Monday, September 08, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Sunday into Monday - September 8

The hammock didn't need replacement this year

After the excitement of the unexpected way early veto meeting yesterday, we returned to life as we know it in the Big Brother 16 house ... boredom. Here's the latest:
  • They have lots to speculate about -- the button's powers, why the timing of the veto meeting and Christine's boos from the crowd.
  • So, they rehash and speculate over and over again.
  • Yawn.
  • Derrick and Frankie have decided that they should let Victoria feel safe as pushing the button just might keep her in the game.
  • Frankie is sure there will be a live show on Wednesday due to the PoV meeting timing.
  • They had been told that the PoV meeting was a live one-take thing and would be on the live feeds.
  • Derrick kept hinting that he'd be the best one for anyone to take to the final two.
  • He also could win a comp.
  • That would help. He almost won the veto, only 23 seconds behind Frankie.
  • But he's covering all bases.
  • Caleb and Cody went jogging laps around the yard.
  • The big "Beastmode Cowboy" dropped out gasping for air while Cody kept on running.
  • Victoria loves all the Donny hollas. She thinks either he or Zach must be going to win America's Favorite as both of their hollas keep playing -- it must be what the fans want to hear.
  • Caleb again went on with his reasons why he should be America's Favorite.
  • @@
  • Although I've admitted I actually enjoy Post-Amber Caleb, no way is he a fan favorite. America's Doofus (not to be confused with Froot Loop Dingus), perhaps. He's too easily manipulated and too full of himself.
  • Victoria knows her days are dwindling and there's little (no) chance of her making it to the final two with Derrick.
  • Derrick keeps trying to reassure her that whatever the button is might save her and not to give up hope.
  • He also adds in that if she does stay, they need to win comps for them both to get to the final two.
  • Meanwhile, Frankie wants Derrick, his Team America buddy, in the final two with him.
  • Cody wants his fellow Hitman Derrick in the final two with him.
  • Caleb thinks he has the best chance of winning against Derrick in the final two.
  • Ah, that's Derrick's plan all along.
  • Frankie played Sunday Photo Funday all by himself. The others were sleeping. Too bad, so sad. The cheese rat plays alone.
  • Speaking of the rat/mouse/rodent in the house (not Frankie, the "real" supposed one), it didn't go for the bait on their homemade trap.
  • Go figure.
  • Now, since it can't be caught because it doesn't exist, the ghost of the rat will haunt them the rest of the days in the house.
  • Derrick told Caleb that he's glad Frankie kept the nominations the same.
  • They're still going with voting out Victoria.
  • That is, if nothing changes.
  • Caleb is still thinking the button might bring great things -- luxuries, new cars, money.
  • Derrick and Frankie are still more sure it's going to be something perhaps not so good, something game-changing.
  • Frankie thinks that maybe Christine got booed because she was signing (ASL) things about them. He mentioned that BB told her to stop signing.
  • Once again I feel the need to complain about the random shouting and screaming in the house. If they do that at home or in apartments with neighbors, there just could be violence.
  • That's all for now.

Cody and the duck

Realization has set in

Caleb can't keep up with Cody in yard laps

Frankie all alone for Sunday Photo Funday

Derrick looks 14 once again

Final five hot tub toes


Stormy said...

Where was Frankie last night on BBAD? One whole show without Frankie mugging for attention. GREAT

Petals said...

LOL. I read this on Jokers:

Caleb: "I can just see it now, a little kid at the airport with a hashtag BeastmodeCowboy shirt screaming 'Mommy, mommy, it's BMC!' I would go over and sign it."

Geeminy - really? Caleb, if you really believe this, then you need to hook-up with GinaMarie (remember her, from last year? Loud, delusional, short - just like you!). GM can school you on the woes of aftershow expectations.

Jackie - what do you think will become of all of them, post-show? Any standouts? Any predictions of a winner, f2?

uncartie said...

Watching that comp last night I thought the same thing Petals did....tailor made for Frankie. Grrrr!

Is it it just me or does anyone else think there have been more hand-eye coordination comps then before and now a balancing comp made for a dancer? What happened to the endurance comps where you have to hang on to something while stuff gets dumped or thrown at you?

Nick said...

The more the remaining HGs talk, the more credit I have to take away from Derrick as a great game player. For example, Cody saying in the DR last night that he is worried Frankie is really trying to take a shot at him, and if so he better strike because if Cody stays he will be coming after Frankie. They do realize that once Victoria is evicted that they do actually HAVE to go after each other, right?? This is the F5, there are no more "big moves" to be made! I really am not confident they know how Big Brothers works. Also, why does CBS even bother showing Victoria saying how important it is that she win whatever comp they are showing that night? That poor girl...I will give her credit for never giving up though, even when she sees she has no hope of winning.

Anonymous said...

