Sunday, September 07, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Saturday - Sunday, PoV meeting - September 7

End of veto meeting on the live feeds

They know something's up. BB blocked the live feeds with Jeff interviews this morning and we got them back as Cody and Victoria were giving their pleas for the veto to be used. That's not the regular timing for this. Nor do we usually see this on the live feeds. Here's the skinny from inside that Big Brother House of Confusion and Speculation:
  • Not a surprise ... Frankie did NOT use the veto. Had he used it, either Caleb or Derrick would go on the block. He's promised both of them they're safe. And, for now at least, he's keeping the promise.
  • Much of the night was spent on speculation on the button.
  • Now, of course, they're wondering about the times between the button listing Wednesday and the early PoV meeting. 
  • They've pretty much decided that there must be two live shows and two evictions this week - Wednesday and Thursday. They think the show will wrap up the next week.
  • They're wrong.
  • Back to the overnight hours and even right at this moment as I type this up -- Caleb, Cody and Derrick are talking about how good Frankie is in all the comps, how he must be trashtalking them for losing to him and how much they HAVE to get him out of the house.
  • Hopefully they'll have the opportunity to fix that a bit on Wednesday.
  • The rodent Team America mission went down.
  • Cody was the funniest, trying to keep up in a chair to the point where the BB voice told him, "Stop climbing."
  • Victoria prepared a concoction to poison the fictitious rat and offered to go on Rat Patrol.
  • Frankie overacted after the fact although he and Derrick did great in setting up the first sighting scenario.
  • They think the target this week is Victoria.
  • I hope that will change.

The wheels are always turning

Late night "we need Frankie out" meeting

Thrilling conversationalists

Yep, enthralling conversations indeed

Pondering possibilities of the button

Thinking of Christine? Ew

Looking for the rat (who's standing right there)

Cody is wimpier than Victoria

Rat Patrol

And the cheese (rat) sits alone


Sharon N said...

Cheese Rat!! LMAO
There are no words sufficient to describe that narcissist rodent.

monty924 said...

"And the cheese (rat) sits alone"

Best caption of the summer. Love it!!!

Petals said...

Wow. Can you imagine how many happy ladies there'd be in the world if ALL men obsessed so much over a (*ahem* ) button?? LOL

TA/rat/Frankie jokes abound, but really - he does have a SUPER rodent-like appearance. Little, pointy-faced, black-eyed.
Speaking of appearances - mentioned by Cody upon hearing that the Crust used to stare at him whilst he slept< "Dude, that scares the sh*t outta me, she looked like the old lady from Insidious".

Sharon N said...

I've never seen Insidious, but with Cody's reaction, I figured it had to be pretty bad...and went to look it up.
skeery, very very skeery LOL