Monday, September 01, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Sunday overnight into Monday - September 1

Nicole reacting to Christine's evil eyes?

Good morning, hamster watchers! (Not to be confused with my buddy Dingo at Hamsterwatch, mind you!) Happy Labor Day to you all and I hope most of you won't have to labor through the day! This is a bit of an abbreviated feeds report because most of the talk was circular over the wee hours. Nonetheless, here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Will You PLEASE Get Frankie Out?!?!:
  • Caleb is in a tight spot.
  • He has a chance to make a big move and put Frankie on the block in Christine's place when she saves herself with the veto later today.
  • Much of the night was spent with Cody, Derrick and Caleb discussing the pros and cons over Nicole going home versus Frankie going home.
  • I personally think Frankie going home would be the better choice for all of their games, including Derrick.
  • Derrick was staunchly saying Nicole should go but then admitted that Frankie is more likely to beat them in comps.
  • And on it went.
  • All night long.
  • Now, if Victoria goes on the block with Nicole, Nicole goes home.
  • If Frankie goes on the block with Nicole, Frankie goes.
  • Caleb and Cody seem to have more reasons for Frankie to go.
  • Either way SHOULD be good for puppetmaster Derrick -- Nicole has already told him that if he makes the final two, she's a jury vote for him. If she stays in the game, she's not going to put Derrick on the block.
  • I think his main worry might be that if he's in the end with her, she just might win.
  • But, even if she stays this week and even through the double eviction coming, I don't think she'll make it to the final two.
  • Caleb continues to embellish his military experience. He's gone from being a prison guard with no combat under his belt to being a hero.
  • When he gets out of the house, I'm pretty sure he'll go from hero to zero rather quickly.
  • After the long long long (did I mention it was long?) circular talk about the renom, they decided Nicole would go home (which means Victoria will go on the block).
  • Sigh.
  • Derrick went and told Nicole he did the best he could, but it doesn't look too good for her.
  • @@
  • We'll see what actually happens at the veto meeting later today.
  • Well, we won't actually SEE it because they block that to the live feeds.
  • But we'll know.

So full of themselves, both of them

Call me Dino!

Am I the backup plan again?

Spittin' his tobaccy in a jar


LynnE said...

Petals have any of these overnight back and forth debates actually resulted in a switch of the target this season? seems like they're just talking for show?

Sharon N said...

Nicole is right...BMC needs to STOP being a wimp!
Too bad, he doesn't have it inn him to stop.
Flashes of intelligence flash out.
Derrick is right.. when he told BMC he would test out with a higher IQ than BMC.
Better watch out with that kind of talk...if it wasn't for BMC's stupid misplaced loyalty, it might have ended with Derrick on the block!

Really too bad... started with BMC wanting to put up FJG and giving all good (Cody's) reasons why, with Derrick objecting. Just to turn around and WIMP out again. :(

Nick said...

Obviously I don't want Frankie to win or even make it to the F2, but now I kinda want him to win HOH on Thursday and put up Caleb and Cody during the DE. Any halfway decent BB player would do that after being told by the current HOH that he was seriously considering backdooring you. Of course, I definitely expect Frankie to nominate Vic and Christine if he wins HOH because strategy has had no place in the house this season. Gotta have the alliance completely make up the F5 so they can undoubtedly be named the greatest BB alliance of all time! @@

Buzzmaam said...

They all of talked about "making good television". They should know that, especially at this point in the game,it would be big moves. They are worse than Helen about making a move.

Merrilee said...

They all have a wishbone but no backbone.

Blog Pool winner of The Amazing Race Season 22

Lili said...

Wondering exactly how Derrick is planning to winnow this group down to himself and Victoria. So, Nicole goes, then who in the DE? None of the boys seems to have the guts to even nominate their own let alone vote them out. It took Frankie to put Zach out. Cody and Caleb have had multiple opportunities and they always wuss out.

I know Derrick is a master at getting the spotlight put on whoever he wants out, but once Nicole and Christine are gone does Derrick think he or Cody will win HOH enough to get Caleb and Frankie out?

At this poit I almost want Christine and Victoria as F2 just because it would cause all the guy's heads to explode.



Anonymous said...

Derrick and Caleb have been studying Helen's book "Its to soon".