Since he's a professional dancer, the HOH comp did play right into Frankie's skills in balance. It's suspicious that he won the veto again, too. Of course, it is (or should be) all for naught because of the re-set. It's funny how, possibly, Frankie's insisting that they "have to push the button" could lead to his eviction. The HOH re-set comp on Wednesday will have to be something different from last night's. They won't have time for the last night's comp, at least played originally.

Chacha said...

Frankie went to bed early last night.
He said he wanted to go to sleep at 10:00.

Caleb is delusional.

I felt it was made for frankie also but I do believe that if Nicole had been in the house and had her head in the game she may have won that.

The fact that Cody doesn't wan to make a "big move" shows he doesn't know this show.
Frankie admitted to christine a week or so ago that he hasn't watched much of the show. Once he new he would be on it he power watched it.

I believe that Derrick, Nicole, Donny and Christine were true fans of the show.
Derrick was the only one to watch the feeds and get the inside track of the show.
I wouldn't consider the latter thre Superfans.

Chacha said...

Wednesdays night comp with be somewhat like the latter of the Double Eviction.
They have to replay the HOH and POV on the live show.

At least that will bring us some excitement except that Victoria will still probably go unless they can get that shot at Frankie, by him not winning HOH or POV

Anonymous said...

I almost feel like Derrick's game may blow up in his face if he does make it to the final. If he sits beside anyone but Victoria, the other person will make it look like they carried Derrick to the end. He hasn't won a lot of comps and has been so subtle with his manipulation, I honestly believe the other 3 guys in final 5 think they are the true mastermind. I mean Derrick can give his speech about all the things he had a hand in, but I think there are those delusional ones who won't believe it.

Verbal Kint said...

uncartie: tailor made for Frankie, YES! They did that for Janelle too when all of a sudden for the first time in BB history tons of Q+A's, exactly what she was the best at. Loved it then, hate it now!

Sharon N said...

Jackie, you are so right! Derrick looks 14 without his strip-beard.
Although he is a nice enough looking guy, I thought the beard was an improvement because it defined his face and thinned it out so he didn't have the youthful Pocket-Gopher cheeks. Maybe his wife will ask him to grow it back!

Anonymous said...

Explain the jury house to me as anyone may understand it.

Those in the jury can't disuss anything while there until just before voting???

They do get to see the eviction video of the latest houseguest evicted right after they come into the house , we see that, or at least we use to see it, and then no more talk until voting?

Well, if so, when it comes to voting if against Derrick and ??? we are still dealing with these numnts. Excluding Donnie and Nicole, and Hayden who I think have a handle on things. Christine will vote with anger against those left in the house now I feel, and will have to make a choice on who she hates the most.

So, to answer my question, what do you think goes with the jury house and what they can or can't disuss in there and when?

Plus I think Derrick would be smart not (if he makes F2 ) to say he played them all and out smarted them all. He may be wise to STILL gently word ( and play) them into winning their vote now vs playing the "how" he outsmarted them all! Since he is playing with such a clueless group, they may not feel it or believe it ( blame on others, etc) for a looooooooooooong time)!


Sheila said...

You are so right about all the screaming and yelling. Several of them will have a rude awakening when they do get out on their own ( this cast overall is so young and still living with their parents, a good many of them that is ). They will find out their neighbors will call them out about the noise and call the landlord. Few landlords put up with noisy tenants who disturb other tenants and may not renew their leases ( just happened to my next door neighbor). Even if they buy a house, they cannot get away with loud music, loud and late parties and loud voices that carry as people have kids and babies that go to bed early.

I remember in college that a lot of my friends now say how the biggest change in them is how they no longer play loud music, their voices have lowered and toned down because their neighbors will complain or they themselves are now parents of small kids. The ones who turned out to have the most kids were the loudest and most obnoxious in college and they are getting their payback staying up all night with babies. LOL

Anonymous said...

Not a Caleb fan, but don't forget Cody sat out the brutal HOH comp while Caleb practically tore a ligament to get the win.

Also, tired of the dismal game play in comps with all the "throwing" going on. How about BB starts paying for a win. Not a lot of dough, but just enough to keep them from turning into army ants. Say $2K for an HOH, $1K for a POV and another grand if it's used. Just a thought.

Dave in San Diego ~

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:52:

All season, Derrick has been able to talk any HG into whatever he needs them to do. Therefore, there's no reason to think he won't be able to talk the jury into voting for him. The facts are all on his side. All he needs to do is tell the truth in his most convincing style.

Frankie would be the only one with a slim, outside chance against Derrick. That's why Derrick is working so hard (and quietly) to get Frankie out. Meanwhile, Frankie's obsession with Cody's "big threat" serves Derrick very well.

uncartie said...

Nick said "Frankie admitted to christine a week or so ago that he hasn't watched much of the show. Once he new he would be on it he power watched it."

There's the problem. You can only get a grasp of the basics of the game via binge watching.

