasn't in their alliance. She was going to go anyway you look at it.

Sharon N said...

LMAO at the Luxury comp...
I'm glad that Hayden was able to win $5k for himself and Victoria, and I'm glad she's getting something out of all this. But the guys are ticked off that the Jurors got to win any of the money at all. They had no right ya know! Can't wait until Donny or Zack wins America's Favorite!!! LOL

They are really ticked off that the house was destroyed and they had such a huge mess to clean up... even though they were laughing as they watched in HOH... until they saw how bad it was!!

Victoria is particularly angry over one of her necklaces being broken in the rampage. Can't say I blame her.. nobody wants their personal belongings destroyed. I would think i was an accident, but also have to wonder if it might have been done by Zack. He was really upset with her cutting up "his" pink hat @@ so...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if there will be a live audience on Monday when they film the eviction that will be shown on Tuesday's show? I'm going to be very disappointed if Frankie is finally evicted and there is no audience there to boo him!

monty924 said...

They always have a live audience on the live to tape shows. That's how leaks and spoilers occur.

Sharon N said...

Jackie has a new thread up! :)