Thursday, September 11, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Thursday into the afternoon - September 11

Who's this running into the house?

Well, Team Monotony ... er, Big Brother livened the house up a bit today. Here's what happened inside that Big Brother House of Jurors Running Amok:
  • Our oh-so-lovable hamsters slept in, as usual.
  • Caleb found a card from BB saying that Cody's dinosaur costume was once again extinct and that they were going to have a luxury comp.
  • Then they got locked in a room with a TV monitoring the house.
  • Who comes running in the door?
  • Our jury hamsters!
  • They rip through the house throwing food, Froot Loops and clothes all over the place, basically trashing it.
  • While they watched them on the TV, they all laughed. They certainly changed their tune later.
  • After the initial trashing, the feeds ended up being blocked.
  • However, it seems each present hamster had to put on a t-shirt with the team member of the jury's name on it.
  • That juror was playing for the hamster on their team, searching for a chip worth 10 grand -- five for the juror, five for the hamster.
  • Caleb was unhappy he got Jocasta.
  • Aw.
  • Victoria had Hayden.
  • Hayden found the chip, so they each get the money.
  • Frankie and Caleb are SO ticked about that.
  • VICTORIA gets money?!?!?!
  • Oh noes! Life in the BB house is SO unfair!
  • Then they all groused about having to clean up the mess left behind.
  • Victoria had a valid complaint that someone broke her necklace and someone crossed her name off where she had written it on the inside of the bathroom door.
  • (Hamsters through the seasons have marked their existence in the john.)
  • How dare the jury have a chance to win money?
  • How dare they mess up my house?
  • And so on.
  • Now we're pretty much back to boredom.
  • Nominations today, the screen said after the jurors left.

Dancing and trashing

Hamsters locked up laughing

The trashing goes on, as does the laughing

I'm so mad

No, WE are Team Donny!

Jus' spittin' in a cup. Ew.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if there will be a live audience on Monday when they film the eviction that will be shown on Tuesday's show? I'm going to be very disappointed if Frankie is finally evicted and there is no audience there to boo him!

Anonymous said...

OMG, There has to be an audience for Frankie's Boo's. More important though is that he does leave. I never want to hear his name again or see him anywhere.
He has ruined anything I might have enjoyed about his sister too.
They are birds of the SAME feather.

monty924 said...

They always have a live audience for the live to tape. That's how spoilers leaked out in the past. Now who will make up the audience is entirely in BBs control.

monty924 said...

Victoria and Frankie are on the block


~~Silk said...

If it's a hand-picked audience, there won't be booing.

Sharon N said...

Love it... Derrick describes FJG's eyes as "demonic" LMAO!!!!

Petals said...

I totally agreed with Vic being upset about her necklace. It doesn't matter if it was dime-store or Tiffany's - you don't go in & tear-up sh*t!

IMO, it was Crust that destroyed the necklace and who scratched out Vic'c name on the toilet memory door.

Sharon N said...

Right, about breaking personal property. There's supposedly a rule about not destroying items belonging to another.

Christine could have been the guilty party.. she's bitter. But it's possible Zack would do it too. He was pretty ticked over her cutting up "his" @@ pink hat.