IMO,In order to really understand the game you have to either watch the feeds or closely monitor the blogs Like Jackie's and the superfans that follow the game closely. People that only watch the show are completely unaware of things that production doesn't air.

uncartie said...

Anon 11:52, I agree with you on Derrick's power of persuasion. Besides that he probably has at least 4 votes locked up already. Jacosta,Nicole,and Victoria are a sure thing. Donny will play it straight with his vote. He knows Derrick played the better game of whoever he's paired with and certainly will vote for him.

Sharon N said...

I'm not quite so sure about what Donny's vote would be.
Didn't he indicate in the interview with Jeff that he thought Frankie was the manipulator?

Jackie said...

Petals - I think most of this cast will fade into obscurity much like most of the cast hamsters from previous season. I have no real clue on the final two and I'd say either Derrick or (wah) Frankie will probably win. Derrick is the best people puppetmaster to come along and Frankie (as much as I hate to say it) is amazing at all kinds of comps.

Sharon - Yes, Donnie said to Jeff that he thought Frankie was the manipulator. But numerous talks with Nicole and Hayden, he said that Derrick is the ringleader. He also told Cody that he has his vote if he makes it to the final two. We'll see.

Dana - My understanding is that they each have "handlers" with them in the jury house. They're not supposed to talk game. That said, Nicole (who had already been in the jury house) told Derrick she was going to talk him up for the vote if he can make the final two. So, I'm not sure what extent of game can be spoken.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if they will have different comps in the reset or will they play the same ones over? If they play the same ones I'm sure Frankie will win them again. Also I am so over Frankie's little spins on his tiptoe and they way he skips from place to place. My tween girls don't even do that. One on my daughters used to do the skipping thing when she was much younger and she was pretending to be a horse or riding a horse. Every time I see Frankie doing this, that's all I can think about. He just comes off very immature and spoiled.

BJ said...

It is hard to believe Frankie is 31.

Donna in Alabama said...

Wednesday's show is one hour. Did the "garden" comp with the shovels not take at least an hour just to play that? Do you think they may pre-record the beginning and not be completely "live" on Wednesday? How long did the POV comp take to complete? Usually on DE night, the comps are something that takes little time to complete.

monty924 said...

I believe the jury house is a little more loose than BB would lead us to believe. When past HGs have been asked what they were allowed to do in the jury house (Eric Stein, Matt Hoffman, etc), all say that they aren't supposed to talk about the game but that they aren't supervised that closely and they do talk plenty before the jury roundtable and the final questions to the F2.

I've had a pretty good feeling about how each person will vote after the jury roundtable and I think many of their minds are made up by then. I'm skeptical that any opinions really change base on the jury questions to the F2 especially now that the do it on the actual Live finale. Maybe in the past, but not with this format.

I also think Derrick already has Nicole, Hayden, Jocasta, Donny and probably Christine's vote as long as he isn't sitting beside Cody, LOL.

monty924 said...

Donna, I think the HOH will either be a Q&A or a quick untie the knots like in All-Stars and the POV will be something quick as well. They know what sort of comps take what amount of time and they will have plenty of time to do it during the show. That is of course if they find out about the rewind before the actual 5:37 time (8:37 EST) that the clock will run down to zero.

If not then who knows? :))

Petals said...

Donna - I have no clue how things will work as we wind down to these finals eps.
Of all the finalist possibilities, Derrick is really the only one that didn't drive the jurors crazy. They all know Cody was Derrick's Tonto, that Caleb is just all talk, and Frankie has that desperate, phony agenda.
I think Derrick can sweep the votes if he is in the finals with any of them.
What do you guys thin?

Nick said...

I really have no idea how the jury is going to vote. I think Derrick could be victimized by how behind the scenes and sly he has been. He can try to lay it all out there for them, but not sure most of them, especially those in his own alliance will really see it like it was...because they really just don't understand the game. Frankie could be the best off of all the remaining HGs I the makes the F2 because everything he has done has been easily identifiable and quantifiable...won so many comps, bounced back from the alliance wanting him gone, revealing his BIG SECRET (with this group, that will probably be considered a huge move).

Sharon N said...

Earlier, Derrick seemed quite upset because DR was asking him if Victoria was "coming in for a kiss" the other night. I don't blame him for being upset!! He was trying to sleep, and she wanted to talk. He didn't want to, so she jumped on him in bed and leaned down trying to whisper-talk game.

So what the heck, is BB trying to make something (out of nothing), trying to turn their 'relationship' into a Showmance.... just for the show's benefit? He was really upset. Cody said he heard it when Victoria was trying to talk to Derrick

That's some pretty nasty business if BB is getting so desperate that they would potentially try to screw around with his marriage... just for the benefit of the show and possibly give him some adverse public opinion?

uncartie said...

The coulda,woulda,& shoulda's that could have made this season interesting.

10 Game-Changing Moves on 'Big Brother 16' That Didn’t Happen